Favourite TV Shows

Here are some of my all-time favourite TV shows and UK TV channels (yes many American shows - their secret, teams of writers to stop going stale)




The Simpsons

Family Guy


American Dad

CSI (Los Angeles)

CSI New York

CSI Miami (a favourite due to the locations and those sunrises and sunsets)


NCIS New Orleans

BBC - Coast, and all similar programmes, like Town (any programme with Nicholas Crane), Great Railway Journeys (especially with Michael Portillo), Life, (anything with David Attenborough)

Film 4



Have I Got News for You

Life Stories - Piers Morgan

PhoneShop (shame about the language)

Stephen Fry in America

Gardners' World (usually with a gardening fiend ++, er... friend !!!)

(++ a person extremely devoted to a pursuit or study)

News Programmes

Channel 4 News

BBC Newsnight - sometimes

BBC News 24

Sky News

RT (www.rt.com) especially Moscow Out and The Keiser Report

(More will be added in time)