About Clinic

About Us:

We are an independent, one doctor practice that was created to be a feline-friendly, quiet environment for both client and feline patients. We practice low-stress handling and do our best to treat patients with care.

We are open Sunday through Wednesdays and our days often consist of 2 to 3 house calls, and 4 to 6 in-clinic appointments.

Our mission is based on the following values:

Compassion for Patients - Caring about the well being and health of our patients and handling cats as gently as possible, using low-stress handling techniques.

Compassion for Clients - Being empathetic and showing emotional support for all of our clients.

Stress-Free Environment - Creating a feline-friendly environment at client homes and in the clinic by insuring a clean and quiet atmosphere, free of strong smells and abrupt motions.

Quality - Deliver the highest quality medical care through our knowledge of the feline patient, and attention to detail and accuracy.

Excellence in Service - Exceed client expectations by being friendly and helpful, and resolve client concerns efficiently and thoroughly.

Interesting Information About the Practice:

We grow our own catnip in the clinic garden.

Patients receive toys, such as catnip mice, after the visit.

The practice was originally a bungalow house and much of the furniture and lighting is antique, including an antique surgery table and mayo stand.

Clients are able to book their appointments online, versus calling or emailing us.

We advise clients on natural diets and environmental enrichment.

After euthanasia, clients are sent home with flowers from the clinic garden.

What Does the Job Involve?

Answering phones

Answering emails

Data entry

Scheduling appointments

Restraining cats

Filling medications

Drawing up vaccinations

Drawing blood, depending on experience

Showing owners how to give fluids and injections

Other miscellaneous jobs

The ideal applicant will excel at three things: 1) Accuracy with medications, labwork, etc. 2) Steady pace for check-in, room prep, assisting, and taking payment. 3) Willing to learn and apply advanced cat restraint techniques.

This job requires carrying equipment during house calls into client homes, and therefore requires lifting approximately 30 lbs.

Please note that as company policy, we do not hire clients of City Cat.

Please note that we will not be able to respond to each person that applies due to amount of incoming emails.