Power Stations

Temple to Power 13/A3

Mixed media print of Battersea Power station before it was turned into flats! This print is framed in lightly coloured wood Available for sale framed £395 The actual prints is 420mm wide x 290mm high frame size is 545 mm X 425 mm or 605mm x 455mm I will confirm which soon. 16 A3'sh images have been created 11 are sold a few have been removed and new prints called by the abandoned numbers

Chelsea Charmer 3

Mixed media print of Lots Road Power station on the North Bank of the Thames by Chelsea

It was built between 1902 and 1905 becoming fully operational in 1905. At the time it was claimed to be the largest coal fired Power station built. It eventually powered most of the underground railway and tramways. It was converted to heavy fuel oil in the 1960's and the number of chimneys reduced from 4 to 2! It became gas powered in the 70's and the chimneys used as Radio antenna for LBC and Capital Radio! Terry Farrel is now commissioned to turn it into flats!

See the details under Palace of Power which is a further image of this power station with up to-date info.

Chelsea Charmer

405 x 290 mm image size

10 of the initial black image have been screen printed and 3 have had colour added through mono printing. 3 more Mono-typed September 2017

The Iconic Battersea Power Station, built by Giles Gilbert Scott and Theo J. Halliday. Opened 1933 ( Battersea power station A, Battersea Power station B was added in the 1950's completing the four chimney layout) It was a coal fired producer of Electricity that was decommissioned in 1983. It is Grade 2 listed. Soon you could live in it if you have the means!

10 black dotted images have been screen printed. All 10 have now been tinted in colour with a mono print 7 are sold plus an a/p print

Framed size 780mm Wide X 600mm High frame is a light coloured wood

Power of Prominence 6

Another view of Battersea Power Station before demolition

This image is only in the Largest format

Image size 595w X 400h mm

Number 6 is Framed 74W X 55Hcms

10 Screened and Mono-printed

4 Sold 3 mounted and 2 unmounted

Day Peep

Day Peep

Part of an experimental picture showing Battersea Power Station over dawn, mid-day, afternoon and evening.

5 Dawn (Day Peep) were screened and mono printed one is in a compilation This one is framed and 3 are mounted

Box-Framed 542W X 427H mm £245

Mounted prints are £245 ( I can send on images if interested . Email itsclarejohnson@gmail.com)

Bankside Beauty 2

Bankside Power Station now Tate Modern

6 Images have been screened and mono printed

3 are sold

2 mounted 1 unmounted still available

Un-framed Bankside Beauty £495

Images size 580W X 395H mm's

Palace of Power 4

Another image of Lots Road Power Station. North Bank of the Thames, close to Chelsea and Kings road.

Now 'Chelsea Waterfront'

Chelsea Waterfront comprises two 37- and 25-storey glass residential towers, 3 riverside buildings arranged around landscaped gardens and the refurbishment of the historic Lots Road Power Station.

Metropolitan Building

The historic Lots Road Power Station building. It has been transformed to the highest quality luxury loft-style apartments together with high-class restaurants, bar, cafes, boutique shops and a health & fitness club.

The image comes in a large size and an A6 size

The image above is large and framed

Frame size 680W x 655H mms Image size 490W x 445H mms

A6 image size is 125 W x 125H mms

4 large images are screened and mono-printed one is sold 2 are mounted, plus number 4 framed

8 A6 were screened and mono-printed

3 are sold 2 were part of a lottery at the Norwich Print Fair

1 is framed and the remaining 2 mounted

Venerable Vista 2

Venerable Vista 2

Greenwich Power station

Originally built in 1907 it has now been converted to a low carbon power station for London underground running on natural Gas

3 A2 images have been Screened and mono-printed

Image size 500W x 430H mms

Frame Size 660W x 585H mms

1 Framed and remaining 2 are un -mounted