What happens once we've made contact?
 Having made contact, we can then decide on the best way forward.  This normally takes the form of a series of couple or individual sessions at a time and location that is convenient to you.

How many sessions would we need?  Normally I would expect the process to take  between six and twelve sessions for a couple and twelve to twenty for individual work.

In the case of a couple, do we come to the sessions together or individually? Normally the work will be done together, but in some cases, it may be advisable for one or other of you to come individually to discuss specific issue around your lives together. This has to be with the agreement of both members of the couple and is only done as a part of the couple process.  

What happens if I feel I need some more personal time? In the case of one or other member of the couple feeling they might benefit from individual therapy, I would refer on to a personal therapist in order not to unbalance the process.

How long is a session and how much does it cost?  The first session is usually an hour and a half for a couple and one hour for subsequent sessions unless a longer time is requested.  Individual sessions also last an hour. The fee is £95.00 per hour for individuals, £120.00 for couples, except in the case of students where there is a reduced rate.