Charlotte Hall Counselling
Accredited BACP Member,
BTEC Professional Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Individuals, Couples, Young People (11 years upwards)


"It can be quite daunting visiting a therapist, but Charlotte makes you feel safe from the first moment, with a natural air of serenity and wisdom she is both unconditional and non judgemental. Charlotte has the ability to delve into your past to help you understand your present. There are times that the really emotional sessions can feel completely draining, but once you walk out the door you feel like the weight of the world has been lifted.

I cannot recommend Charlotte enough.” EA

"I would recommend Charlotte Hall Counselling to anyone wanting to reach out for help dealing with their inner problems. Charlotte provides a calm, comfortable, safe and supportive space to talk. Over the past few months, I have unpacked various issues with Charlotte; she listens carefully and has a knack of synthesising the essence of the matter, providing a new way of looking at it, a considered approach to tackling it, or a clearer way forward." HE

“Charlotte Hall is a wonderful counsellor. Her careful, calm and caring manner is very reassuring. I was heartened by how often she focussed on and identified the crux of an issue and how useful her well-reasoned advice was. Her kind understanding provided the positive support I needed to cope. I am certain her help was key to my recovery and that she could do the same for you”. MIKE

"Having recently visited Charlotte, I feel I must write to say how impressed I was with her counselling abilities. She has good empathic and understanding skills and has helped me understand the actions and the possible motives of people who caused me distress when I was too young to understand properly. She has an excellent grasp of psychological explanations and can discuss these so you can understand the thinking behind it. At the end of the sessions I felt that I had discussed and addressed some issues that had troubled me and felt I had a better understanding of how I cope with things and new coping strateges for when I am stressed. I heartily recommend anyone who is struggling to cope with day to day stressors to visit Charlotte as they will feel much better afterwards."

"It was a big step deciding to see a therapist but from the beginning, Charlotte was warm and friendly. It was a huge relief to talk to someone neutral without feeling judged. As the sessions have progressed, Charlotte has helped me begin to understand a little more about my past, my feelings and behaviour. I feel now I can move forward with my life slowly developing skills to deal with things in a better way."

"I have found my counselling sessions with Charlotte very beneficial, talking to someone who is completely impartial and unbiased has been very therapeutic. Her thoughts have enabled me to look at things from a different viewpoint, and start to move on. Never having had counselling before I was surprised at how much easier it was to talk to someone I didn’t know, and feel it has been a really positive experience."

"I have found talking to Charlotte over the 8 weeks very helpful. I do feel so much more positive about myself and things I have to face.I'm not superwoman, I am me, and I need to relax and take things in my stride, step-by-step, day-by-day. Thanks to Charlotte I feel that this is achievable with minimum stress."

"Having never attended counselling of any sort before my fears were allayed during my first session. I found subsequent sessions challenging yet calming and strangely satisfying due in no small part to Charlotte being able to perceive my mood swings from week to week. The whole experience has been a revelation from which I have taken many positives."

"I first consulted Charlotte a few years ago. I was immediately struck by her quiet confidence and air of integrity. Her intuitive questioning has always led me to find my way forward. Rarely has actual advice been given, but a solution drawn from oneself is always the most effective. If no immediate answer is apparent, the step by step pattern of meetings (evolving not pre-determined) is extremely helpful. For anyone struggling with seemingly intractable problems, I really do recommend counselling. It is not an 'easy way out': one has to work hard, but the tangles do get unravelled. Charlotte's guidance through the 'mire' has been invaluable to me. Her memory of detail recounted in previous meetings, particularly the names of people important in one's life, is reassuring. I have always appreciated her obvious wish to help, and her instinctive understanding of many-faceted difficulties. Once you have decided that counselling may well help, I recommend Charlotte unreservedly."