Cordula Vesper


I am a Post-doc researcher at the Social Mind Center (SOMIC) at the Department of Cognitive Science, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. Since fall 2014, I am also a fellow of "The Young ZiF", an interdisciplinary research initiative in Bielefeld, Germany.

My research interests focus on intentional joint action coordination: I investigate the cognitive mechanisms underlying seemingly easy everyday behaviors such as moving a couch with someone else, shaking hands or clapping together after a concert. This interest extends into domains like musical ensemble coordination, team sports, action understanding, human-robot interaction and sense of agency.

You can see what I have published in this field and how I kept myself busy during the past few years. I also added some links to places and people that might be interesting.

I do not provide much information about my private life as this website is meant for academic exchange. If you would like to get in touch you can do so by writing to vesperc AT

+++ NEWS +++

 04/27/2017   Science meets art event at Tate Modern Gallery, London: Laura Schmitz and I engage museum visitors in a collaborative communication task during four days of Tate Exchange organized by colleagues from the Institute of Advanced Study at University of London!

 04/20/2017New paper "Let's decide together: Differences between individual and joint delay discounting" by Diana Schwenke and others!

 04/04/2017In light of recent events in Budapest that threaten the Central European University and academic freedom more generally, I have written a short letter, to be published in the ZiF Newsletter. Letter in English. Brief auf Deutsch.




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