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MotM 'MasterOfTheMessatsu' [Project head, designer, coding]
 Twitter: @mvcMotM
Touchay 'the_untouchable' [Design input, designer, tester]  
Alpha Counter 'D.Cyclops' [Design input, tester]  Twitter: @DCyke
Leodonne 'DutchAnimeCovers' [Design input]

CPS-2 Evolved is a fan initiative that aims to revamp the
games' visual looks in order to create fresh experience for the players.

It all started with the discovery of hacking the appropriate rom component, containing color
palettes for each character inside the game. This led to a number of enthusiastic people
to make custom colors. Versuscolors and CPS-2 Evolved were the most popular sources to get
these custom colors from.

As if changing character colors wasn't enough, we decided to step it up a bit further and work on
new colors for the interface and attack FX's as well.