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Last updated: 30th October, 2017
(All publications listed below are available on request by email and some PDF files are available at the bottom of this page)

Research In Progress

Near Completion

Initial Stages

"The Evolution of Corporate India, 1850-2015"

"The History of Marketing in India"

Peer-Reviewed Papers

"Transnational Indian Business in the Twentieth Century", 2017, Business History Review, forthcoming.

2015, Indian Economic and Social History Review, Vol. 52 (4), pp. 409-437. 

2015, Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Vol. 58 (2), pp. 245-267.

June 2012. Migration and Development, Vol. 1 (1), pp. 87-112.

 "Remittances in India: Facts and Issues." 
Jul-Sep 2011. Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Vol. 54 (3), pp. 479-501.

Chapters in Edited Books

"The Missing Men: Sex Ratios and Migration", in India Migration Report 2015: Gender and Migration, edited by S Irudaya Rajan, 2015, pp. 221-239, Routledge, New Delhi.

"Economic Linkages and EU-India Mobility", (with D Mukherjee) in India-EU People Mobility: Historical, Economic and Regulatory Dimensions, edited by Rupa Chanda and Pralok Gupta, 2015, Cambridge University Press, Delhi.

"Asian Migration to the Gulf States", in The Handbook of Immigration and Refugee Studies, edited by Anna Triandafyllidou, 2015, Routledge. 

Informal Monographs

Migration and Remittances in India: Historical, Regional, Social and Economic Dimensions. 2012. Doctoral Thesis. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

India Migration Bibliography. 2012. Bangalore: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

Policy Writing

"The North-South Urban Paradox ." Ideas for India. March 22, 2017.

"The Missing Men." Ideas for India. Sep 1, 2016.

 Other Publications: Working Papers/ Articles / Comments 

"Why Business History Matters". 2016. Dec 19. Article in Mint.

Kumar, K. et al. "Research on Business and Entrepreneurship History of India - Reflections on the State of the Art and Future Directions." 2011. IIMB Working Paper No. 329. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.
"Small States, Small Districts or Small Blocks: The Size of Administrative Units in Independent India." Oct-Dec 2010. Indian Journal of Public Administration, Vol. 56 (4), pp. 860-887.

 "EU-India Migration and Trade Linkages." 2013. IIMB Working Paper No. 392. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.
"EU-India Bilateral Remittances." 2012. IIMB Working Paper No. 360. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

"Migrants Remittances in Regional Accounts: Concept, Measurement and Implications"
"Migrants Remittances and the Postal Money Order Business in US and India, 1870-1910"
"Surat's Labour Migrants: Encountering Flexibility"

Book Reviews  
Journal of Historical Geography, Vol. 45, 2014, pp. 133-134: Land of the Seven Rivers: A Brief History of India's Geography by Sanjeev Sanyal (Penguin, 2012)

Migration and Development, 2015: Emigration in 21st-Century India: Governance, Legislation, Institutions by S Krishna Kumar and S Irudaya Rajan (Routledge, 2014)

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