Calendar Subscriptions

You may add any calendar from this page to your personal Google Calendar, so you may see the calendar for your class directly from your phone.

Step 1:

On a desktop machine, go to Google Calendar in your browser and login with your Google Account. This can be your account from your primary Gmail account or your Android phone.

Step 2:

Go to the ColemanSpace calendar for your class.

Step 3:

Click on the "+Google Calendar" button in the bottom right hand corner of the calendar.

Step 4:

A dialog box will open in a new tab, asking if you wish to add the calendar to your own Calendar Account.

Click "Yes Add This Calendar"

Step 5:

If you are using an Android Phone, this calendar should now be syncing to your phone. You may have to check the setting of your preferred Calendar App to insure that it displays and syncs properly. iOS users may use these instructions.