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For example, Brodribb Home 1. NUMBER OF PEOPLE: 18. Evangelical ecumenical service 1 hr fortnightly Thurdasys 10.30am. (St John's Prebyterian lead it.)

HUMOUR : True Story. An 87 yo elderly Toowoomba lady could not get a response about getting a lift to one unknown Toowoomba church so she told them she was catching a taxi and the money was coming out of her tithe. Just like magic, the lifts came. Hehe.

10am GOOD NEWS OUTREACH MINISTRIES Greenmount Hall (Was at Drayton Hall.)
1. NUMBER OF PEOPLE: 17 people 23 March 2014 (Pastor Israel Tea was in St George).
3. Type of person: Pentecostals and some reformists.
4. Socio-Economic Status: .
5. Amount of kids: One third.
6. Ages of people: 7yo - 70yo.
7. % are men.
8. Weekly offering published: -.
9. Lateness of people getting to church: 0.
10. Any other interesting information: Church started May 2013. They hired a tent for $1,500 and this crusade went well and costs met.
11. TIME THERE AND DATE OF VISIT: 23 March 2014 9.25am till noon.
12. Length of service: About 90 mins.
13. This and other service times: 10am. Fourth Sunday of the Month is at Pastor's house.
* 14. Preacher: Lay Pastor Israel Tea (He is from Tonga and freely proclaims word from BP serice station opposite the Drayton hall)
Ps Israel Tae & "Island Tae" (pronounced "Tea"). Israel Tea was the Pastor of Good News Outreach Ministries in Toowoomba. This is the background of Israel Tae and how he came to Toowoomba and what he believes. Israel Tae was born as a native to Tonga, Pacific Islands. Israel Tae found his wife "Island Walters" at a wedding in New Zealand. (So "Island Tae" is the wife of Israel Tae who's year of birth is 1966 which made him 48yo on 30/3/14. She is Maori and they had some four children aged about 8yo - 18yo by 30/3/14.) Israel Tae’s family is in Bundaberg & he was going to Christlife Presbyterian till 2012. About the 27 Jan 2013 Israel Tae first started this church in Oakey, Qld. While living and working in Toowoomba. About the 26 May 2013 Good Life Outreach Ministries began in Drayton Hall. Israel Tae worked at the BP Service Station opposite near Drayton Hall earning $900 per fortnight. But he believes in a super natural God who "is bigger than ANY problem I have." So God has blessed him with banana trees that do not normally grow (no fruit yet). Somehow has to pay $45,000 Fairholme school fees, thousand dollar plane tickets for the family. (Wife works in Downlands Sunday's at 3pm.) Israel Tae does not have his church under any denomination and was independently run. Speaking in tongues is not an experience he has had but he talks much about God’s personal guidance and never to worry about money.
15. Feeling of building: Physically dowdy.
16. Estimate style of belief: Reformist with Pentecostal themes.
17. Dress code so as not to stand out: Casual to smart.
18. How to get there: Travel south along Drayton Rd



(CHURCH NOT THERE 2013 - 2017+.)
10am "THE GREAT SOUTHLAND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT CHRISTIAN CENTRE" 27 Jellicoe St (University of Queensland building)
3. Type of person: Evangelist Pentecostals.
4. Socio-Economic Status: Maybe middle lower.
5. Amount of kids: 4.
6. Ages of people: 2 x 50years old. 30years old. 2 x 40yo
7. 50% are men. 4 men and 5 women.
8. Weekly offering published: -.
9. Lateness of people getting to church: 0.
10. Any other interesting information: The background of this new church in Toowoomba "The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit Christian Centre" is Pastor Steve Balla whom commonly goes to Queen St mall Brisbane with his family of 4. (This group are well known in Brisbane. Basically, any denomination are invited to evangelise but you need a letter from your Pastor giving you the okay to participate.) Steve Balla has been in Toowoomba since 2004 before his (man’s version of the) church started in a garage for 3 months prior to advertisements in the Toowoomba Chronicle in about April 2010 when they began meeting publicly. A fair group of Brisbane evangelists did music 25 Apr 2010. The Brisbane evangelists are NOT called "The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit Christian Centre", as it is independently run by Steve Balla, he has not had extensive experience in pastoral work. These Brisbane evangelists have worked the streets outside perimeter of Easterfest about 2007. The Toowoomba evangelists regularly work the Toowoomba streets.
11. TIME THERE AND DATE OF VISIT: 2/5/10 8.15am - 10.47am. Still was operating early 2012.
12. Length of service: About 90 mins.
13. This and other service times: 10am.
14. Preacher: Evangelist Steven Balla leads everything and married to Marlene Balla. Steve in his 40’s.
15. Feeling of building: OK.
16. Estimate style of belief: Pentecostal with some prophecy and tongues and no Toronto Blessing.
17. Dress code so as not to stand out: Casual to smart.
18. How to get there: Travel south along Hume, turn east and at highest point of range is the University of Queensland building.

(Church closed.) 10am ABUNDANT Life Fellowship. Was at Jelicoe and Hume Sts till about 2008.
1. NUMBER OF PEOPLE: 112. This church closed up in about 2006-2009 and the denomination did not re-start somewhere else in Toowoomba. The building was later used by Living Grace Lutheran. (In 2001 there were only 48 people, growth due to perhaps awareness of church's existence via big time preachers like Jesse Du Plantis etc... and also churches tend to fill up to 80% capacity.) 76 ppl May 2001.
2. NUMBER OF CHAIRS: 130 seats.
**3. Type of person: Met an accountant, plumber. Classic "Word" Christians, not toward Toronto Blessing.
4. Socio-Economic Status: Medium to High.
5. Amount of kids: There were about 18 in the creche and Sunday School. Thus there were 94 people in the church area as 94 + 18 = 112.
6. Ages of people: Even cross section.
7. 50% are men.
8. Weekly offering published: Not given.
9. Lateness of people getting to church: -.
*10. Any other interesting information: Jesse Duplantis got $12,000 in offerings at Empire in 2000 for one night meeting only. Making $18,000 as $6,000 was already met to cover costs by one individual
* Ray Gale’s daughters divorced circa 2005- 2010.
***I personally believe that up until ALF entered the scene, AOG HAD NO DENOMINATIONAL "COMPETITION", only "competing" with Independent Charismatic churches. I have noticed a steady small stream of AOG people going to ALF which could mean ALF could raise up to be the second largest charismatic denomination outside of AOG. (ALF have a 3,500 seat facility at Gold Coast built in about the year 2000.)
11. TIME THERE AND DATE OF VISIT: 23 Mar 2003 11.35am- 12.10pm. 60 mins 2/7/00. Attended some 30 services 2000- 2001.
12. Length of service: 2 hours.
13. This and other service times: 10am; 6pm. No night meeting last Sunday of month.
14. Preacher: Ps Ray Gale comes from various ministry positions before. By 4/01 they finished seed planting Ipswich ALF. In Nov 2009 Ray Gale was still living in Toowoomba & may have run a house church.
15. Feeling of building: OK, bit old. (Was bought from Catholics who are now in Cambell & Curzon Sts at Mater Dei.) June 2001 they have 4 TV's and computer generated words.
*16. Estimate style of belief. Charismatic. (All Charismatic churches have people who can speak in tongues and they can lay hands on your head or shoulders if your sick for a spiritual healing or simply to be blessed.) Ray was talking about the material blessings one can claim from Scripture as did Duplantis.
*** Kenneth Copeland was divorced and remarried by 2007. This was a Kenneth Copeland church. (This is a good example of the tremendous weakness of Wikipedia. Wikipedia does not say Kenneth Copeland has been divorced.) Why? The parishioners of Kenneth Copeland want this hushed up as much as possible. Why? Example, when one tithing businessman found out Kenneth Copeland was re-married. He replied "Well I’m never going to Abundant Life Fellowship." Is Kenneth Copeland re-married? A government employee, who tithes to Abundant Life Fellowship, emphatically stated these facts. He was DEFENDING Kenneth Copeland BEING divorced and then having gone through re-marriage. Obviously, there is no question whether Kenneth Copeland is re-married. Only whether it is Biblical. (Mat 5:32 Too many of you are using that as a cover for selfishness and whim, pretending to be righteous just because you are 'legal.' Please, no more pretending. If you divorce your wife, you're responsible for making her an adulteress (unless she has already made herself that by sexual promiscuity). And if you marry such a divorced adulteress, you're automatically an adulterer yourself. You can't use legal cover to mask a moral failure." The Message.) Thus, many Christians believe re-marriage is adultery. Kenneth Copeland’s daughter Terri Pearsons is not re-married (by 2007). * Kenneth Copeland used to be in the military and Fort Worth - where the ministry is based - is a strong military town outside Dallas USA. * Apparently, Kenneth Copeland was married twice BEFORE Gloria. .
17. Dress code so as not to stand out: Casual to smart.
18. How to get there: Travel north along Hume, turn right at Jelicoe, plenty of park space at rear.
20. People who talked to me after the service: Some, not many.
21. Length of time they talked: Briefly.
22. How soon do visitors get talked to after service?: Fair while.
23. HOW MUCH CHURCH IS OPEN TO WIDER CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY: Fairly open. This church is mostly known for bringing big American preachers to the Empire Theatre.
24. Unusual things about worship: Nothing unusual.
25. EMPHASIS OF MINISTRY: Very much out to proclaim the "Word", or bible truths to the Christian church.
26. Famous business people: The former owner of Home Icecream/ Pixie Keith Reisenger fellowshipped here.
27. Famous people: -.
28. KNOWABLE SONGS: Largely knowable songs. Some songs are written by the Pastor's daughter.
29. Quality of sound system/ loudness: Good.
30. Quality of preaching generally: Quite good.
31. Meaningfulness/ depth of preaching: Quite ok. The Pastor CAN preach "in the anointing." In other words, his words are revealed by the Holy Spirit and this can speak into your spirit with a personal depth.
32. Enjoyment/ lightness of preaching: OK, it gets funny too.
33. Impact/ deepness/ enjoyment of worship: Yes.
34. Amount of home groups: About 3 or 4.
35. How to access home groups: Through newsletter or administrator.
36. Friendliness of home groups: Good.
37. Intention to build: None as yet.
38. Estimate percentage church owned / rented?: Probably paying it off.
39. Estimate age of building: 50yo.
40. Dowdiness of building outside: Not bad.
41. Inside?: Not too bad.
42. Have sister churches where? Gold Coast is the main one. From memory, they would have about 20 churches nationally.
43. Sunday School availability: Yes.
44. Ages availability: -.
45. % kids attend: -.
46. Noise of kids at back: ok.
47. Where is bible college? In house.
48. Where do kids school? -.
49. How many missionaries do they support: Some.
50. What cost? -.
51. What is average they give to missions: -.
52. What is average they give to local poor? Zero.
53. International poor? -.
54. Other emphasis on giving: -.
55. Per head total giving: -.
56. Extent of other church programs: Running a bible college.
57. Pastor receive stipend? Yes.
58. How much? -.
59. Qualifications of Pastor: -.
60. Estimated of parishioners complaints. -.
61. Estimated ability to resolve parishioners complaints: Not bad.

(CHURCH CLOSED.) 6pm ABUNDANT Life Fellowship. Was at Jelicoe and Hume Sts till about 2008. (No Sunday night service last Sunday of month)
2. NUMBER OF CHAIRS: 130 seats.
3. Same.
4. Socio-Economic Status: Same.
5. Amount of kids. Few.
6. Ages of people. 20-55yo. 7. -. 8. -. 9. Lateness -.
*10. They had a web site which they planned to have live feeds with music in the background of preaching "promos" with graphics.
11. TIME THERE AND DATE OF VISIT: 2 hrs 1/7/01. 1
2. Length of service. 1hr 45m.
13. This and other service times. 6pm; 10am. Except at the last Sunday of the month it's at 6pm.
14. Ps Ray Gale.
15. Feeling of building. New video mix of music to Ps Gale's preaching with graphics went over well.
16. Estimate style of belief. Same.
17. Dress to not stand out. Casual to smart.
18. Same.

ADVENTIST. See Seventh- day Adventist.
AGAPE FELLOWSHIP (ex- "Trinity Revival Centre" now just a house church) - See arcclos

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NEXT (Discover that in one denomination, all the men sit on the right side and all the women on the left side.)

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