Death Match, Team Death Match

An UCMP map.
This is an industrial style map, provides you smooth flow, lots of z-axis chances and jump opportunities.
That is a so long story that I almost don't remember the details after so many years(now in 2009).
Basically, the timeline is:
1) About 3 years before the final release. I began to design the first layout. It was a bsp_based map, of quke flavor.
2) I joined the rocketeer team (mod team for UT2003 and UT2004, check "My maps for Rocketeer" section) and made a detailed version of this map for rocketeer but never finished it.
3) I was not satisfied with the rocketeer version, but I liked very much the basic layout. So in 2005, I remade it from the first brush, for UCMP2
Now, another three years have passed by...

Release Date:
September, 2005

Hourences // Thanks for the texture
Rocketeer // Thanks for some ideas for the preceding edition of this map
And also those guys who give me feedback for the very original version of this map