Cemetery Support

The Colony Cemetery Association depends upon an endowment fund that was established in 2000 to support annual expenses. However, the fund does not generate sufficient funds for needed improvements to the church building, the cemetery fence, landscaping, etc.

Even though the generosity of those who attend the annual homecoming is beyond reproach, we are always struggling to make ends meet. Here are just a few of our pressing needs:
  • Repair the restroom
  • Restore the interior of the church
  • Replace faulty tables and chairs
  • Repair the chain-link fence and gates surrounding the cemetery
  • Repair leaning and broken grave stones
  • Construct a kitchen for use at events
The Colony Cemetery Association operates as a tax-exempt 501 c.3 organization; therefore, gifts to the Association are tax free. If you are interested in giving to the Association or if you know of someone who is, please contact President John Beck at this E-mail address: jayjay1147@gmail.com