U.S. History Syllabus

Instructor: Mark Coleman, Room 201-D

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Class Portal: http://www.colemanspace.info

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Course Objectives

Students will:

1. Develop an understanding of civic competence and civic participation, which includes voting, jury duty, and holding political office.

2. Understand the origins, structure, and function of government at the local, state and federal level.

3. Understand the driving ideas behind the United States government such as equality, freedom, individual liberty, and democracy.

4. Become up-to-date on current events around the globe as well as in their local communities

5. Develop stronger analytical and comprehension skills.

6. Understand the origins and development of our current economic system and others.

7. Examine public policy and its effects on the current economy

8. Understand their role as a responsible consumer in the economy today.

Course Supplementation

All course documents, assignments, lectures, presentations will be made available through http://www.colemanspace.info and http://www.btwclassroom.net. Most assignments will be turned in through these sites, both of which are password protected and compliant with the privacy regulations of FERPA. If there are issues that prevent your student from accessing the Internet after school hours, please have that student speak to me so alternative arrangements may be made.

Classroom Rules

1. Be respectful of others' opinions. Discussion will be a major part of classroom activity. Disagreements are natural, but should be conducted with civility and students should refrain from personal attacks.

2. Classroom attendance and participation is of the utmost importance with our alternating day schedule. Be prepared to conduct the business of our class. Have any prep work (readings and reviews) completed and turn in graded assignments on time. It is the student's responsibility to find out about make up work. Usually the assignments, lectures and presentations will be posted at either the class portal or courseware. Students can ill afford missing a day unnecessarily. Late work is penalized at 10 percent per class day, except in cases of excused absences, where extra time will be given at a rate of one class day per excused absence. After the allotted extension has elapsed, students will be given a zero on missed work.

3. Be punctual and present. A restroom and water fountain are in immediate proximity to our classroom, so please use the facilities as needed before entering the class. Do not enter class and then ask to leave again. A sign in sheet will be next to the door and will be signed by late student so that documentation of all tardies may be maintained. To leave the classroom for any reason, a student must be in possession of the Globe Pass and have permission. Please keep these trips to a minimum.

4. Plagiarism (from other students or resources) will not be tolerated and punished to the full extent allowed by the BTW and MPS Codes of Conduct. Using a resource without proper citation is considered plagiarism.

5. All school rules and policies will be enforced. See Student Code of Conduct.

Grading Policy

Daily grades (assignments that can be completed in a short period of time)

35% of total grade

Major Grades (comprehensive assignments such as tests and large project grades)

65% of total grade.

There will be a great deal of project based assignments this year. Please do not start working on these assignments the day before they are due. They will not be acceptable.

Class attendance is essential to performing well. Please miss as infrequently as possible.

There will be no deviation from classroom/special education policies regarding late work. Please do not assume you can turn in assignments late or ask to do so.

While mobile devices will be used within the classroom, doing so without permission, or using the device for unauthorized uses will be addressed according to board policy 16A. See ColemanSpace.info for this policy.

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Surveys must be completed by 8/13/14.