Job Opening



Reporting to the Provost, the Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness assumes responsibility for providing strategic leadership and oversight to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness in aneffort to develop, enhance and maintain information resources which effectively support and inform short and long-range strategic decision-making, planning and institutional reporting efforts. The Executive Director performs all duties in full support of the University’s mission, understanding that the positive and effective execution of these duties are instrumental to the education of the University’s students.

The role of the Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness is to support informed decision-making with thorough and accurate data and information. The Executive Director must be able toprovide visionary and effective leadership and provide reliable, complete, and understandable data and information to inform decision-makers.


· Assists University executive management, campus administrators and other campus committees with research, planning and analysis of institutional and/or comparative data used to support and enhance evidence-based decision making and policy formation in areas such as strategic planning, resource allocation, enrollment management, fiscal management, institutionaleffectiveness, and outcomes assessment.

· Provides leadership and direction for the design, development, and maintenance of a system of longitudinal databases containing student, employee, and academic programs.

· Consults with the Office of Technology Services (OTS) in developing and maintaining solutions to support research needs.

· Researches and maintains practical and professional knowledge in current local, state-wide, and national trends that affect the institution’s mission and goals.

· Oversees compliance with the reporting requirements of applicable federal, state and accrediting agencies or private sector firms, other educational institutions, and/or other externalcollectors of university data.

· Designs, develops and maintains an IE website to publish institutional data for internal and external audiences.

· Develops methods for gathering, tracking, evaluating and maintaining institutional data. Facilitates institutional research activities in the management, analysis, interpretation andreporting of various data and

information used internally in institutional planning, program development, and accreditation.

· Oversees the collection and analyses of data, monitoring associated workloads to ensure service to the campus and external communities are provided in a professional, ethical, andtimely manner.

· Provides data/analytical support for University initiatives.

· Drafts, edits and/or reviews correspondence, speeches, position papers, high level reports and action memoranda for the Provost, other Officers, and/or the Board of Regents.

· Serves on and/or leads various University committees as necessary and/or appropriate.

· Maintains strict confidentiality in all matters involving the University and its agents or employees, except as publishable in carrying out specific enumerated responsibilities of the job.


Include an earned master’s degree from an accredited college or university and five or more years of work experience in an area related to educational research, including experience in a leadershiprole.


· Experience in research and planning methods and techniques to include both qualitative and quantitative processes. Appropriate understanding of software and models including currenttechnical aspects of data mining, information management and other related web-based technologies.

· Appropriate understanding of computer software associated with research, such as spreadsheet, statistical software, data warehousing, databases, inter/intranet, operating systems, andnetworks, etc.

· Experience in planning, designing, coordinating, supervising, and implementing comprehensive institutional research and planning projects to provide information about the University,its students, and its programs.

· Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships; develop, prepare, and deliver oral/multi-mediapresentations.

· Experience in coordinating, developing and supervising the preparation of assigned data reports; read, interpret, and explain plans and research findings.

· Operating of personal computer, interfacing with servers and related equipment.

· Ability to work independently with little direction in a multi-project, fast- paced environment and meet concurrent deadlines.

· Familiarity with University accreditation, governance, curriculum, scheduling, staffing and budget procedures and practices desirable.

· Have well-developed communication, technical, analytical, and interpersonal skills; experience in presenting information/reports in publications or electronic formats such as researchdocuments and fact books, and making multi-media presentations.

· Understanding of contemporary issues faced by academic institutions related to outcome assessment, equity, and student success.