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Favourite Films

Here are some of my favourite/favorite* films/movies* (*with respect to American English) in no particular order.  Those marked with a red *** are certainly recommended. I include TV films and other TV material that might be available on DVD or Video sites, such as Amazon, http://amazon.com or http://amazon.co.uk and check the details of the films at http://www.imdb.com/  .

Wizard of Oz
East of Ipswich (TV film)
All the Presidents Men
Waterloo Bridge
Midnight Cowboy
The Waltons (film and TV series)
2001 a Space Odyssey
Dr. Strangelove
Reflections (TV film)
Metroland (TV documentary about the building of houses west of London along the Metropolitan railway corridor)
Scales of Justice ('B' film fillers from the 1960s)
After Pilkington (TV film)
The Green Man
The Chain (TV film)
The Long Arm (Scotland Yard detective mystery) ***
Heart of the Country (TV drama in four parts)
Fantastic Voyage
The 39 Steps (1939)
Easter Parade
Holiday Inn
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Hornblower (and TV films)
Murder at the Gallop
Carry Me Back ***
Oh Mr. Porter !
Ten Rillington Place (based on fact)
Forbidden Planet
White Christmas
Hotel du Lac (TV film)
A Matter of Life and Death
Sound of Music
Play it again Sam
Goldiggers of 1935 ***
Titfield Thunderbolt
Singing in the Rain
The Third Man
Indiana Jones
Star Wars (the first film)
Brief Encounter ***
Heat and Dust
School for Scoundrels
Ice Cold in Alex ***
A Passage to India
The Vikings
Dr. No (the first and the best)
Only Five Came Back
The Four Feathers
Fandango ***
Henry V
The Big Country
North by Northwest
Nuts in May (TV film)
Rich and Famous
The Young Ones
Oh Lucky Man
You Only Live Twice
Peggy Sue got Married ***
The Black Velvet Crown
Point Blank (1967) ***
The Black Candle
National Lampoons European Vacation
National Lampoons - Wally World
Far from the Madding Crowd ***
Waterloo Bridge ***
This Island Earth

AI: Artificial Intelligence ***

and many others, bought on DVD and Videotape.  These will be added to this listing in due course.