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Becoming a Disciple

How can you gain a deeper relationship with God in our church?

How can you go deeper in their relationship with other disciples in the church?

How can you become a disciple of Jesus--or grow in your discipleship?

At Cincinnati Church of the Brethren, everything we do invites you deeper. There is a process, we believe, to learning how to follow Jesus in community. We invite you to join in that process with us.

1. Celebrating Together

The entry point to our church is Sunday morning, when we celebrate together in worship. We sing, share joys and concerns, pray for one another, read scripture together, and explore God's challenge for us today. 

We have many other ways of celebrating together. We like to go out for lunch after church together, and we like to carry in lunch for special occasions. We do this not just because we like food, but because when we share meals together, we get to know each other better, become involved in each other's lives, and deepen our friendships. Jesus seems to have felt the same way--some of his most important ministry was at meals, and before he died he commanded his followers to share a meal together, and remember him when they did so. Joining in our shared meals is a great way to get to know us better.

2. Learning Together 

Being a Christian, and becoming a Christian, means accepting God's invitation to know him better, and to know Jesus better. As a church, we have gatherings where we try to go deeper in our learning, by studying the Bible, discussing how Christians can respond to current events, understanding the challenges of social problems, or studying what other religions believe and teach. 

If you desire to deepen your faith or move toward a commitment to Christ, we invite you to come learn with us. Chances to learn usually come on Sunday mornings at 9:30.

3. Praying Together

Lunch can only take us so far in building a community of disciples. As followers of Jesus, as people who desire to know God more intimately, we need to pray together outside of our formal worship services. Prayer is the gasoline that fuels Christian life. Prayer is how a disciple of Jesus learns directly from the Teacher. Prayer is where we present out troubles and concerns and joys to God, where we give back to him the whole crazy mix of life that he has given to us. It's where we seek his guidance for each day's living. Jesus taught us that praying alone, in private, is really, really important--but he also showed us, and the Bible shows us again and again, that we LEARN to pray in the company of other Christians. Their prayer strengthens us, and our prayer strengthens them. Wednesday evenings at 7 are a time when we learn to pray together. We explore how to pray, how to take the first steps or grow deeper, how to hear God's voice in the words of scripture. And we pray with and for each other. If you want to stretch beyond celebrating and learning with the church, we invite you to participate in praying with the church when you are ready for that step.

4. Serving Together

Church doesn't exist for the sake of those who are already there--we exist for the sake of those who are NOT YET there. Being Christians doesn't just mean we love one another--it means we go out into the world to show God's love, and we do practical things to help strengthen the faith of others, make a difference in our community, or provide practical support for the church.

Our church's major ministry of service is to the children of our neighborhood. We have lots of ways of serving them, but our deepest desire is just to be a caring, loving, supportive adult community for them. You will see on Sunday morning that about half the people in worship are kids, and about half the kids come without parents. There are many opportunities to serve with these kids, be present to them as a caring adult, tutor them, and have fun with them. If you are ready to reach out beyond your own faith and serve others, let us know--we'll plug you into a great opportunity for working with our kids.

Wait--you didn't say anything about making a commitment to Christ!

Funny, that. We belong to a broad tradition called the "Believer's Church." That means that church members are those who have made their own commitment to follow Christ and accept the gifts of salvation, holiness, and mission that he gives to those who give their lives and hearts to him.

We believe that you must make your own commitment to Christ when the time is right for you. We won't pressure you, or ask you to sign anything, or make you memorize a formula or say a particular prayer.

We believe that when you celebrate with us, learn with us, pray with us, and serve with us, you will come to experience Jesus's call on your own life.

When YOU feel ready to accept that call--when YOU feel ready to make the commitment Christ is calling you to, please talk to one of the pastors or deacons. When it's time for you to make a commitment, we will nurture you through it. We may ask you to learn a little more, pray a little more, or serve a little more. And we will invite you to BAPTISM when you are ready for full membership.

The call and the commitment are yours, and they come to you in God's time. Please talk with a pastor if you want to explore more deeply what full membership means, and how to deepen your own commitment to follow Jesus as one of his disciples.