Welcome to Chronos chess engine site!

Chronos is my second project related to computer chess, and for now, which produced better results. Currently the engine is not finished, because there's still much work to do, tons of bugs to fix and many features to add. Anyway... for the first time I feel safe to publish the work done until today.
I hope that those who enjoy chess can use Chronos to get a challenging opponent for his training!!.
Guillermo Filia.

Installation: Chronos is a standard winboard chess engine and can be used with any winboard interface, like Arena, by Martin Blume.
Special command line parameters are not required. (Instalation secction comming soon!).

: To download the latest version of Chronos chess engine, click this link.

Chronos ELO change depending on versions (CCRL)
  Data used for this graph are taken from CCRL site, 40/40 rating lists.