Greetings Tiger Families!

Did you know that North Carolina ranks 37th in the nation for teacher pay and 39th in the nation for per-pupil spending?   What does that mean?

It means that our teachers often don't have adequate funding to purchase all the instructional materials that they wish they could purchase to enrich their classrooms. 

It means that the English department's funds can cover the purchase of new copies of "To Kill A Mockingbird" but may not stretch to cover tissues and dry erase markers.

It means that underpaid teachers have to consider spending out of their own pockets for classroom supplies like pens, pencils and notebooks that some of their students can't bring from home. means that the role of the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) at high school is more important than ever.

The Chapel Hill High School PTSA raises money through parent and community donations as well as occasional fundraisers.  That money flows directly back to the teachers and students in the form of:

  • $100 in discretionary spending for each teacher for instructional materials
  • $500 in discretionary spending for each academic department
  • A well stocked teacher Classroom Supply Closet with items like tissues, markers, pencils, hand sanitizer, etc
  • Financial support for staff professional development and student clubs
  • Hospitality and appreciation events for teachers and students
  • Scholarships for graduating seniors continuing on to community college
  • Support for adolescent mental health initiatives during the school day 

In addition to putting financial contributions to important use in the school, the CHHS PTSA communicates weekly with students. staff and families about school events and activities and is playing an important role in that regard during the next two years of construction at the school.  We also post updates regularly on our Facebook page so please like our page.

To make Chapel Hill High School the best it can be, we need parent and student support.  Every donation makes an impact.  Please click here to help us support this wonderful school community.

All the best, 

Kirsten, Laura, Kimberlee, Tammie and Maryn 

PTSA Executive Board 2018-19