I am an Assistant Professor in Cognitive Semiotics and Cognitive Science at the School of Communication and Culture at Aarhus University in Denmark. I am also a member of the Interacting Minds Centre in Aarhus and a fellow of "The Young ZiF", an interdisciplinary Institute of Advanced Study in Bielefeld, Germany.

My research interests focus on intentional joint action coordination: I investigate the cognitive mechanisms underlying seemingly easy everyday behaviors such as moving a couch with someone else, shaking hands or clapping together after a concert. This interest extends into domains like musical ensemble coordination, team sports, action understanding, human-robot interaction and sense of agency. More recently, my focus has become studying links between action, coordination, and communication.

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Call for the 8th Joint Action Meeting is out: JAM8


New research project started "Coordination Among Pool Swimmers" (CAPS), supported by an IMC Seed Fund.


Symposium talk at ECVP in Trieste: "The role of visual information during joint action"

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Last updated: September 2018