WindRider Ballast Modifications

Photo of Wind Rider with paper clip boom ballast substitute for plastic ballast:
The following videos show how to make and attach a boom ballast to the Windrider Commercial Walkalong glider. The boom ballast is a lighter weight substitute for the plastic ballast which comes with the Windrider. The boom ballast is positioned considerably forward of the center of gravity of the glider and does not need to be as heavy as the plastic ballast to have the same effect on the weight and balance of the glider. The lighter weight of the glider means it can fly slower without stalling.

Video describing ballast options for the Windrider and how to make and attach a paper clip boom ballast:

YouTube Video

A single paperclip may not be enough. Here's how to add another half paper clip:

YouTube Video

Video describing how to adjust the paper clip boom ballast:

YouTube Video

Foundation tape is attached to the nose foam to keep it intact (the tape holding the paper clip is attached on top of the foundation tape layer:

YouTube Video

The above videos outline how to reduce the flight speed of the Windrider Walkalong Glider by reducing its weight. A boom ballast from a paper clip can weigh less because of its position forward of the nose.

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