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MVC RCP 2016
Version 1.00
MVC RCP 2016 Mod - Mirror 1

Location 1 ( 
MVC RCP 2016 Mod - Mirror 2

Location 2 (Mod DB) 
 All software is to be used at your own risk; this site does not  take any responsibility for any damage in whatever form or  context. 

 1. Backup your rom (just in case)
 2. Extract the downloaded .zip file
 3. Open
 4. Drag and drop the extracted mvc.06 file
    to the that you just opened.
     --Overwrite if already exists--
 5. Load and play, enjoy!

 * When entering an ongoing game to
    the game will need to shift screens for 
    the mod to take effect.
    For example; the round has already
    you have to wait for the round to be over
    and the changes will become active on
    the next screen.
    The same goes for replays that
    are recorded prior to using this mod.

 Android instructions (by Makaluma):
 To those who will use an android phone to    play this mod you will need to use "super fba  apk" (mame android emulator) just replace  the files in (us) then download a  japan rom and use the japan rom to  play this mod.

 // Description //
 The MVC RCP 2016 mod contains:
  - New colored service menu (commonly known as the 'F2' menu')
  - New character color sets (includes character portraits)
  - Re-colored animated FX colors
  - Re-colored interface (HP bar, Super Level bar, Timer clock, Backgrounds)
  - Added the re-colored stage backgrounds from CM PornStar's mod

 // Author //
 CPS-2 Evolved

 // Credits //
 // MotM (design, coding)
 // D.Cyclops (design input)
 // The_Untouchable (design, design input)
 // Leodonne (design input)

 // CM PornStar (stage backgrounds)
 // MVC player 'Cow' for providing CM PornStar's mod

 // BahamianKing100 for supporting us. Check out his FightCade videos!

 // Special Thanks //
 // Makaluma (Android instructions)
 // The Marvel Vs. Capcom community
 // Pau Oliva (FightCade program)
 // ponder (GGPO)
 // You for your enthusiasm!