The research of the InBiOS Lab, directed by Dr. Yih-Fan Chen (陳奕帆), is focused on the development of novel optical imaging, sensing, and manipulation techniques and biomedical instruments/devices that combine optics, nano/microfluidics, nanotechnology, and electronics for biomedical applications. We are particularly interested in creating innovative technologies and integrated optofluidic devices that enable rapid, sensitive, simple and low-cost point-of-care testing. Our research is inherently interdisciplinary and involves photonics, nanotechnology, chemistry, medicine, electronics, and biophysics. Some of our major research topics are listed on the research page.

陳奕帆博士帶領的生醫與光流體系統實驗室 (InBiOS) 專注於開發針對生醫應用的新穎光學感測、影像與操控技術,以及結合光學、微流體、奈米科技及電子電路的生醫儀器與元件。我們特別著重於開發可以提供快速、靈敏、簡單且便宜的隨身健康照護測試 (point of care testing, POCT) 的創新檢測科技與光流體 (optofluidic) 元件。我們的研究高度跨領域,涵蓋光學、奈米科技、化學、醫學、電子與生物物理。目前一些進行中的研究題目列於 research 網頁中。

Laboratory of Integrated Biomedical & Optofluidic Systems (InBiOS)