What happens once we've made contact? When we have made contact I would normally suggest an introductory session of an hour to establish that you are comfortable working with me, and then discuss the arrangements for the on-going sessions. The sessions would generally take place in my consultancy room although, since lockdown, there has been an increased demand for on-line therapy. In this case, I would request that you contact from the same location in order for me to be able to better observe the dynamic between you.

How many sessions would we need? It is difficult to assess the duration of the work before the first session of time as underlying issues can take time to surface, however I would hope to be able to give an approximate assessment after our initial meeting

In the case of a couple, do we come to the sessions together or individually? Normally the work will be done together, but in some cases it may be advisable for each of you to come individually to discuss specific issue around your lives together. This has to be with the agreement of both members of the couple and is only done as a part of the couple process.

What happens if I feel I need some more personal time? In the case of one or other member of the couple feeling they might benefit from individual therapy, I would refer on to a personal therapist in order not to unbalance the process.

How long is a session and how much does it cost? Sessions are usually an hour although in some cases a 90 minute session for couples can be beneficial.

Prices: Individual sessions £95.00; Couples £ 130.00 per therapy hour. (I also have scaled rates for students and those unemployed).