Earthenware plate before and after cleaning, joining of fragments, infilling and in-painting of numerous small missing fragments.

Lamp shade after treatment.

The owner of this Syrian pierced brass lamp requested a full restoration involving cleaning and coating of all brass components, as well as creating new textile linings for base and shade, and re-stringing of the beads on the shade.

All components of this leather saddle were carefully cleaned and a number of straps were repaired and reinforced to allow display.

Used at the K-25 Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, during the 1950s, this recording aneroid barometer was cleaned and re-assembled.

1940s field telephone, used by the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, was cleaned and excess grease was removed.

Late 19th century bridal wreath made of wire, paper and textile materials, before and after conservation.

The variety of patinas on this outdoor bronze sculpture, Southwest Summer Showers by Doug Hyde, were recovered by judicious cleaning, and retouching. After receiving a protective coating the sculpture requires regular maintenance to preserve the patinas.

Jack Daniel's (of whisky fame) gravestone disfigured by biological growth, before and after cleaning.

This Ida Kohlmeyer sculpture, made of painted aluminum composite, required cleaning, paint consolidation, infilling and in-painting to restore its approximate original appearance.

Christopher Wilmarth sculpture Susan Walked In before and after cleaning, rust removal and oiling, a treatment compatible with the artist's original fabrication techniques and intent.

This bronze fountain sculpture of Pan was disfigured by decades of accretions from the water in the fountain and unevenly developed patina. Careful mechanical removal of the the accretions followed by a hot wax coating resulted in an aesthetically pleasing and uniform appearance, as well as protection from further surface changes.

This limestone birdbath by William Edmondson required cleaning, removal of disfiguring repairs, reconstruction of a few areas of loss and securing the birds in their original locations.

Large plaster relief map of the state of Tennessee , made in 1897 by Edward Howell, before and after cleaning, filling and in-painting of losses.