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Main research interests:  electronic government, knowledge representation, logic programming, multiagent systems, non-monotonic reasoning, defeasible argumentation, formal models of negotiation, machine learning, datamining,  constraint-based programming. Applications of datamining and machine learning techniques. I am also interested in computer science education.


DCIC/ICIC Building, Campus Altos del Palihue, Bahìa Blanca
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My contact details:

Email ICIC:  dir.icic [at] cs.uns.edu.ar       
Academic email : cic [at] cs.uns.edu.ar

Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS)
San Andrés 800 - Campus Altos del Palihue 
8000 Bahía Blanca, 

Tel:+54-291-459-5135  ext.2611  /  Fax: +54-291-459-5136        

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INFORMACION para alumnos de la materia "Teoría de la Computabilidad" (Primer Cuat. 2018)

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> Grupo Facebook 2018 de la asignatura: disponible aquí 

Consultas: lunes, 11.00 hs, Hall DCIC/ICIC, S.Andrés 800, Campus Palihue 
Fechas exámenes finales: solicitar información via email 
> Calendario Académico UNS 2018 (Res. 744/2017)

Now organizing & coordinating:
> Co-Leading Bilateral Project SLO-14-04 Argentina-Slovenia "Trust Management and Reputation Systems"   (along with Denis Trček, Univ. of Ljubljana, Slovenia), 
Funded by MINCyT  (Argentina) and MHEST (Slovenija), 2015-2017.
> Co-Chairing Track Digitization and Transformation - ICEGOV 2018 (Galway, Ireland). 4 - 6  April 2018.

Some recent events:

> Primer Maratón Académico de Becarios del ICIC - CONICET UNS (6 y 7 de julio de 2017)
> ICEGOV 2017 - New Dehli, India, 7-9 March 2017. Co-chairing Track: Digitization
> SKUNK TALKS 2016 (3rd. Workshop of Researchers in Computer Science) - Bahía Blanca, Argentina, 21 October 2016.

Some recent bookchapters / journal articles:

> "Defeasible Argumentation over Relational Databases" (C. Deagustini, S. Fulladoza Dalibon, S. Gottifredi, M. Falappa, C. Chesñevar, and G.Simari)
In Argument&Computation, IOS Press, 2017, 8(1), 35-59(2017)

> "Argumentation-based Personal Assistants for Ambient Assisted Living" (S. Heras, J. Palanca, C.Chesñevar), pp. 19-36,
(2018) In: Costa A., Julian V., Novais P. (eds) Personal Assistants: Emerging Computational Technologies. Intelligent Systems Reference Library, vol 132. Springer, Cham

"Intelligent Algorithms for Improving Communication Patterns in Thematic P2P Search(A. Nicolini, C.Lorenzetti, A. Maguitman, C.Chesñevar). In Information Processing & Management,  Elsevier, Vol. 53, pp. 388-404, 2017.
> "Assessing Communication Strategies in Argumentation-based Negotiation Agents Equipped with Belief Revision" (A. Casali, P.Pilotti, C.Chesñevar). In Argument&Computation7(2-3)175-200 (2016), ISSN 1946-2166, IOS Press.

"Opinion Aggregation and Conflict Resolution in E-Government PLatforms: Contrasting Social Media Information through Argumentation" (C. Chesñevar, A. Maguitman, M. González, E. Estévez).   Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Contemporary Conflict Resolution.” (Eds. P.Novais, D.Carneiro), DOI 10.4018/978-1-5225-0245-6.ch011, pp. 183-203, IGI Global, N.York, USA, 2016
"Ciencias de la Computación" (C. Areces, N. Aguirre, V. Becher, L. Benotti, C. Chesñevar, S. Uchitel). En "Estado y Perspectivas de las Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales en la Argentina". Editores: P. Depetris, R. Rossi, J. Tirao (Academia Nacional de Ciencias, Argentina) y E. Charreau, R.Cignoli, M. Mariscotti (Academia Nacional de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales, Argentina). Editado por MINCyT, Argentina, pp.129-173, ISBN 978-987-98313-9-7, Publicado en 2015.

Some recent conference papers:
“CitymisVis: A Tool for the Visual Analysis and Exploration of Citizen Requests and Complaints" (R. Hubert, A. Maguitman, C. Chesñevar, M. Malamud). To appear in Proc. ICEGOV 2017, New Dehli, India, 5-7 March 2017 
> "From Open Government to Open City: Lessons Learnt from Institutionalizing Open Government Practices in Bahía Blanca, Argentina" (E. Quartucci, J. Fernández Ardáiz, C. Chesñevar, E. Estevez). To appear in Proc. ICEGOV 2017, New Dehli, India, 5-7 March 2017 
> “Citymis OpTree: Intelligent Citizen Management Using Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Trees” (F.Gamboa, M. Malamud, A. Maguitman, C. Chesñevar). In Proc. ICEGOV 2016, pp. 250-253, Montevideo, Uruguay, March 1-3, 2016.
> "HLMC: A Hybrid Logic Tool for Model Checking  in  Verification of Administrative Processes" (A.Goron, C. Chesñevar). In Proc. ICEGOV 2016, pp. 376-377, Montevideo, Uruguay, March 1-3, 2016..
> "ArgP2P:  An argumentative approach for intelligent query routing in P2P networks" (A. Nicolini, A. Maguitman, C. Chesñevar). In Proc. TAFA 2015. Buenos AIres, Argentina, 25-26 July 2015. LNAI  Springer Vol. 9524, pp. 1–17, 2015. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-28460-6 12
 "An Argumentative Approach to Model User Profiles Through Sentiment Segmentation" (M. Gonzalez, C. Chesñevar, R. Brena) - 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI 2015), 2-7 August 2015, Los Angeles, CA, USA. To appear in LNCS Springer.

Some recent academic activities:
> Guest editor with S.Ossowski, G. Vouros, E. Onaindia /  Special Issue on Agreement Technologies, Information Systems Frontiers, Springer, 2014. 
> Program Chair with Eva Onaindia / 2nd Intl. Conf. on Agreement Technologies (AT 2013). Beijing, China, Aug. 1-2, 2013. Colocated with IJCAI 2013.  Proceedings published as LNCS/LNAI  (Springer Verlag). 
> PC Coordinator @ IJCAI 2015 (workshops) / Senior PC Member in IJCAI 2013 and IJCAI 2011 
> PC Member in PAAMS 2018 /  IDC 2017 /  IJCAI 2017 / TAFA 2017 / IDC 2017 /  IBERAMIA 2016 / ICEGOV 2016 / COMMA 2016 KR 2016AT 2015 / ICEGOV 2015 / TAFA 2015 / ICEGOV 2014 / ArgMAS 2014 /  ECAI 2014 / Iberamia 2014WL4AI @ IJCAI 2013 /  Rueda Seminar 2013AT2013 / ICEGOV 2013 / CAEPIA 2013 / ENC 2013 / CACIC 2013 / TAFA 2013 / ArgMAS 2013 /  AT 2012CLEI 2012 /  PRIMA 2012 /  SUM 2012 /  Iberamia 2012ArgMAS 2012 /  COMMA 2012 /  ECAI 2012 / KR 2012 /  AAMAS 2012 / BCI 2012 / ASAI 2012ASAI 2011TAFA 2011 / ECSQARU 2011 / AAMAS 2011 AAMAS 2010, / COMMA 2010 / NMR 2010 / SUM 2010 / ASAI 2010  ...
> Member of the Comisión Asesora de Informática y Comunicaciones  / CONICET (Argentinean Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation) for 2012, 2013 and 2014. 
>Co-organizer of  special Thematic Session on Intelligent Information Systems for Government Organizations at ICEGOV 2016 
(Montevideo, Uruguay, March 1-3, 2016), along with Edy Portmann (Univ.Bern, Switzerland).
> Leading LACCIR Project "DECIDE 2.0 - Intelligent Decision Making based on Social Media Use in e-Government through Context-Based Information Retrieval and Argumentation" during 2012-2014, together with Dr. Ramón Brena. Funded by Microsoft Research, IDB and CONACyT (Mexico).
> Researcher in the project PICT-2014-0624 "Combining Context-Based Search and Argumentation for Delivering Information in E-Gov Infraestructures". Funded by ANPCyT. Issued 2015-2017. 
Project leader: Dra. Ana Maguitman. 
> Participating as Project Evaluator for Research Calls from CONICET,  Agencia, and Catalan Agency for Research (Agaur) from 2011.
> Participating as Reviewer for IEEE Internet Computing, Artificial Intelligence Journal, Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multiagent SystemsKnowledge and Information Systems,Neurocomputing, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, among others.
> Argentinean representative @COST Action IC0801 on "Agreement Technologies" , European Science Foundation, 2008-2012. Supported by the EU RTD Framework Programme.

>  Member of Editorial Board of "Argumentation and Computation"  (IOS Press, Netherlands; indexed by Scopus) and "Computer Science and Information Systems (ComSIS)" (MPN, Serbia; indexed by Scopus & Science Citation Index)
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