The trails in the area are the one public items that are shared by all area land owners. As such it would be appreciated if when using the area trails everyone would consider the condition that they leave the trails in. If you rut up the trail excessively it would be appreciated if you would at least make an attempt to fill your ruts this applies to usage during all seasons. This area of the web site will try to post trail conditions with the dates of the postings so that recreational land owners can find out if the trails are passable especially in the spring when the frost is coming out of the ground.

4/18/2019-Were now have spring breakup conditions on all local trials. Chase area residents request that all hauling of loads be postponed until the frost is out of the ground and the trails dry up. Also please forgo any unnecessary travel on our area trails as this is the time of year that our trails get most of their ruts etc. Thank you for complying with this request.


New Signs to be Installed

The picture show a sign that will be installed on the trail is 3 locations in hopes of encouraging users to protect the trail during the fragile breakup and high water times when the trail destroying ruts are formed. It also will advertise the website address where trail etiquette and conditions can be found. Check the dates of the conditions because updates are sporadic.

New Tractor

The tractor in the above picture is the one purchased by the revenue sharing grant to be used to work on the trails in the Chase area. Details of availability, requirements and costs for use on trails other than the main trail from the Talkeetna RR Bridge to mile 232 are yet to be worked out by the Chase Community Council.

Chase Trail Supervisors

The current Chase Trail Supervisors (from the RR Bridge to mile 232) are Donnie Billington, Kevin Foster and Mike Woods. A used tractor has been purchased for maintaining the trail and a grant was written for extensive work to be completed this summer on the trail.

The following statement is some of the history regarding the aforementioned trial.

Money was made available to construct a trail adjacent to the Rail Road tracks from just north of the Talkeetna RR Bridge to the mile 232 gravel pit RR crossing, but in order for the money to be granted for said trail a guarantee of future maintenance was required. The item was placed on a borough ballot and voted down but later resurrected placed on another ballot which passed. The funds for the maintenance are included as part of the land owner’s property tax and the Chase Trail Board of Supervisors was formed. Keep in mind this trail board is separate from the Chase Community Council and as such is not answerable to the council.

Parking Lot

Currently the parking lot at the terminus of the Chase Trail is the designated parking area for the Chase Residents. A parking pass is required for parking in this lot see the attached pass application at the bottom of the page. Also for further proof of residents a pass can be obtained from the CCC secretary Ruth Strong.

This parking lot is on record as being temporary until a more permanent parking situation is resolved, though there doesn’t appear to be any rush in resolving the issue as it has been several years since the Chase Parking lot next to the Talkeetna water supply was abandoned and residents were told to park in this lot temporarily till a permanent lot could be found.

RR Bridge

When purchasing an ATV, snow machine, trailer or sled for use in the Chase area make sure to measure it to be sure it will fit over the Talkeetna River rail road bridge walkway. Different areas of the bridge have slightly different widths but generally 44” is a good number to stay under.


The Chase trail supervisors have purchased two drags painted orange to be used for winter maintenance of the trail between the Talkeetna bridge and mile 232. All trail users are encouraged to hook up to these drags and drag the trail when going north or south.

It is permissible to also use these drags to groom the trails beyond 232 but only if the drags are returned to the main trail in a timely manner.