l'acqua è maestra - Remo Salvadori - installation (2014)

Project by Remo Salvadori and the Students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice (me among them).

About 800 watercolours created by the students were installed at the "Ospedale degli Incurabili" in Venice (05/24/2014). The collocation of the artworks follows the windstar location. The center of installation is occupied by the colour wheel, oil painting by Roberto Da Lozzo. Each watercolour reflects a singular student personality and colour. I contributed with four Indigo watercolours, depicting a serie of linked o-rings, and...well... help for organisation :-)

A part of the exhibited works were then framed and displayed at Dynamo Camp, in Limestre - Pistoia (10/04/2014). They are at disposal for charity sale.

A catalogue of the experience is in pubblication.

(on the left) me preventing artworks not to fly away (such a windy day...)

me helping to fix the plan of the installation

my shoes in front of my four indigo o-ring watercolours: line of three watercolours on the left picture and a single watercolour (central one) on the right.

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