Pay Scale

Veterinary Assistant Pay Scale

Our pay scale is based on experience and ability. Employees with prior experience will be started at higher pay rate depending on capabilities and knowledge. We appreciate employees that take the initiative to learn, advance quickly, and we adjust the pay accordingly.

$17.00 if no experience.

$18.00 if level 1 skills achieved reliably.

$19.00 per hour level 2a OR b skills achieved reliably.

$20.00 per hour when both Level 2a and b skills achieved reliably.

$21.00 to 22.00 per hour when Level 3 skills achieved reliably.

$23.00 to 25.00 per hour when level 4 skills achieved reliably.

Level 1

  • Preparing and stocking the exam rooms

  • Making up blood draw kits, b 12 kits

  • Cutting medications

  • Learning how to decrease stress during veterinary visit (AAFP video)

  • Cleaning treatment room and clinic

  • Opening and closing the clinic

Level 2a (Front Desk)

  • Checking clients into the exam room

  • Taking accurate weights

  • Entering new client forms, new patient forms, and SOAPS

  • Discerning emergencies from non-emergencies

  • Promptly answering phone calls and returning phone calls

  • Operating the phone properly (How to turn the ringer off and on, how to check voice mail, how to call missed calls back, how to check the text messages)

  • Recording phone messages accurately on the message log

  • Learning how to navigate the computer efficiently

  • Answering emails

  • Sending faxes

  • Receiving faxes and records and placing them into the chart

  • Schedule appointments

  • Writing reminders

  • Emailing clients

  • How to complete paperwork for microchips

  • Finances

  • Backing up the computer

Level 2 b (Back)

  • Filling medication accurately

  • Basic cat handling and holding for exams, cystos, and blood draws

  • Wrapping surgery packs and autoclaving

  • Paw Prints for euthanasias

  • Filling out lab sheets

  • Collecting free catch urine samples

  • Setting up urine samples

  • Nail Trims

  • Administer SQ injections and fluids

  • Administer oral medications

  • Applying ear medication

  • Applying flea control

  • Performing giardia test and BNP tests

  • Blood pressure measurement

  • Taking temperature

  • Packing house call bag (if going on house calls)

  • Holding difficult cats and reading feline body language

  • Microscopic examinations for ear mites

  • Setting up kennel for urine collection and hospitalizing a patient

  • How to give SQ fluid, B12, and pill pocket demo.

Level 3

  • Drawing blood from the medial saphenous using a 25 gauge butterfly catheter

  • Dental scaling/polishing

  • Taking blood pressure

• Running i-stat

  • Assisting in surgery

  • Talks: How to treat fleas, arthritis, diet, etc.

  • Ordering medication

  • Receiving packages

Level 4

  • Training and managing new employees

  • Managing the clinic

  • Performing eye stains

  • Administering IM Injections

  • Anesthesia monitoring

  • IV Catheter placement

  • Skin scrapes

  • Expressing anal glands

  • Fine needle aspirates

Please note that these guidelines can be changed at any time.