Google Analytics

Before you continue please be aware that Google does have its very own WordPress plugin for managing your Analytics and website performance. You can read more here at

Google Analytics is essential for any serious digital marketing project. Use with Google Ads, Google Adsense and don’t forget to connect the Google Search Console tool too. If you like the Google ecosystem, why not sign up for Google Workspace [Use Code: K4LH3J93XWFPWR7]

Oribi All-in-One.

Wouldn’t it be really awesome if your analytics software would also tell you what action to take, instead of just all that confusing data?

– This is where Oribi comes into play.

Oribi is a relatively new platform that simplifies the whole practice of setting up and monitoring the performance of your website.

WordPress User

Lucky WordPress Users have a numbers of very simple to implement options for monitoring website visitor activities. This is not to say however, that you should abandon the use of Google or Microsoft Bing’s Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

Take MonsterInsights for WordPress, for example. Whilst the plugin does an excellent job at providing you with digestible data in a friendly and simple to navigate format. [Read more]

Web & Content

There are quite a few platforms for creating and managing content. WordPress just so happens to be one of them. You can find a few more here.

What makes WordPress so popular is its sheer power and flexibility. It can be used to build almost any type of business website that you can imagine.

However, many people find WordPress to be excessive for their specific needs. So, here are some good alternatives:




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Content SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is essential for any competitive or authoritative website property. It’s how the search engines allow people to more easily find what they are searching for.

WordPress has 2 notable SEO plugins your can start using for free.


Rank Math

Alternatively, there are a number options that can be used generally. Such as SemRush.

There are also more elaborate tools like SEO PowerSuite

#Tip for Writers: Finding affordable skilled content creators Get Free 14 Day Trial


This may include stock photos and photos you have taken yourself. A few good places for free stock photos include; Unsplash, Pexels and Burst by Shopify.

You may even use your smartphone camera [Camera Phone Photography]

Creative Photography

Graphics & Video

For promoting your brand on Social Media, Print and Video you may need some graphic design work.

Compose your graphics (and illustrations) using the workflow that suites you best. Take a look at our Applications Folder for an idea of what you might find useful, especially if you have design skills.

Alternatively, you can try out software platforms such as;



Do you really need a website or blog?

Now, this is one of my favourite topics, the subject of web design and development for business and marketing, and the use of website page builder plugins and applications.

Website Page Builders can exist both as online web solutions, such as those found with the impressive Webydo and Semplice, or as a suite of WordPress plugins and themes. Oh, and not forgetting Sparkle;
Sparkle is a macOS desktop application with that simple drag and drop interface.

So, what is it that makes these drag and drop web page builders such a game-changer in the way that web pages are built using WordPress?