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CHORUS birth
by Director and Founder Mario Allia

"It is not easy for me to thoroughly present this challenge without tell you something about my childhood. 

My day-time was parted in two: playing football with my two brothers and singing. The playing football ground was the long corridor which connected the entrance to the bathroom of my parents house.

he second activity, singing,  filled all the other part of the day. Staying under a little hat, bilt with an old blanket and brooms, on the courtyard balcony, I let off my desire of singing. I had a preferred song, composed by myself.

The floor above our apartement lived a beautiful girl, whose name was Marcella to who I dedicated this song: "Marcella, you are as beautiful as a sparkling star. Come down and kiss me". She never came down and kissed me, but I still remember her beauty together with the desire of singing that still last.

All my life I did other things for living but I have never forget the pleasure and beauty of choral singing. I studied piano for 11 years and I had two big music and life masters: Gilberto Zamara and Gino Mazzari."


In '89 Auditorium RAI of Turin has its first performance: soprano Faye Nepon. The following year it knows the trio Montgomery, Plant & Billy Stritch Rebecca (Billy is defined by his wife Liza Mannelli "the greatest jazz pianist of the moment).
Auditorium Rai Turin - 1989

Auditorium Rai Torino - 1989

In '93 the first exit at the International Frankenlandhalle Buchen (Germany) and at the Chambre de Commerce et de l'Industrie in Grenoble (France). That same year, the record
ing of the first cd: the soprano is Neja.

In '95, during a concert at the Aula Magna of the Bocconi University in Milan, it met the great composer Franco Donatoni, who wants to spend a Chorus in its original arrangement in six mixed voices.

In 2000 Chorus participated with the then vocal octet Cantus Firmus to the First International Festival of Jazz Vocal Mondovi now been consolidated through numerous editions, as
one of the most qualified of the genre. The same year it published the second CD (soprano Barbara Borra) and founded Midichorus, the first Italian portal that offers educational materials on the Internet specifically dedicated to jazz a cappella choral singing.

In 2002, at the Teatro Giacosa in Ivrea for the Via Francigena, in 2003 in Neuilly with the vocal jazz French Amalgam in 2004 in Spain to Barcelona and Lloret de Mar.

In 2005, it celebrates the first twenty years at Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Turin in a concert with the Torino Vocal Ensemble directed by Carlo Pavese.

In 2007, it organized the exhibition "A chapel in the chapel. The sounds of the voice. " The same year he participated in the season for the Association "Stefano Tempia".

In 2008 it won the Prize in Solevoci Competition "Città di Varese" "Best Art Program," the jury with Kirby Shaw, Johanna Goldsmith and Tobias Hug the Swingle Singers.

In 2009 in Graz (Austria) Chorus won the contest 
international "Bronzen Diploma".

In 2010-11 concerts in Turin at the Conservatorio G. Verdi, at the Mirafiori MotorVillage and in Milan at the center Father Kolbe.

May 1
st 2012 Chorus participated in first edition of 
Torino Jazz Festival as the only a cappella vocal group.
Great international Jazz names perfomed there:
Lino Patruno
Chiara Civello
Trio Rosemberg & Friends
Peppe Servillo
Stefano Bollani Danish Trio


Thirty years between life and music

(by Pietro Bastianelli)