It was with great sadness that we heard that the Chairman of CUCMUK, Church of Uganda Children's Ministry (UK) , Steve Mitchell, died in April after a short illness.

At the thanksgiving service w heard that Steve has been actively involved in Uganda since the early 1990's and has been a trustee for CUCMUK for since 2004. He was a "gentle giant" and his wisdom, strength and quiet confidence will be greatly missed.

Our prayers go out to his wife Ann and the family.

The Year of the Child 2019

The Archbishop of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali, declared that 2019 would be the Year of the Child

He noted that children are among the most vulnerable members of society and the challenges they face -"reveal to us how so many of Uganda’s problems today are fundamentally spiritual issues.”

The Archbishop said, “We want to challenge parents to give more time to their children. There are many children who are left on their own or often in the care of maids and teachers. Parents have abdicated to others their God-given role of raising children,”

YOC 2019 Video Clip.m4v

The Archbishop of Uganda, the Provincial Secretary and the Children's Ministry Co-ordinator comment on the Year of the Child.

The Children's Ministry

Helps children to see themselves as loved and accepted by the Heavenly Father and the church that serves Him.

Focus Areas

  1. Developing children’s ministry in Province of Church of Uganda.
  2. Training and equipping leaders /teachers /chaplains with ministry skills for involvement in church and schools (counselling, teaching, discipleship and stewardship)
  3. Establishing child protection policy in schools and churches.
  4. Bringing children to the knowledge of Christ and developing their character and life skills.
  5. Increasing access and retention of teachers and workers for young people at all levels.
  6. Mobilizing financial and material resources to run and sustain the ministry.

Smart School Campaign- to encourage schools to be:-

Children's Rights and Responsibilities