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Choir Boosters

The success of the choral program at College Park depends on the generosity and involvement of parents and the community.  Your support allows us to purchase equipment and sheet music, to hire clinicians to run workshops with the choir, to take the choirs on field trips, and travel to performances and festivals.  The College Park Choir Boosters is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to support the choir programs, to advocate for the choirs in the community, and to lead the fundraising efforts on behalf of the choir program.  

Please email Mr. Rockwell at rockwellb@mdusd.org if you might be interested in serving on the booster committee. You may also check the calendar on this website for the next booster meeting.  

Too busy to attend occasional booster meetings?  Look for other ways that you can help that might suit your interests, such as:
  • Volunteering: at performances, planning events, chaperoning on choir trips, etc.
  • Donating food and drinks for fundraising events.
  • On this page you will soon find a link to donate to the choral program booster fund. 
Thank you for your support and interest.