Christina N. Kranz,  Environmental Science Ithaca College 2013 christina.n.kranz@gmail.com

Christina N. Kranz
Environmental Science
Ithaca College 2013

Hello and welcome to my website! Here you will find information about me and my educational experiences at Ithaca College and beyond. Please follow the tabs on the top of the page to learn more about me and my various accomplishments and skills. 

I have received my Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science at Ithaca College. My research has focused on crop and soil sciences. I have worked on developing biochar as a viable soil amendment for local gardeners in the northeaster United States. I have engineered biochar ovens, produced biochar from them, and conducted two initial studies on biochar and plant growth. Additionally, I pioneered the initial study of soil organic carbon on the Ithaca College Natural Lands. My research is the baseline data to see how soil organic carbon changes over time in a post-agriculture forest. I presented my findings at the 2013 Northeastern GSA meeting. 

I have carried out an internship with the South Hill Business Campus. I was involved with designing and implementing a recycling program for the Business Campus. I organized educational workshops for business owners and employees to teach them about recycling. 

I have also done environmental consulting with the Nature Conservancy. I devised a guided nature trail, an informational brochure, and wrote QR codes for their new interactive app. 

Additionally, I received the Commit to Change Grant to help increase productivity of maple syrup production on the Ithaca College Natural Lands. With the help of my grant, in 2013, we were able to produce 15.5 gallons of maple syrup.