Comebab, a.k.a. Barbara Dal Bianco, lives and works in Santa Lucia di Piave (Treviso - Italy).

PhD in Chemical Sciences, she is an ex-temporary researcher at the Padua University on the Chemistry for Cultural Heritage, particularly in the area of artistic glass and its corrosion. She is actually a student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice. She is communely in dialogue with the ambits of restoration, art history, chemistry, physics and engeneering.


She has a direct knowledge of the stained window, glass mosaics and frescoes, due to the collaboration in the diagnostics activities for the restorations of the mosaics of Basilica di San Marco (Venice), the big stained window of SS. Giovanni e Paolo (Venice) and the Scrovegni Chapel windows (Padua).

Actually she is searching the elegance and the beauty of the sign drawings, rich in fascination and style. Her inspiration authors are Aubrey Breadsley, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Man Ray.