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2015 Freshman Parent Tea
tea party

Please pass the word, our Freshman Parent Tea for the parents of the 2015 Freshman or any other newcomers to the school will be on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 in the Ninth Grade Center Library.

Upcoming Events
  • April 25th- Senior Prom
  • May 1st - Deadline for making course selection changes for the 2015-2016 school year
  • May 4th - May 15th Advanced Placement Exam window
  • May 5th- US History End of Course STAAR Exam
  • May 6th - Algebra I End of Course STAAR Exam
  • May 7th - Biology End of Course STAAR Exam
  • May 25th - Memorial Day Holiday
  • May 28th - Tablet Collection
  • May 28th - Senior Awards Night
  • June 1st - June 4th - Final Exams
  • June 6th - Class of 2015 Graduation

Advanced Placement Exam Dates:
  • May 4 – Chemistry, Environmental Science, Psychology
  • May 5 – Calculus AB and BC, Chinese Language and Culture, Japanese Language and Culture
  • May 6 – English Literature and Composition, Physics 1
  • May 7 – Physics II, Art History, Computer Science A, Spanish Language and Culture
  • May 8 – German Language and Culture, United States History, European History, Studio Art (no scheduled test time)
  • May 11 – Biology, Physics C, Music Theory
  • May 12 – US Government and Politics, French Language and Culture, Spanish Literature and Culture
  • May 13 – English Language and Composition, Statistics
  • May 14 – Comparative Government and Politics World History, Macro Economics, Italian Language
  • May 15 – Micro Economics, Human Geography, Latin

Superintendent Scholars

The CLHS Superintendent's Scholars recognition ceremony was held on April 15th. For a student to receive this honor, they must have earned a grade of 96 or better in all courses (or an 85 or better in PreAP and AP courses). Clear Lake High School has a long tradition of academic excellence which is evident by the number of students receiving this honor:

  • 98 students for one-year
  • 81 students for two-years
  • 53 students for three years
  • 40 students for all four years

These students have all demonstrated academic persistence and excellence!

Official CLHS Rebuild Update

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