Ministry to Children

“Arise, cry out for the lives of your children.” Lam 2:19

In Uganda children constitute over 57% of the population. Half of these children live in multidimensional poverty and are deprived in at least two crucial areas of their rights (nutrition, health, clean water, shelter, education, and child protection).

Many of these children have been affected by physical, sexual or emotional abuse and loss of parents due to AIDS, diseases, war and others.

The Province of the Church of Uganda is involved in bringing children and their ministry to the limelight, involving them to develop their gifts and getting the community, churches and schools to give them hope for the future.

Ministry to Children at Risk

          • Orphaned, displaced, homeless, and refugee children
          • Children's justice initiative / Remand homes
          • Children affected by HIV/AIDS
          • Children's Rights and Responsibilities