Evolution and Social Cognition LNC, INSERM U960
29, rue d'Ulm,
75005 Paris
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What are the determinants of social choices? Why does it matter?
I am a behavioural scientist studying the evolutionary and cognitive determinants of social cognition. I have mainly focused on the way motivational factors affect people’s social cognition. More recently I have worked on the way stress, environmental harshness, and uncertainty impact a range of social and non-social decisions:

- prosociality and social trust
- political attitudes and religion
- health attitudes, fertility and parenting

The central hypothesis behind my work is that environmental and motivational factors alter individuals’ minds in significant ways and should be targeted upstream to improve people’s lives.

NEWS! Our latest EHB paper is in Parents magazine and Sciences et Avenir.

Most recent papers:

Mell, H., Safra, L., Algan, Y., Baumard, N., & Chevallier, C. (2017). Childhood Environmental Harshness Predicts Coordinated Health and Reproductive Strategies: A Cross-sectional Study Of A Nationally Representative (France) Sample. Evolution and Human Behavior

Safra, L., Algan, Y., Grèzes, J., Tecu, T., Baumard, N. & Chevallier
, C., (2017) 
Childhood harshness induces long-lasting preference for authoritarian leaders Evolution and Human Behavior