The purpose of this SIG is to foster research on and critical analyses of issues

in early childhood education and childhood studies and to encourage the development

of alternative perspectives and curriculum in early childhood education

Welcome from the SIG Chair

Welcome to the Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education Special Interest Group for the American Educational Research Association. The CPECE SIG became official in 1998, having struggled to find openings in the dialogue for reconceptualist and marginalized educational researchers and practitioners in the AERA context. The SIG is robust and energized in its membership, forging ahead and disrupting the status quo in early childhood, teacher education, and our field's research and praxis.

We look forward to an amazing year ahead filled with active and participatory members. Our Co-Program Chairs for 2018-20189 are Sonya Gaches and Haeny Yoon. Our Secretary is Samara Akpovo, and our Treasurer is Maggie Bartlett. Jeanne Iorio has generously agreed to return as our appointed Web Editor. As Chair, I will appoint Charis to lead our awards committees, and will send out calls for nominations for those interested in running for the SIG's Executive Committee.

As June approaches, emails will arrive in your inboxes to invite you to participate in various ways, from submitting presentation proposals to calling for volunteers to Chair sessions. The 2019 AERA Annual Meeting theme is "Leveraging Education in a "Post-Truth Era": Multimodal Narratives to Democratize Education and will be held in Toronto, Canada, Friday, April 5-Tuesday, April 9th.

Please remember to renew your membership with us! A very complicated set of algorithms are used to calculate the allotment of presentations for our SIG and that is determined by our total membership numbers. Membership also allows you to remain part of our SIG listserv, where we post important information about the annual meeting, share newly published resources, publication, and job opportunities, and more.

I am humbled and honored to serve as the CPECE chair for 2018-2019 term! On behalf of the SIG Executive Committee, we look forward to seeing you in Toronto in 2019!

All my best,

Lacey Peters

Welcome from the SIG Program Co-Chairs

The focus of the CPECE SIG has always been on challenging the dominant discourses that some have called truths: developmental timelines, standardized curriculum, “readiness” and related discourses, limited rights for young children, culturally irrelevant practices, etc. This SIG has a tradition of prioritizing research focused on decreasing inequities and increasing educational (and life) opportunities for those in and associated with early childhood. A common theme in much of the CPECE SIG research over the years has been the emphasis on the inclusion of many voices—children’s, families’, practitioners’—in the research process. Furthermore, we align ourselves with AERA’s larger attention to inequities, specifically impacting those voices who are underrepresented due to issues of race, gender, class, (dis)ability, sexuality, citizenship, religion, etc. As a field, we continue to experience the effects of policy initiatives which undermine democratization in education and continue to marginalize too many.

We also recognize that we do not stand alone in these issues and challenges. The challenges that young children, their families, their teachers and those who stand alongside them face, are best confronted in solidarity. Therefore, our CPECE SIG call for proposals is also a call to action for members of the SIG and those from all divisions and SIGs to work together in forming alliances and/or putting forward scholarship that continues to trouble historically constructed, normative views of childhood/s. We encourage theoretical, methodological, and analytical education research through the use of post-colonial, indigenous, feminist, post-structural, interpretive, critical, posthumanist perspectives and the multitude of Other approaches produced from working at these intersections.

Sonya Gaches and Haeny Yoon

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