fields of interest

J. Humberto Sossa A.

Fields of interest:
  • Pattern Recognition,

  • Image Analysis, 

  • Neural Networks,

  • Associative Memories,

  • Spiking Neural Networks,

  • Deep Neural Machines,

  • Bio-inspired Techniques,

  • Visual Servoing.

  • Smart Cities.

  • Service Robots.

  • Space Robots.


  • Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision.
  • Image Analysis.
  • Digital Image Processing.
  • Intriduction to Neural Networks.
  • Advanced Neural Networks.

Current Projects:

Uso de las técnicas bio-inspiradas en la síntesis de redes neuronales artificiales y memorias asociativas y aplicaciones.

(Bio-inspired synthesis of artificial neural networks and associative memories and applications).

This project is ecconomically suported by CONACYT under grant 155014.

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Nuevos modelos neuro-computacionales y su aplicación en el diseño y control de robots.

This project is ecconomically supported by CONACYT under grant 65 of Program Frontiers of Science

This project begins on January 1, 2016 and ends on December 31, 2025.


Acutal Master and PhD thesis under supervision:

Under construction.


Projects under development:

Automatic generation of Cadidate Lyapunov Functions based on Genetic Programming to study stabilty of linear and non-linear processes.

Automatic generation of new families of geometric and topolical invariants based on Genetic Programming.

Neurocontrol design based on Genetic Programming.

Synthesis and production of inteligent drugs for the treatment of Chagas disease

If you want to work in these projects or if you desire to work with humanoid and/or aerial robots, do not hesitate, contact me...!!!