These people help me directly or indirectly in the development of Chronos:

Olivier Deville, for the big tournament conducted at ChessWar site.

Lars Hallerström, for the firsts large tests of Chronos in the "real world".

Pradu Kannan, for his recommendations on programming in C++.

Graham Banks, from CCRL, thanks for include Chronos in CCRL and let me make use of the large amount (and quality) of statistics to be collected on this site.

Oscar Orozco
, for the logo of Chronos (will be included in version 1.9.5 as default), and for sugestions about end user experience with the engine.

Tom Kerrigan, for make the "Object class" of amateur chess programs, TSCP.

Ed Schröder, author of Rebel, for his tutorial "How Rebel plays chess", that helped me a lot in the development of a "real" evaluation function.

Neels Groenewald, author of NagaSkaki and the tutorial "How NagaSkaki plays chess", that helped me in the development of  the first bitboard engine for Chronos.

Fabien Letouzey, for the revolutionary open-source Fruit.

Dr. Robert Hyatt, for Crafty, one of the most famous chess programs in the world, with an intense and dedicated work of commented code to help others.

Martin Blume, for Arena Gui, the winboard-uci interface that I use to develop Chronos from the beginning.

Pawel Koziol, Edmund Moshammer and others Wiki members, for Chess Programming Wiki site, the best source of high-quality information and research about computer chess I read so far.

These people are authors of Chess engines that helped Chronos in test and development:

Toma Roncevic, author of Thor's Hammer
Phokham Nonava, author of Flux.
Omid David, author of Genesis.
Bruce Moreland, author of Gerbil.
Tord Romstad, author of Glaurung.
Thomas Gaksch, author of the strongest Fruit improvement, Toga.