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A new message board!

The CPS-2 Evolved board is finally here!

Please use this board for discussing color patches, error reports, suggestions, and friendly chats.

New releases will also be posted here so keep an eye out!!forum/cps-2-evolved

Marvel Vs. Capcom RCP 2016 Reveal Trailer

Last released: Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes RCP 2016

A new experience
Enjoy your old fighting game with newly colored characters and interface and experience the feel of playing a new game again!

MVC RCP 2016 Character Select Screen

Because only colors are modifed, the game will remain stable. The emulator displays a CRC error, this is normal and may be ignored.

The mod has been tested on FightCade and is fully functional.

Easy to use
Simply add our mod
to your rom zip and play!

MVC RCP easy to use