FSTM v1.0.8 (beta)

README file for FSTM

FSTM = Fermin Serrano's Tournament Manager

Version:      1.0.8 (beta)
Release Date: 12-May-2011
Download:     Click here
Contact:      clonfsp@gmail.com


FSTM is a tournament manager specially designed to work with H.G.Muller's
Winboard version. I have not try with other WB versions, but it is probably
it will work fine.

I know there is a few tournament managers out there, so most of the FSTM
functionality is like them, but I have added new features I hope you
find interesting:

- Possibility to clone a tournament, so no need to re-enter data to lauch
  a new one. You only need to type the new tournament name. This feature is
  available from "Tournament manager" window.
- You can add comments to each tournament. This is ideal to keep track of
  thoughts, conclusions and tournament characteristics.
- FSTM suggests tournament names.
- Possibility to launch Winboard minimized, so no annoyance while you use
  your computer.
- New analisys of losed games. Thank to this you can locate engines which
  are not very stable (i.e. losed on time often, quick losses, etc).
  Also it is ideal to see what kind of losses your engine usually make.
- You can launch with a mouse click an external PGN-Viewer to see current
  tournament games.
- It is provided with an EPD file with 130 opening positions. These are the
  main lines from all standard openings. It is like a small ECO index.
- New random feature for use with EPD positions. It chooses random positions.
  Nice for an alternative method of testing or for use with EPD of starting
  positions provided.
- Possibility to set CPU affinity for multicore machines, so there is no need
  to open task manager to do it.
- Posibility to stop or automatically continue tournament on game problems
  (like illegal moves, game did not start correctly, etc...)
- Integration with BayesElo to show standing and ELO changes.
- Table of error margin ELO available from help menu for reference.
- Possibility to launch a bat file after games. It will receive current tournament
  path as first argument.
- A info.txt is generated at root dir with info about current tourney, ideal if you
  want to process it with the bat file.
- Possibility to add your own winboard options.
- Possibility to add engine specific arguments. Also possibility to add winboard
  aguments for engines (like UCI options).
- Nice interface. ;)

Special notes:
- In Round Robin tourneys, the 'round' field is the number of times you repeat the
  same tourney.

12 may 2011 9:17