I like chess and bridge. I was a chess player with a reasonable competitive strength (rating), having achieved the title of international chess master. I highlight my favorite, a 5th place at the world under-18 championship, a draw in a simultaneous game against Anatoly Karpov (he had two hours on the clock to play against each of four Portuguese players), and two national titles in 1998 and 2000.

Here is my favorite combination (black’s turn):

I recommend the chesscafe, to play online internet chess club and 365chess to find games.

I'm just a bridge amateur. In Portugal, I recommend the quintonaipe and, to play live, the CBL. To play online the BBO is a good option.

Study of my own, composed in 2013:

Published in Die Schwalbe, page 383 (Michael Roxlau), February, 2016.