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20 Dec
  • Bought another compact USB LED table lamp with bendable arm at HK$8 from My House Clearance.
  • Bought another two bicycle LED light at HK$5x2 from HK Maxco. One was white,and the other was yellow. These two used CR2032 as batteries.
  • Bought two plastic reflective bands at HK$12 from Aeon Living Plaza in SSP. It's intended for use with a walking stick.
08 Dec
  • Bought two 5mm white super-bridge LEDs at HK$1x2 from Cheong Kee Elect.
  • Bought a compact USB LED table lamp with bendable arm at HK$8 from My House Clearance.
  • Bought a set of dust covers for iPhone holes at HK$9 from another nameless shop.
  • Bought two bicycle back LED light (each with two AG10 batteries) at HK$10 from HK Maxco. One was white, one was red. The light had 3 modes: fast flash, slow flash, always on.
26 Oct
  • Bought following two 3.5 inch internal hard disks from Centralfield:
    • Toshiba DT01ACA200 2TB (SATA3,7200rpm,64M) at HK$477. Warranty: Xander, 2 years.
    • Toshiba MD04ACA400 4TB (SATA3,7200rpm,128M) at HK$835. Warranty: A-Level, 2 years.
  • Added the 2TB Toshiba hard disk to the HP Envy H9 PC. The chassis design didn't expect a straight SATA data connector at the hard disk end, but a right-angled one.
23 Oct
  • Two new MTR stations, Ho Man Tin and Whampao, were opended today. It took about 9 minutes to walk from my home to Whampao MTR station, then 12 minutes to reach Sham Shui Po with fare $6.7. It took about 8 minutes for the train to travel from Sham Shui Po to Ho Man Tin with fare $4.7, then 2 minutes to reach G/F from the platform. Hiked 16 minutes from Ho Man Tin MTR station to reach home. In both trips, needed to wait about 8 minutes for a train.
  • Bought Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD 480G from Comdex at HK$1620.
19 Sep
  • The pad of the green 3M Gel Wrist Rest leaked with really sticky substance (silicone oil?) through a hole on its surface. The pad was discarded.
07 Aug
  • Bought Sandisk Ultra 8G SDHC Card at HK$39 from Hunter Computer.
04 Aug
  • Placed order for a HP 75 cartridge at HK$133 from Wellent.
  • The Print-Rite C3906F toner cartridge of the HP Laserjet 5L made loud noise suddenly when printing a test page. A corner of the plastic front panel of the 5L printer was also shattered. Time to dump this printer?
26 Jul
  • Bought Toshiba U202 16G USB Flash Drive at HK$48 from Hunter (cantonese: Hang Tat) Computer.
22 Jul
  • Bought USB extension cable (package tightly sealed in plastic) at HK$15 from Hunter Computer.
17 Jul
  • Bought a right-angel 2.5mm to 3.5mm male-to-female converter cable at HK$10 from Wah Luen.
06 Jun
  • The refilled HP 75 cartridge lost its yellow color when printing a test page. Refilled yellow ink again at HK$30, but it still didn't quite print.
02 Jun
  • The Sapphire Radeon 6850 malfunctioned in the Gigabyte GA-MA785GPM-UD2H PC. Even the BIOS screen could not be displayed properly and after Windows 7 loaded, monitor complained about "Out Of Range". Replaced it with the old Radeon 4850 (DuOrb cooler). BTW, lots of dust inside that PC's chassis (HP m1148hk).
  • Increased the latency of the Adata Premiere DDR3-1333@1600Mhz from CL10 to CL11, as Window$ still crashed sometimes. It seemed that these memory modules could not take voltage higher than 1.525V.
21 May
  • Win 10 crashed a few times. Memory diagnostics failed in 2nd pass. Increased the overclocked latency of Adata Premiere DDR3-1333 from CL9 to CL10. Still using 1.5V and running 1600MHz.
17 May
  • Overclocking the Adata Premiere DDR3-1333 to 1600MHz, CL9 at 1.5V.
  • Bought two pcs of Corsair DDR3L-1600 (CL10, 1.35V) at HK$260 each from Comdex.
  • Bought USB 3.0 right-angel connector at HK20 from Wah Luen.
08 May
  • Unable to power on both the Asus M2N-E and the Asrock 775i65G motherboards.
  • The LCD display of the JVC UX-2000GD turned a bit dark.
07 Apr
  • Collected a HP wireless keyboard (P/N: 697345-AB1) and mouse (P/N: 687236-001) from my sister. Required a wireless receiver (P/N: 687236-001), and powered by two AAA and two AA batteries respectively (included). Bundled with the HP Envy H9, but my sister switched to Micro$oft ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Interestingly, the mouse got a power switch but not the keyboard. Both got a blue CONNECT button. Unlike Logitech's Harmony which is really small, the receiver was about 1.5 inches long.
28 Mar
  • Discovered the public TV antennae system of my building remapped 802Mhz to 594MHz, which was broadcasting RTHK's three TV channels.
  • The Magic-Pro ProHDTV Mini 2 could use the driver of Mygica D690.
24 Mar
  • Bought Miniso alarm clock with date, temperature and humidity display (color: white) at HK$45 from Miniso. It got white LED backlit that could be turned on or off. Not that accurate when compared to the outdoor weather report from Hong Kong Observatory, but it's meant for indoor use. And I closed all windows. This gadget required two AAA batteries to operate.
03 Mar
  • Replaced the CR2032 battery of Asus M3N78-PRO.
02 Mar
  • Took the Altec Lansing 2100 subwoofer to a staircase shop called Victory (tel: 23633921) that repaired TVs and AV equipments. He found that the white glue near the connector panel had become conductive after so many years and corroded some traces on the circuit board. The white plug and the thin red wire inside (for the remote control) were also damaged. Charged me HK$200 for the one-hour repair.
01 Mar
  • Replaced the CR2032 battery of Asus M5A99X EVO.
15 Feb
  • Bought Toshiba Canvio Connect II 2TB external hard disk (color: red) at HK$670 from Comdex. Warranty was provided by Pro Link.
  • Bought USB to 3.5mm and Mini-USB cable at HK$15 from Fine-Up.
  • A 64G USB 3.0 Flash Drive could be as cheap as HK$110! Not sure about its actual data transfer rate.
  • Hiked from Sham Shui Po to Hung Hom after buying above items. Bought a bottle of Hobby Color Thinner (aqueous, 400 ml) at HK$45.6 froM UML when I passed Mong Kok. It's used to paint my plastic models.
  • The Canvio Connect II external hard disk had a Toshiba MQ01UBB200 inside, 5400 RPM. Enclosure was plastic. Temperature reached 52 degree Celsius (room temperature around 20C) when operating (reported by CrystalDiskInfo). To reduce the temperature by about 5 degrees, expose the two fat sides to air.
13 Feb
  • Damaged the front panel of the old HP LaserJet 5L. The plastic was too brittle after so many years of use....


24 Dec
  • Overclocking the AMD FX-6300 to 4GHz at Vcore 1.2V!
20 Dec
  • Bought Gelid PCI-Slot brackets with removable filters (3 pcs) at HK$35 from Fine-Up.
10 Dec
  • The old Unitek internal card reader was causing KernelPnP errors in WinServer 2012R2. Removed it from the system.
  • The Aerotek AE-6120 PCIe USB 3.0 adapter never worked correctly, even with latest driver. And one of the port in the USB 3.0 bracket was not working. I really suspected that Jumbo gave me a broken pair in the very beginning.
27 Nov
  • Refilled the HP 75 ink cartridge at HK$50 by Tak Lei. All 3 colors worked perfectly.
25 Nov
  • Bought E-Blue Mazer RX M616 Gaming Mouse at HK$239 from Wonderfuland: 4 DPIs(500:off/1200:red/1800:blue/2400:purple), polling rate 250/500Hz, 10 million clicks, 6 buttons, and blue illumination.
21 Nov
  • Suspected a paper jam damaged the printing heads of HP75 3-color ink cartridge of the HP PhotoSmart C4353. Should not have used thin papers. But then the HP 75 cartridge was nearly empty.
13 Nov
  • Clean installed Fedora 23 Server Spin using the 64-bit ISO inside Hyper-V. Default filesystem for root partition was XFS.
07 Nov
  • Bought Magic-Pro ProHDTV Mini 2 at HK$280 from Jumbo. With default drivers, unable to use the old SwitchDMBTool and hence JustRadio with it. But MagicRadio was better than JustRadio in all aspects.
06 Nov
  • Upgraded the firmware of Asus RT-N18U from to and finally to It seemed that the router now supports Android phone tethering and 3G/4G modems at USB ports.
  • Web Protection of Avira Antivir filtered the Javascript codes of Asus RT-N18U's web interface! Needed to disable it first!
23 Oct
  • Bought DIYForce Dust Shield at HK$35 from A-Shop.
  • Bought CE-Link DisplayPort to DisplayPort (2 meters, male-to-male) cable at HK$78 from Fine-Up.
  • Bought Datalab GDCKF-TV-6 3D HDTV antenna cable (6-feet, right-angel type-F male to TV male) at HK$32 from Wang Yip Tools.
19 Oct
  • Dell U2515H delivered. Manufactured Date printed Sep 2015.
  • Tested Dell U2515H's mini-DP and two HDMI ports. Monitor came with only a mini-DP to DP, and it worked. The monitor stand was spring-loaded, so that the monitor had to be mounted to adjust its height. No light bleeding or yellow tints were noticed. No dead or bright pixel were found.
  • The monitor's white was really bright, needed to reduce brightness:contrast from 50:50 to 25:25. However, the color would be too dim when wathcing movies. The white was definitely not as tainted as the Philips 220WS8.
  • At about 2 feet from the monitor, I needed to move my head to look at the edges of the monitor. Maybe it's a good for my eyes and neck.
  • The native resolution of Dell 2515H is 2560x1440. Needed up-scaled the text 150% for my old eyes to see it clearly. The bigger desktop definitely allowed more windows displayed.
  • Dell U2515H uses a touch-sensitive control panel. There is also a Dell Display Manager to change its settings from Window$. The Display Manager also offered a way to arrange opened windows.
14 Oct
  • Spent HK$30 to refill an HP 74 ink cartrige. Though ink came out of the head during the refilling process, the cartridge still failed to print. The circuit board inside it was possibly dead (or expired?).
  • Bought a new HP 74 ink cartridge from Hunder Computer at HK$110.The box printed "Warranty ends DEC 2016".
13 Oct
  •  Ordered a Dell UltraSharp U2515H AH-IPS monitor from Dell at HK$2399.
08 Oct
  • Some suggested the following additional steps to prevent Windows 10 from being installed:
    taskkill /f /im GWX.exe
    taskkill /f /im GWXUX.exe
    cd/d C:\Windows\System32
    takeown /f GWX
    cacls GWX /e /g everyone:f
    rd/q/s GWX
  • KB2952664 was also found to be related to Windows 10 upgrade, in addition to KB3035583!
07 Sep
  • Installed the older SanDisk Extreme II 120G SSD into the Asrock E350M1 server PC using the Adata bracket. Attempted to clone the WinServer 2012R2 OS partition onto the SSD using Linux's dd, but failed miserably and wasted hours of time. In the end, WinServer 2012R2 Essential was reinstalled from scratch from USB (using Rufus), and it didn't take much time.
06 Sep
  • Bought an Adata 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch SSD bracket at HK$20 from a shop in New Golden.
  • Bought 3 plastic dust covers (3.5mm, mini-USB, eSATA) from Orico specialty shop at HK$10.
  • Bought FujiMax 16G 3-in-1 Micro-SD card at HK$40 from Fine-Up.
30 Aug
  • Downloaded AS SSD Mark 1.8.5636.37293 and re-ran the test. Sandisk Extreme Pro scored 763.
29 Aug
  • Re-installed Windows 8.1 using the Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD. First attempt failed with an error 0x80300024. Needed to let the installer to partition the SSD from scratch to get it going.
  • The Win 8.1 installer recommended me to upgrade to Win 10, but I chose to do it later. KB3035583 was removed later to prevent it from asking again.
  • This Sandisk Extreme Pro scored only 563 in SSD Mark under Win 8.1. Why was it lower than Extreme II?
26 Aug
  • Bought Sandisk Extreme Pro 240G SSD from CentralField at HK$990.
15 Aug
  • Bought from Hang Fai Digital: Mega Technology 30-pin to Lightning at HK$25; Lightning to 30-pin at HK$15.
26 Jul
  • Replaced the 40mm stock fan in Asrock E350M1 with the Gelid one. The stock fan Everflow R124010DL (3.59CFM, 5000RPM) was making noise when spinning. Amazon quoted a price of US$20 (date unknown)!!!
24 Jul
  • Bought Gelid Silent 40mm fan (4.5CFM, 4200RPM, 1.5mmAq, Hydro-Dynamic bearing, 3-year warranty) at HK$28 from Centralfield. It got a cable length of 45cm!
11 Jul
  • Opened the Antec EA-380, and cleaned the dust inside. Discovered a bulging capacitor, and a fallen piece of transparent plastic sheet. Re-attached the plastic sheet to the opamp heat-sink using heat-melt adhesive.
08 Jul
  • The Asrock E350M1 PC shutdown itself nearly 6 times within hours. Event log of WinServer 2012R2 Essential showed multiple entries of storahci and strange CDROM problems. Replaced the Antec EA-380 power supply in the PC with Antec EA-430D.
07 Jul
  • Bought a 28mm diameter, 25mm long iron pipe at HK$10 from Yau Shing. It's again used to repair the Victory 602C chair.
29 Jun
  • Bought two pieces of 10cm long & 3cm wide L-shaped aluminium angle at HK$9 from Yau Shing. They were used to repair the broken Victory 602C computer chair.
  • Mother used the rough faces of a knife sharpening stone and a metal clipper to smooth the edges of the aluminium angle.
28 Jun
  • Replaced the LR41 battery of the $10 Concord digital watch.
26 Jun
  • Accidentally pour some tea into the IBM keyboard when using my left hand to pick up the cup. Took the chance to clean the inside of the keyboard. Found dust, hair, paper scraps....
17 Jun
  • Moved the AMD Athlon II X2 245 from Gigabyte MA785GPM-UD2SH to Asus M3N78-PRO together with its stock heatsink fan.
  • Installed AMD 910e into Gigabyte MA785GPM-UD2SH, using CoolerMaster Vortex 752 heatsink and the 92mm fan from DeepCool IceEdge 400FS. Overclocking it to 3 GHz by adding 0.05V to Vcore, setting NB Ratio to 240, and reducing DDR2 clock to 667MHz.
14 Jun
  • Retested the speed of the Akasa FlexStor DiskLink using the newly bought Toshiba 2TB hard disk and a 5 Gbytes file. Win 8.1 drag-and-drop reported over 130 MB/s, but to do so needed to plug the USB 3.0 cable into the PC AFTER powering it on using its power cable. Otherwise, transfer rate could be reduced to only 40 MB/s.
  • The transfer rate of the Philips SDE5170VC with a 2TB hard disk could also reach over 100 MB/s.
  • Replaced the failing Hitachi HDS721010DLE630 1TB hard disk with the newly bought Toshiba 2TB. Data copied using robocopy.exe.
13 Jun
  • Testing the Akasa FlexStor DiskLink using an old Seagate 250G hard disk. Data transfer rate (reported by Win 8.1 drag-and-drop) reached 66 MB/s using USB 3.0; USB 2.0, 17.5 MB/s; Century CROSU2 eSATA mode, 45 MB/s. FlexStor's AC-DC Switching Adaptor has an output of 12V, 2A, and it reported itself as "ASMT1051".
12 Jun
  • Bought Akasa FlexStor DiskLink at HK$160 from Suntek Computer.
  • Bought Toshiba DT01ACA200 2TB hard disa (3.5-inch, 7200RPM, 64M cache) at HK$485 from CentralField.
28 May
  • The Hitachi HDS721010DLE630 1TB hard disk did NOT show up in the BIOS booting screen! Needed to reset once to fix it.Its Reallocated Sector Count reached 0xD3; Relocation Event Count, 0x109. Expecting a total failure?
11 May
  • Noticed that the label on the motor of CoolerMaster JetFlo 120 wrote "A12025-20RB-4BP-F1", which was exactly the same as the label on Sickle Flow X. Only the current specification was different, 0.47A vs 0.32A! How could I be sure that I didn't bought the old model without opening the box?
  • I phoned JetFlo's distributor RTL. The person-in-charge said they didn't know about this as well. They did check my carton box and the appearance of the fan.
09 May
  • Bought CoolerMaster JetFlo 120 (red LED, PWM, 2000RPM, 95CFM, 2.72mmH2O) at HK$98 from SunTek Computer. It came with two silent-mode adaptors (one 3-pin, one 4-pin), and it's quite heavy.
  • Bought Super OF-121 optical cable (5 meters) from Wing Shun at HK$85.
  • Successfully connected the optical output of Asus Xonar Essence STX to the optical input of Denon D-M39DABBK! One interesting thing: with the SPDIF output enabled, both the RCA output and the optical output could have sound! Would this enable surround sound? No, it's just a pass-through.
30 Apr
  • Collected Denon D-M39D0ABBK with speakers SC-M39 as two cartons from Fortress. Taken back to home via green mini-bus number 2A.
26 Apr
  • Ordered Denon D-M39DABBK from Fortress@Whampao at HK$3100.
04 Apr
  • Sister bought two Toshiba Canvio Connect USB 3.0 external hard disks (1TB, HK$490; 2TB, HK$805) from Hang Fung Computer Technology.
16 Mar
  • Bought 5.25" to 3.5" hard disk mount at HK$28 from Well Birch Computer (New Golden).
14 Mar
  • The Scene-Fit card reader could no longer work reliably.
07 Mar
  • Found that in order to use all 4 DDR2 RAM slots of the Asus M2N-E, I needed to manually enable Ganged Mode in BIOS (which meant dual-channel). "Auto" would not work. Now M2N-E could have 2x1+2x2=6G of A-Data DDR2-800 RAM (pink heatsink).
  • Overclocking the AMD X2 7750BE in M2N-E at 3GHz (Cool-n-Quiet disabled; multiplier increased from 13.5x to 15; Vcore increased from 1.35V to 1.4G).
  • After playing the fans in the GTR G400 chassis, found the following fan configuration that kept FX-6300@4GHz and R9 285 at around 50 degree Celsius (room temperature 18C) for average gaming. Setting all fans profile "Turbo" might reduce the temperature further.
    • Front panel: XigmaTek 12cm fan blowing in
    • Back panel: CoolerMaster 12cm fan from Hyper 212X blowing out
    • Side panel: CoolerMaster 12cm fan blowing out
    • DeepCool CPU heatsink using two 92mm fans blowing top-ward
    • A sheet of card-paper at the upper fan of the DeepCool heatsink stopping air from reaching the front panel
03 Mar
  • Bought CoolerMaster Hyper 212X at HK$258 from Capital Computer. Max. performance of its fan is 2000 RPM, 82.9 CFM. Product dimensions is 120x79x158mm. It could support 2 12cm fans.
02 Mar
  • Swapped the 92mm fan of the CoolerMaster Vortex 752 with the one in DeepCool IceEdge 400FS. Spec. of DeepCool's fan: 2000 RPM, 36 CFM; Vortex 752's fan: 2200 RPM, 51 CFM.
01 Mar
  • After giving a push on the CMOS settings chip, the power-on problem of the Asus M2N-E went away. Also needed to replace its CMOS battery (CR2032).
  • Gave a blue super-bright LED to the old Patriot chassis, for use as HDD LED.
27 Feb
  • Started testing the Antec TP-450C. It drew about 8W more than the Antec EA-380. Seemed that a 80-Plus Gold standard would mean more power consumption.
  • The Reallocated Sector Count for the Hitachi 1TB hard disk reached 0xC9.
  • Attached another 9cm fan to the DeepCool CPU cooler.
25 Feb
  • Successfully powered on the Asus M2N-E using the Antec EarthWatts 430D. For serveral times, the motherboard turned off itself after powered on about 5 seconds.
  • By surrendering the failed Antec EarthWatts EA-380, bought Antec TP-450C TruePower Classsic 450W (80-Plus Gold) at HK$590 with a discount of HK$100 from Comdex.
23 Feb
  • Installed the Sapphire Radeon 6850 into the Gigabyte MA785GPM-UD2SH PC. 3dMark06 scored 12025 (SM2.0 5K, HDR 7K, CPU 2245).
17 Feb
  • Unable to power on the Asus M2N-E using the Antec SmartPower II!
15 Feb
  • AMD FX-6300 @ 4Ghz with Sapphire Radeon R9 285 scored 20226 (SM 2.0 score: 7129, HDR/SM 3.0 score: 10322, CPU score: 5722).
13 Feb
  • AMD FX-6300 @ 4Ghz with Sapphire Radeon 6850 scored 18855 (SM 2.0 score: 7281, HDR/SM 3.0 score: 8706, CPU score: 5714).
  • Bought the following from Comdex:
    • Toshiba DT01ACA200 3.5" 2TB hard disk at HK$535. The packing didn't even have soft cushions!
    • Sapphire Dual-X R9 285 at HK$1890, distributed by Felton.
  • The box of the Sapphire seemed to have been opened before. According to Sapphire's website, the SKU package of the card should include a HDMI cable, which was missing in my package. Sapphire's office receptionist said they might not talk to customers directly, and did not mention Felton when giving the list of official distributors in Hong Kong. And Felton said the package did not include a HDMI cable.
18 Jan
  • Started overclocking the AMD FX6300 to 4GHz (multiplier=20) at Vcore 1.3V!


24 Dec
  • Bought Antec SP1 Bluetooth speaker (color green) at a discounted price of HK$139 from HKEPC A-Shop and an Antec 4G USB  flash drive by paying HK$1 more.
09 Dec
  • Given away the MagicTV MTV3000 to a HKEPC user. The MTV3000 could be powered on again using the power supply from Century SATA stand (DC 12V), but it froze after a few minutes, possibly due to overheating (fan failure?).
07 Dec
  • Bought a 2-pin CEE7(XV1) to 3-pin BS-1363 Converter Plug (fused) at HK$18 from JHC.
  • Connected the JVC UX-2000GD Micro Component System to my desktop PC to act as 2.0 speakers.
03 Dec
  • After a day of being turned off, the Altec Lansing 2100 could be powered on and off a few times before failing again.
01 Dec
  • The Altec Lansing 2100 suddenly malfunctioned after watching a movie. It then could not be powered on after being turned off. Not sure whether it's only the wired remote failed.
18 Nov
  • Activated the free 100G Asus WebStorage. The 100G storage would expire after 1 year! After that, only 5G might remain free.
16 Nov
  • The memory controller in AMD FX CPUs supports DDR3 only, so the Gigabyte MA785GPM-UD2H, which uses DDR2 RAM slots, would never support them.
  • The Mygica X8558 Pro caused a system crash when it was used by DVBViewer Pro to scan for HDTV channels in Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise. The driver of Magic-Pro ProHDTV 3 could be installed only after disabling Driver Signing in Win10.
13 Nov
  • Bought Radeon RAMdisk Standard Edition at HK$80.31 via AMD's online store.
  • Had reduced transmission power of Asus RT-N18U to 10%. No problem so far. Overall, Asus RT-N18U had better downloading speed than D-Link's cheap DIR-600, and could handle a lot more connections. It could use USB flash drive as storage for its Download Master, which supports FTP, BitTorrent and NNTP NZB.
30 Oct
  • Set up the Asus RT-N18U, updated its firmware to (OpenSSL issue). No problem so far. I used 2 of the 3 antennae only, and reduced radio transmission power to 25%.
29 Oct
  • Bought Asus RT-N18U at HK$650 from eeio Limited!
  • Had been underclocking the AMD FX-6300 CPU at 3GHz with a Vcore 0.95V for weeks. Turbo-core and some other power-saving features were disabled.
27 Oct
  • nvlddmkm still reported errors. Disabling Link State Power Management of the PCI Express in Power Options...
24 Oct
  • The Nvidia driver errors were caused by a bad SETI@Home (Astropulses) work-unit in BOINC. Aborting the work-unit fixed the problem. Anyway, BOINC reported that the latest 340.xx series of drivers affected its use of CUDA cores.
  • BTW, the noise from the heatsink fan of 8600GT sounded like hard disk's click-of-death!
21 Oct
  • Swept the dust inside the chassis of HP m9088hk, including the CoolerMaster CPU heaksink fan and the Asus GeForce 8600GT GPU. The fan of 8600GT was noisy, and the Nvidia driver (nvlddmkm) was reporting recoverable errors.
08 Sep
  • Successfully booted the Asus M2N-E via the Antec EA-430D power supply. Last attempt failed because some output wires of the EA-430D (other than the 24-pin and 4-pin CPU plugs) were connected to another motherboard.
03 Sep
  • Successfully booted up the M2N-E using the older Antec TruePower II 550EPS12V power supply. Needed to find out why EA-430D failed to do so.
02 Sep
  • Bought a new inner port for a Tiger JNP-1000 rice-cooker at HK$160.
  • Unable to boot up the M2N-E, using Antec EA-430D as power supply. The motherboard switched off itself 3 seconds after being powered on.
01 Sep
  • Installed the AMD 910e into the M3N78PRO motherboard. System booted up fine without error. Also Win7 was loaded without error.
31 Aug
  • Accidentally pulled the AMD 910e CPU without unlocking it from the AM3+ socket while rotating the heatsink fan on top of it. The thermal grease was so dry that the CPU was stuck tigthly to the heatsink. About 10 pins on the 910e were bent, but I seemed to have fixed them using a sharp pointed tweezer and a magnifying glass.
  • Installed the AMD FX-6300 into the M5A99X EVO motherboard. The AM3+ socket was unharmed by the bad attempt to unplug the AMD 910e.
  • 3DMark06 scores for the system increased from 16792(SM2:6K, SM3:8K, CPU:4533) for 910e@3GHz to 18244(SM2:7K, SM3:9K, CPU:5K) for FX-6300.
  • AMD planned to release a new low-power CPU FX-8370E (4.1GHz, 95W) at about USD189! Like the older FX-8300, not sure about its availability in Hong Kong.
29 Aug
  • Re-assembled a 13A power bar with wires to the terminals that were too long.
  • Bought AMD FX-6300 at HK$855 from Comdex.
  • Bought two green RJ45 post-assambly boot at HK$1.5x2 from Intellitech.
  • Bought LifeKeys screen protector film for iPhone 5 (anti-glare) at HK$10 from clearance sales in Golden.
  • Bought Taro Water Swirel Aerator (with 22mm-to-24mm adapter, save water by 30%) at HK22 from Kin Cheong.
  • It seemed that my ISP HKBN didn't give me a good RJ45 plug (not AMP?) for the WAN connection to my router.
25 Aug
  • Updated the firmware of DIR-600 to version 2.17B02! Configured the router to use Google DNS servers (, as well.
24 Aug
  • Replaced the two RJ45 plugs of a LAN cable with AMP ones. The AMP plugs could be plugged in more tightly into the RJ45 ports of the D-Link DIR-600 routers.
23 Aug
  • User said the HDMI connection of her HP Envy H9 failed. Fallen back to D-Sub VGA connection. The HDMI cable was not the cause of the problem.
18 Aug
  • Bought Avantree Bluetooth 4.0 Micro-USB Dongle from JMS Pro Shop at HK$65.
11 Aug
  • Bought d.qual DQB-450 Powerware 5000 Freedom (2x2500mAh) from HKEPC A-Shop at HK$99 via group buying. The battery had a life of about 600 cycles, supported Qi wireless charging and had a white LED torch. It monitored the output USB ports' current to automatically turn off itself, which meant it would not work continuously when the output current was too low. An on-off switch might be a better design.
04 Aug
  • The $23 headset to PC adapter did NOT work at all. Only one channel was heard with its headphone portion.
23 Jul
  • The Olevia STB could use USB flash drive as recording device. It created a folder named "Record_Video" to store the recordings, with file extension "MPG".
20 Jul
  • The HK$18 HDMI cable bought yesterday did not work.
  • Opened up the iMation DVR-6005 DMB-TH TV recorder I salvaged from my sister's home. Found a Hitachi HDS721050CLA362 500G hard disk (dated Jun 2010) that could be accessed by Window$ after being removed from the system unit. Recording was stored as *.TRP files, inside a FAT32 partition.
  • Installed an old Hitachi 160G hard disk in place of the 500G hard disk into the DVR-6005 unit. A factory reset was needed (password "0000") to format the hard disk.
  • The circuit board of the DVR-6005 got two LGS 8G52-A1 chips, and a Toshiba MS-ME198407 module. The CPU got a black heatsink, so I was unable to see its name.
18 Jul
  • Bought a 2.1mm DC plug at HK$3 from Wang Yip
  • Bought a Tanaka 4-way TV signal splitter at HK$28 from Tai Cheong Electrical.
  • Bought a 1-meter HDMI cable at HK$18 from Comdex clearance sales
  • Bought AirMobi i-Travel at HK$279 from Comdex
  • Bought a Scheider 6-socket power bar at HK$78 and a KUMO 2-meter HDMI cable at HK$40 from Wing Shun.
  • Bought a headset plug to mic+headphone (PC) adaptor at HK$23 from Golden 32.
16 Jul
  • Bought a 1m HDMI cable (male-to-male) at HK$44 from Wonderfuland.
15 Jul
  • Took the Olevia ZMT-620FTA HDTV set-top box to Olevia's Customer Service Centre. The remote control was definitely dead. But the technician claimed that the circuit board was also dead because there was no TV signal. He DID NOT re-scan all channels. Anyway, I paid $300 to replace both of them and received 3-month warranty (needed invoice). The new remote control was a bit different from the old one. At least, it got the Olevia logo, unlike the old one!
12 Jul
  • Bought a Nexcleans stretchable duster (color: cyan) for computer keyboards (made in Taiwan) at HK$14.9 from JHC.
11 Jul
  • Bought a new remote control (RRMCGA564WJSA) for an old Sharp Aquos LC-32PX5H TV at HK$160 from Sharp-Roxy Customer Service Centre.
  • Bought 5 more Nexcleans stretchable dusters (color: red) for computer devices at HK$14.9 each from JHC.
15 Jun
  • Bought D-Link DWA-131 802.11n USB adaptor at HK$169 from Comdex. Later found a shop that sold it at HK$20 less... :)
  • Bought a 1-in-2-out TV splitter at HK$15 from Kin Cheong. Now I could connect 3 TV cables to the HDTV server.
12 Jun
  • Bought a Nexcleans stretchable duster (color: cyan) for computer devices (made in Taiwan) at HK$14.9 from JHC.
03 Jun
  • Bought 10x AAA alkaline batteries at HK$13.9 from Ikea.
  • Bought Oleby 1.5V AA battery clamp spotlight at HK$10 from Ikea.
30 May
  • Accidentally bent and cracked the BD-401 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle while retracting my foot away from the PC!
17 May
  • Bought a pair of gloves at HK$12 from Aeon Living Plaza. This pair was not coated with rubber.
16 May
  • Father found me two pieces of L-shaped steel bar (3-inch by 1-inch), which was bounded to the elevation axile of the old computer chair to lock it at its highest position.
01 May
  • The old computer chair could no longer maintain its highest position. The chair could still bounce back to its highest position, just that it sank when I sit on it.
24 Apr
  • The failing Antec EA-380 power supply could no longer be switched on the normal way. The other EA-380 also showed similar signs of failing as the first one.
17 Apr
  • After clearing its CMOS and re-installing all 4 pcs of DDR2-667 RAM, the M3N78-PRO was back to life.
  • The bracket of the Aerotek USB 3.0 adaptor sometimes caused PCIe connection problem. Needed to be a bit loose when screwing the card into the back panel of the chassis.
14 Apr
  • Tested the HDMI port of the Asus M3N78-PRO motherboard using the HDMI cable bought yesterday. It worked fine with the Panasonic HDTV after tweaking the desktop size of the built-in GT 8300 GPU using Nvidia Control Panel. However, in the process of playing MAME games at 1920x1080 mode, the Win 7 blue-screened with video memory error and the M3N78-PRO could no longer boot. Let's hope the heat of the built-in GPU didn't fry the chipset....
13 Apr
  • Bought MaxLink HDMI cable (1.8m) at HK$50 from Wonderfuland.
11 Apr
  • Price of Sandisk Extreme II 128G SSD had fallen to HK$790. Plextor rolled out new SSD M6S; Adata, SP920!
  • Bought Amytel AB-3128 All-In-One Clock Radio at HK$268 from Fine-up. Features: one 1A USB port for charging, FM radio, Bluetooth, white LED clock, dual alarms! Device uses DC 5V as power... so I could modify a USB cable to make the device work from portable battery?
06 Apr
  • Bought 2 plastic boxes (Samla) at HK$9.9x2 from Ikea MegaBox.
05 Apr
  • Bought one more CD/DVD folder (color blue) at HK$10 from Top Target Technology.
04 Apr
  • Phoned Micro$oft Activation Center to move a Win 8 Upgrade product key from the Sony VAIO notebook to Samsung X360.
01 Apr
  • Bought another CD/DVD folder (color blue) at HK$10 from Top Target Technology.
30 Mar
  • Bought Audio-Technica ATH-CKF77 Glamorcy in-ear earphone (gold color) at HK$279 from HMV. Came with a pouch and it claimed to have solid bass. The 3.5mm plug was a right-angle connector, which was good! BTW, the Philips SHE9621 earphone had worn-out cable shield by now.
  • Bought a Meyer 20cm stainless steel frying pan at HK$109 from Park'nShop. No Telfron or similar coating!
  • Bought LBX Pandora plastic model at HK$38 from Wonderfuland! Came with 2 custom weapons (a spear and a bazooka), which was priced at around HK$40!
28 Mar
  • Bought Sandisk Cruzer Fit 16G USB flash drive at HK$85 from Hunter Computer. It's for testing ReadyBoost with the old Sony VAIO notebook because of its small size.
  • Bought a CD/DVD folder (color blue) at HK$10 from Top Target Technology, for the 25 plastic sleeves I bought on 25 Sep 2012! -_-"
27 Mar
  • Installed the Adata SX900 SSD into the Gigabyte MA785GPM-UD2H PC. Also clean the inside of the HP chassis.
  • Installed Win 7 into the Gigabyte MA785GPM-UD2H PC. Replaced the Hitachi 320G hard disk with the Western Digital 500G one.
  • Sister's daughter bought Razar BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard at HK$1350 from Cosmic Technology. It's driver requires a login and uses cloud storage. What if the keyboard was plugged into a PC without internet connection?
25 Mar
  • Bought 2 50x50 cm cushion covers (Gurli HK$49.9, Skarum HK$59.9) for my long-lasting computer chair from Ikea!
  • Bought some extra tips for the screw driver with replaceable tips at HK$12 from Aeon Living Plaza (MegaBox).
  • Bought 5 carving knives at HK$12 from Aeon Living Plaza for building plastic models. Also bought a small plastic box at HK9.9 from Ikea.
13 Mar
  • The lighting unit of the Canon LiDE70 scanner was not working in full brightness, possibly due to insufficient current from the USB port. The scanner does not have DC input socket.
10 Mar
  • The black ink cartridge (HP 74) of the HP Photosmart C4345 was not printing. Status monitor showed that ink level was 50%!
  • Immersing the cartridge into 100C hot water fixed it! Thanks to the hints from a YouTube video. BTW, 75% alcohol (room temperature) didn't work.
04 Mar
  • Bought Fung Yip 6-outlet power strip (with switch for each outlet) at HK$62 from Wing Shun.
21 Feb
  • Plastic near the heating area of the Brima Steam Cooker bought in 2008 had cracked. In fact the plastic there had become brittle.
  • Turning off Auto Channel Negotiation in the Wireless Settings of the D-Link DIR-600 router fixed the login problem encountered by the Sony VAIO notebook's Intel 3945ABG wireless adaptor. Channel number was set to a value smaller than 11.
04 Feb
  • The Ad-Hoc Channel number of the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG adaptor in Sony VAIO VGN-G118GN laptop had a maximum value of 11. But the Wireless Channel of the D-Link DIR-600 router has a maximum value of 13. I suspected this could sometime cause connection problem when the router chose a channel number bigger than 11!
  • Bought SanDisk Extreme II SSD 120G at HK$990 from Fine-up!
  • Bought Akasa SSD & HDD Adaptor (2.5-inch to 3.5-inch) at HK$68 from Capital Computer Centre.
  • Bought a strong ring-shaped magnet at HK8 from Cheong Kee. To be used with the screw driver with replaceable but non-magnetic tips. It fits... :)
  • The SanDisk Extreme II SSD scored 748 in AS SSD Mark. Notice that this SSD uses the Marvell controller, which does not compress data. The SandForce controller, used by Adata SX900, does compress data to lengthen the life of the SSD.
24 Jan
  • The Philips SDE5170VC sprung back to life!!! Today was definitely warmer than 19 Jan. And that the hard disk inside would also NOT spin if there was no signal in both its eSATA & USB port. -_-"
  • The Reallocated Sectors Count of the Hitachi 7K1000.D increased to 0x7D!
20 Jan
  • The Philips 220X1 monitor displayed a 4:3 scale area instead of the usual 16:10 area. It still reported a resolution of 1680x1050. Fell back to the old Philips 220WS monitor.
19 Jan
  • The Reallocated Sectors Count of the Hitachi 7K1000.D increased to 0x6E!
  • The Philips SDE5170VC External Drive Enclosure had stopped working. Its blue LEDs was lit up when powered on, but the hard disk inside was NOT spinning. The DC port had some green oxide. Moisture of Shing Mun Reservoir killed it? Or did someone pour water into the DC port? Capacitors? =.=
13 Jan
  • The Reallocated Sector Count of the Hitachi 7K1000.D 1TB hard disk had just reached 0x41. The whole PC froze for a few seconds! I really felt it's the temperature dip tonight that caused it! Time was about 22:50!
10 Jan
  • Bought Micro$oft Office 2010 Professional at HK$3925 from Comdex. There was a blue label saying that you could use it to claim a copy of Office 2013, if you bought it before April 2013. I didn't hear much advertisement about this ... guess why? :)
  • Anyway, Office 2013 does NOT support WinXP and Window$ Vi$Ta. And Micro$oft was going to discontinue support for WinXP in April 2014.
  • Bought 5 pcs of heat-transfer stickers at HK$10 from Cheong Kee.


31 Dec
  • CrystalDiskInfo reported the Hitachi 7K1000.D hard disk had 0x3C Reallocated Sectors Count. Health status became Caution. Was the hard disk "injured" while being used in the HP m9088hk PC? Or was it not properly handled before being bought by me? Or was it the result of me cleaning the dust cover of the chassis without powering off the PC? :(
29 Dec
  • A high-frequency, low-volume tune could he heard from the Philips 220X1SW monitor.
26 Dec
  • One of the two Antec EA-380 malfunctioned. The green standby LED of the motherboard (connected to the EA-380) kept flashing, making it impossible to power on the EA-380.
18 Dec
  • Bought Lion Star KC-17 5-drawer plastic (family) container at HK$459 from Aeon. Made in Indonesia, and it weights about 22 Lbs! Took me 45 minutes to move it from Whampoa to my home on foot by hands.
15 Dec
  • The stylus of the Wacom Bamboo One (bought 2012) was dead. It's plastic surface had become sticky.
07 Dec
  • Bought HP ink-cartridge 75 (color ink for the HP C4345 printer) at HK$116 from Top Target Technology.
04 Dec
  • Bought a Daiso screw driver with 6 replaceable tips at HK$12 from Aeon Living Plaza. Unfortunately, it's tips were NOT magnetic!!!!
23 Nov
  • Suddenly, the Seagate ST3250620AS 250G SATA hard disk (7200.10) could not work with the AHCI but IDE mode of the HP m9088hk motherboard. A Western Digital WD5000AAKS-65TMA0 (Cavier Blue) 500G hard disk worked fine with both modes!
22 Nov
  • Received the Scosche FMT4 Universal FM Transmitter I ordered from Amazon at US$16.9. It was powered by 2xAAA batteries. Product quality was good. It's signal might be too strong. Needed to find a way to limit its range. Tin foil?
17 Nov
  • Bought a 5mm color-changing LED at HK$10 from WECL.
  • Bought a piece of 3mm and another piece of 4mm transparent heat-sunk tubes at HK$4+3.5 from Cheong Kee.
  • Bought Kumo RCA to 3.5mm male audio cable (1 Meter) at HK$34 from Wing Shun.
  • Bought Sony VAIO 16V,4A notebook power supply at HK$80 from Sun Cheong Computer.
  • Bought a piece of 13cm USB 2.0 extension cable at HK$10 from I-Pro Centre.
  • Bought a copper heatsink with 3M heat-transfer adhesive tape at HK$10 from Hang Chong Computer.
  • The Logitech G500 started to double-click when I clicked once only!!!
13 Nov
  • Replaced the RCA-to-3.5mm cable of the JVC hi-fi. Sound quality when played from the iPod improved, especially the bass! Would gold-plated plugs improve it further?
05 Nov
  • Bought Kingston DDR3-1066 2G RAM from Jumbo Computer at HK$190.
  • Installed the above item into the Samsung NP-X360. Failed to boot the first time. Re-seated both RAM modules fixed the problem. The NP-X360 notebook came with a piece of Samsung DDR3 2G RAM, and had two RAM slots.
  • CPU-Z confirmed that the two pieces of RAM were running at symmetric dual-channel mode.
  • BTW, the NP-X360 came with a Toshiba 1.8-inch hard disk (MK1216GSG).
  • Ran MemTest+ 4.20, finished two passes in 2 hours and found no error. The process drained the battery!
01 Nov
  • Spent the afternoon trying to repair the broken Asus WL-530G power supply. The circuit worked the first test after the repair. However, after applying heat-melt adhesive on the 220V input wires (for safety reason), it stopped working. Shaking the circuit board made it worked intermittently. Needed to try again later.
  • BTW, I was defibrillated or electrocuted a few times by the discharging capacitors. Glad that the current was not powerful enough. :)
24 Oct
  • With the help of my father, drilled two holes on the black plastic project box. It would be used to refurnish the broken 5V-2A power supply of the Asus WL-530G wireless router.
20 Oct
  • Bought a molex 4-pin to SATA power cable at HK$4 from New Tech Solution.
18 Oct
  • A white line appeared at the top of the Philips 220X1 monitor! Switching source of input didn't fix it. The same white line appeared when connecting the monitor to another PC.
  • The white line of bright dots gradually disappeared after the 220X1 was turned on for about an hour.
17 Oct
  • Installed the Toshiba 2TB DT01ACA200 hard disk into my desktop PC. HDDScan found no read error!
13 Oct
  • The Mygica D690 could use the non-official Sandberg driver of Mygica TD-312. It had better reception power than TD-312 with the same indoor antennae. A bright red LED shined inside the white casing when the TV tuner was in use. The plastic case was warm when operating.
  • The D690 Realtek driver could not work with TD-312! :)
12 Oct
  • Bought Mygica D690 (white) at HK$225 from Comdex. Package contained a short USB extension cable in addition a small antennae.
  • Bough Gelid GC Extreme thermal compound at HK$80 from Suntek Computer.
  • Bought Toshiba DT01ACA200 2TB hard disk (7200rpm, 64M cache) at HK$589 from Centralfield.
29 Sep
  • The Asrock E350M1 failed to switch on one of the two Antec EA-380 power supplies. That power supply, however, could be switched on by the M3N78 PRO. The E350M1 had no problem with the other EA-380.
17 Sep
  • Mother sold the Toshiba 21VF6SH CRT TV for HK$25 to a woman doing recycling; Pioneer DVR-530H, $65.
12 Sep
  • Swapped my Philips 220WS monitor with the 220X1 collected yesterday night. Its DVI port was working, and its settings could be manipulated via a program called SmartControl II. The 220X1 had an interesting feature called LightFrame, which was cyan in color.
  • The Pioneer DVD-530H could eject disc normally.
11 Sep
  • Salvaged a Philips 220X1 TN LCD monitor from sister's home, together with 2 Pioneer DVD players (DVR-530H & DV-380). A disc was locked inside the DVR-530H that needed to be ejected manually.
03 Aug
  • The SSD in HP Envy Phoenix scored 689 in AS SSD Mark. But it's a 3.5GHz CPU, DDR3-1600, with optimized disk I/O (faster read as a result), compared to my 2.6GHz CPU, DDR3-1333 and slow AMD disk I/O. Its disk write was not significantly faster than Adata SX900.
22 Jul
  • Seemed that ImgBurn was tested against Micro$soft's AHCI driver only. When used with AMD's own amdsbs.sys/ahcix64s.sys driver, I needed to enable "Don't Use Immediate Disk I/O" to avoid errors.
21 Jul
  • With the deployment of the 128G SSD, the 2x1TB RAID 0 array was broken back into single disks and switched the SATA mode from RAID to AHCI. Now I could look at their SMART information. AMD's RAID mode did not provide SMART information, ulike Intel's RAID mode.
  • Something to do with UEFI boot: setting the first boot device of M5A99X EVO to the SSD would cause a boot problem. Needed to set the DVD drive (without a disc) as the first boot device.
  • Crystal DiskInfo (Shizuku Edition) flagged one of the 1TB hard disk as caution. Its "Reallocated Sectors Count" was 6. The other 1TB hard disk got 0.
  • In AHCI mode using Micro$oft's AHCI driver, AS SSD Benchmark score of the SSD reached 523. The sequential read speed reached 446.9 MBps. The read access time was 0.173 ms, still some 10 times slower than Intel solution. Something to do with SandForce's data compression?
20 Jul
  • Added the Adata SX900 into the Asus M5A99X EVO PC. I needed to use the latest AMD8xx RAID driver to prevent blue-screen caused by amdsbs.sys.
  • AS SSD Benchmark scored only 261, with the read access time being 2 times slower than statistics out there. The Sequential Read Speed was just about 300MBps, rather than 450 MBps in SX900's specification. Read access time was 0.201 ms.
19 Jul
  • Bought T10 plug for AC-DC adapter at HK$3 from Wang Yip Tools.
  • Bought AData XPG SX900 SSD 128G at HK$835 from Comdex.
16 Jul
  • Used the HDMI cable from the MagicTV MTV3000 HDTV set-top box to connect the Benq V2400 Eco 24-inch monitor to the Radeon 7770 of the HP Envy Pheonix PC.
  • Installed a SATA-to-eSATA bracket into the HP Envy Pheonix PC.
  • More information about the HP Envy Phoenix PC collected by HWINFO:
    • Motherboard: Asus IPMMB-FM
    • Chipset: Intel Z75 (PCIe 3.0)
    • RAM: Nanya DDR3-1600
    • Hard disk: Seagate ST2000DM001 7200.14 2TB
    • DVD burner: HP CH28N BDDVDRW combo drive
    • SSD: Micron RealSSD C400 MTFDDAK128MAM-1J1
13 Jul
  • The motherboard of the HP m9088hk turned off power to the Power LED for unknown reason. Wasted me nearly 3 hours trying to fix it and it still got turned off after a while. Maybe the power supply components on the motherboard were damaged when someone plugged in a bad or power-hungry USB device (iPad?).
12 Jul
  • Collected the repaired Asrock E350M1 from Altech. BIOS flashed to 1.80. Same Window$ 7 restart problem.
07 Jul
  • Bought one 100 ohm and one 220 ohm resistors from WECL at HK$0.5x2.
  • Bought one 5mm green LED and one 3mm blue LED from Cheong Kee at HK$1x2.
04 Jul
  • Bought HP ink-cartridge 74 (black ink for the HP C4345 printer) at HK$101 from Top Target Technology.
  • The HP C4345 printed black OK. No paper jam.
02 Jul
  • Salvaged a HP Photosmart C4345 printer (fax,scan,print) from sister's family. User claimed that the printer had malfunctioned, including paper jam!
29 Jun
  • Sister's family bought a HP Envy Phoenix H9-1368HK (Intel i7-3770 water-cooled, 16G DDR3, 128G SSD, 2TB hard disk, AMD Radeon HD7770, Blu-ray Combo burner, HP wireless keyboard & mouse, 3-year warranty including parts) from Fortress at HK$14549!
  • The family also bought HP Deskjet 3520 from Fotress at HK$677!
25 Jun
  • By shorting pin 14 (green wire) and 13 (black wire) using a paper clip, successfully started the old power supply from the discarded IBM ThinkCenter PC. Note that power should be supplied after shorting the two pins.
  • According to documents, the orange wire in the SATA power connector supplied +3.3V.
  • Connected a 3mm green LED and a 5mm red LED in series to the +5V (red wire) and GND pins (black wire) of a 4-pin Molex connector, and they were lit without issues. The two LEDs were socketed on a 2-pin Dupont female plugs.
24 Jun
  • Bought 3 pcs of female-to-female jumper wire with 1-pin Dupont plugs at HK$1x3 from Cheong Kee Electronics.
17 Jun
  • Took the Asrock E350M1 to Altech service center at Kwai Fong. Might need to wait 4 weeks to repair it.
15 Jun
  • Trying to flash the BIOS of Asrock E350M1 back to version 1.50 (downloaded from TechSpot) under Win 7, the process ended without error, but the motherboard didn't boot!!
13 Jun
  • Technician from HKBN added a new PSTN phone line per the new broadband service plan.
03 Jun
  • With the Mygica X8558 Pro installed into the PCIe x16 slot in Asrock E350M1, Win 7 would freeze displaying the Win 7 logo after it was restarted. I had to do a shutdown should I need to reboot Win 7.
02 Jun
  • With the Mygica X8558 Pro installed into the PCIe x16 slot, the Asrock E350M1 froze at "Completing Installation..." during Win 7 SP1-U installation!!!! Needed to unplug the X8558 Pro to get Win 7 installed. It also caused SystemRescueCD to crash with a video card error during startup.
  • Unplugged the Mygica X8558 Pro, installed Win 7, then installed X8558 Pro back to the motherboard!
18 May
  • Replaced the red SATA cable connecting to the DVD burner with a black SATA 3 cable with latches. Suspecting a problem in the old cable...
  • Updated the BIOS in Asrock E350M1. It affected the MBR, causing a Win 7 boot failure. It's fixed by doing a repair using the Win 7 installation DVD.
17 May
  • The bundled USB Mini-B cable of a LiteOn SOSW-833SX external DVD burner had failed. Its power supply was rated DC 5V, 2A.
14 May
  • Updated the firmware of DIR-600 router to version 2.16B.
13 May
  • Given away the Hitachi 7K250 160G IDE hard disk and the Asus WL530G router to an internet user. Hope he could make good use of them! :)
11 May
  • Installed the HP 1260T DVD burner into the HP Pavilion m9088hk. Recovered the LG H60L burner. User reported problem in H60L...
  • The VIA USB 3 adaptor in the m9088hk was de-seated again. Possibly caused by the weight of the thick red USB 3 cable connecting the adaptor and the front panel. Also found that the 2.10B driver didn't work.
10 May
  • Renewed HKBN's internet service plan at HK$148 for 24 months. The new plan, effective 13 Jun, will include free WiFi service in HKBN hot spots and a PSTN phone number.
09 May
  • Updated the BIOS of Asus M5A99X EVO to version 1708.
07 May
  • Replaced the rusted RJ45 plugs of a grey cross-over UTP cable I bought from another user at Wai Chai Computer Center many years ago.
06 May
  • Replaced a broken RJ45 plug on a grey UTP cable.
14 Apr
  • Replaced the GP Ultra Alkaline AA battery of the pink Green-OMA wall POP clock! It lasted for about 2 years!
  • The QOS function of the DIR-600 router seemed to throttle the WAN port speed. It was disabled now.
09 Apr
  • Bought Philips GoGear Vibe (8G memory) MP4 Player (SA3VBE08K/97) with Philips/Oneill The Bend deepBase&durable headphone at HK$395 from Aeon. The box containing the Goear was opened, but the salesperson said it's new and was opened for re-packaging.
01 Apr
  • Bought Asko SK-129 Travel Jug Kettle (0.5L) at HK$248 from Whampao Appliances Home. Claimed to be designed by New York, USA.
20 Mar
  • Noise heard from the fan motor of General AK910FNR air-cond.
15 Mar
  • Bought Toshiba FPL13EX-N 13W white light CCFL at HK$98 from Whampoa Appliance Home.
05 Mar
  • Tested the Philips SHB5000. Could not charge it (via a AC-powered USB socket) while it's being in use playing music, or you could hear humming noise (ground-loop?). The black earbugs that came with the unit didn't sound as good as Philips SHE9621.
  • Saw the same Philips SHB5000 being sold at HK$70 less in another shop... :)
25 Feb
  • Took the malfunctioning Logitech G500 back to Good Century. Filled and signed a RMA form and got a new one as replacement. On the way home, picked up a small, yellow flower. :)
24 Feb
  • Took the BYL-918 back to A-Grade. Went to its help desk, reported the problem and I was given a new BYL-918. I asked for an immediate test, but he refused. So I asked for a refund, and he agred. End of story.
  • Mother found a shop named Genetics in North Point that was selling a 7-inch steam cooker that looked like the Brima one. It's name was Innoware FS528. It came with 2 decks, and its heater base was enclosed in stainless steel rather than plastic. She bought it at HK$169. And since the two decks were made of the same part, it could replace the old plastic deck of the Brima. The plastic was a bit thicker.
23 Feb
  • Bought a brandless BYL-918 bluetooth audio receiver (for iPad???) at HK$89 from A-Grade. The device did NOT work. The Nokia 3710 phone failed to find it. Was it a just a USB LED light-torch? :)
22 Feb
  • The mouse cursor of Logitech G500 might suddently stop moving. After a bit of trial-and-error and Google searches, seemed that the cord was the problem. I un-winded it and loosen it a bit, and it seemd to fix the problem. Putting the mouse away from the 3M Optical Mouse Pad also seemed to help, and so was shaking the mouse ...
  • BTW, there was an earthquake north of Hong Kong this morning.... :)
30 Jan
  • Repaired the front panel of the HP LaserJet 5L using glue. There were other cracks in its front panel.
28 Jan
  • Bought Philips SHB5000 BlueTooth headset at HK$469 from A-Grade. The headphone could be separated from the BlueTooth unit.
  • Also found ReMax Bluetooth headset at HK$148.
27 Jan
  • Bought right-angled D-Sub connector (male-to-female) at HK$25 from Golden 32.
  • Bought a 2-pin DC out connector at HK$3 from Hang Fung Tools.
  • Bought a 2-wire DC cable with 2-pin socket at HK$5 from Kin Cheong Electrical.
24 Jan
  • The 16V,2.8A power supply for the black Sony VAIO VGN-G11GN netbook was dead. Used the 16V,4A power supply of the older Sony VAIO PCG-TR2 netbook to charge it.
  • Moved the HP internal card reader from the Asus M2N-E PC to my M5A99X EVO PC.
20 Jan
  • Took back the Asus M2N-E PC (with 4G DDR2, 250G Seagate hard disk and Asus 4850 GPU) from sister's home.
17 Jan
  • The SiyoTeam HK$15 card-reader (bought Oct 2010) was malfunctioning....
14 Jan
  • Sticked a 1-cm square heatsink (left-over parts from DuOrb) to the Conexant CX23885-13Z chip of Mygica X8558 Pro, which was really hot when working.


31 Dec
  • Discovered the SATA cable connecting to the DVD drive was slightly loosen at the motherboard's end. Could this explain the death of the LG GH24NS70 drive last December?
30 Dec
  • The DVI port of Philips 220WS was fried. What I did: un-install Nvidia display driver (was using Nvidia 8500GT+Radeon 6850), WITHOUT rebooting, ran Logitech's mouse driver installer, Win 8 screen flashed a few times and then the DVI port of 220WS no longer worked. Moreover, Win 8 displayed nothing. I had to re-install Win 8.
27 Dec
  • Bought a Daiso 19cm black plastic tray with urethane paint for my cup at HK$11.4 from Jusco Living Plaza.
  • Bought a Daiso TomBow permanent, dual-tip, black marker at HK$11.4 from Jusco Living Plaza.
20 Dec
  • The password of DIR-600 router's admin account was reset to blank. Suspicious IP address appeared in Internet Sessions.
18 Dec
  • Updated the firmware of D-Link DIR-600 to 2.13. Disabled uPnP.
03 Dec
  • Opened the plastic casing of Magic-Pro ProHDTV 3. Found 3 chips: LG 8G75-A1 (TA0381), Maxim 2165E (11808), and LME 2510C (0803).
25 Nov
  • Successfully record HDTV shows (all audio channels and subtitles) using Mygica X8558 Pro and VLC Media Player, with Fedora 17 LiveCD as the OS!!! Linux detected both X8558 Pro and D689.
23 Nov
  • Electricity supply to Sunshine Plaza was interrupted for a few hours.
  • Bought BD-401 Bluetooth 4.0 (Class 2) USB Dongle at HK$70 from JMS Pro Shop. Supported one-key pairing, dual-mode, low-energy, and Enhanced Date Rate (EDR). Max. transfer rate was about 3Mbps.
22 Nov
  • The Mygica X8558 Pro could not function properly when the system entered power saving mode. Disabling the CoolnQuiet feature in Asrock E350M1 didn't quite help. Setting Power Plan to Maximum Performance.
17 Nov
  • Collected Window$ 7 Professional (OEM) from Wellent, after paying a deposit of HK$700 on 15 Nov. It costed me HK$1220!
  • Bought a 20"x14"x13" plastic box with 4 wheels and cover at HK$49.9 from PriceRite.
16 Nov
  • Bought Window$ 7 Home Premium (Box) at HK$1480 from Wise Smart Int'l (shop in 1/F Mongkok Computer Center), after watching K-ON The Movie at Kowloon Bay.
13 Nov
  • Upgraded the OS of the Sony VAIO VGN-G11GN to 32-bit Windows 8 Pro.
09 Nov
  • Updated the BIOS of my M5A99X EVO to 1604. Discovered that Asus released a R2.0 of M5A99X EVO in June 2012!!
06 Nov
  • Bought Mygica X8558 Pro dual-tuner PCIe card at HK$410 from Comdex. The card seemed to use a lot of CPU when both tuner tuned to 1080p programs, causing stuttering in other processes. The tuners also seemed to need some warm-up time before tuned properly. Latest driver dated 2009, which was very old.
02 Nov
  • Upgraded the firmware of the Viera TH-L32E5H from 2.216(1030) to 2.225(10403).
  • The universal remote control code for Toshiba 21VF6SH is 089. The ChungHop RM-138E Universal Remote (bought by my father) can only accept 3-digit codes, starting with (0,1,2) only.
01 Nov
  • Technician came to install the Panasonic Viera TH-L32E5H iDTV. It's purchased by my mother at HK$4650 From RamStrong Trading, with 5-year warranty. It supported DLNA, and could be remoted by an iPod. Its firmware was based on AM-Linux, with open source codes available for download from Panasonic's website.
30 Oct
  • Bought 15 pcs of Pro's Kit Hook And Loop Cable Tie 6-inch (MS-V306) at HK$20 from Kin Cheong Electrical.
  • Bought Window$ 8 Pro Upgrade at HK$548 from TeamMate Software.
  • Bought Flight Environment X at HK$350 from CD ROM Distributor.
29 Oct
  • Re-connected the TV cables in Shung Chi House at HK$320.
13 Oct
  • Bought a 4-outlet Safeway 13A power strip (with switch for each outlet) at HK$40 from Wing Sing.
11 Oct
  • Mother bought a Turbo (Italy?) TTF-05 tower fan at HK$390 from Whampao Appliance Home. It's to replace a dead Tutto fan (motor could no longer rotate).
05 Oct
  • Bought Daiso 45mm Hobby Clamp (2pcs, 1xplastic holder) at HK$12 from Jusco Living Plaza.
30 Sep
  • The Magic TV MTV3000 set-top box malfunctioned. When powered on, the two LEDs at the LAN port kept flashing. There was no video or audio output! The LED panel on the set-top box displayed nothing.
29 Sep
  • Tested all my USB extension cables, found 2 bad ones. The Amazon USB 2.0 gold-plated cable had the best performance. Also discovered that the bundled USB cable that came with the Canon LiDE70 scanner no longer worked reliably and had to be replaced.
25 Sep
  • Bought Schneider (5 outlets, 13A) extension socket (with switch on each outlet) at HK$67 from Wing Sing (to replace the old T&J extension socket whose buttons were malfunctioning).
  • Bought 50pcs of Mitsubishi 16x DVD+R at HK$99 from Tokyo Computer Accessories (with free blue pen and 25 pink plastic sleeves).
21 Sep
  • Found the invoice for the HP m9088hk. It's bought from Fortress at a price of HK$16246 (system unit Intel Q6600+4G DDR2-667: 12803, HP W1907 monitor: 1745, item 3WARCOMPUTER4: 1698). It's not my PC. Just for the record. BTW, what was that 3WARCOMPUTER4?
16 Sep
  • Bought 2 pcs of short, right-angled 3.5mm male-to-female cable at HK$10x2 from Golden 32.
  • Bought Philips AJB4600/05 DAB+/FM Clock Radio at HK$499 from Ideal Radio Pro Shop.
29 Aug
  • Bought EIC-1102J Solderless Bread-board (166x54x9mm, 830 holes) with wires kit at HK$46 from WECL
  • Bought a RubyCon 47uF 10V capacitor at HK$2 from WECL.
  • Bought a P-4210 black plastic project box (60x100x30mm) at HK$8.8 from WECL.
  • Bought a small 2-pin plug and socket at HK$3 from Wang Yip.
20 Aug
  • Bought another Shiny S-303 stamp-pad at HK$24 from Wonderfuland.
19 Aug
  • Swapped the LG GH24NS50 back to Asus M5A99X EVO PC.
  • A Maxell 2x DVD-RW could no longer be written on by both the HP 1260T and LG GH24NS50 burners. The disc was being used from 31 May 2006 to 27 Jul 2012, for about 124 writes.
  • A Philips 4x DVD-RW could no longer be written on by LG GH24NS50. Still erasable by HP 1260T. The disc was in use from 23 Jun 2006 to 07 Aug 2012, for about 80 writes.
17 Aug
  • Replaced the stamp-pad of the Shiny S-303 self-inking stamp. The S-303 stamp had been in use since year 2009. From now on, I would remove the stamp-pad from the stamp after use.
15 Aug
Bought following items from WECL:
  • Socket board (77x47x1.6mm) at HK$2.5
  • 0.1uF capacitor at HK$1
  • Rubyon 47uF 10V capacitor at HK$2
  • Rubyon 220uF 10V capacitor at HK$3
  • Rubyon 10uF 50V capacitor at HK$1
  • L7805CV 5V regulator at HK$5
11 Aug
  • Boguth 2 pcs of LM386N-1 and a 2Ax3 battery holder from WECL at HK$6.5x2 and HK$3.5 respectively.
  • Bought 2 pcs of 3.5mm plug from Cheong Kee at HK$3x2.
06 Aug
  • Replaced the LR41 battery of the $10 Concord digital watch.
  • Bought Hobby Base 1/100 Grey Square Mechanical Hands at HK$78 from Wonderfuland.
01 Aug
  • Bought GP T160-U1 NiCd rechargeable battery at HK$40 from Fai Wong Electronic & Toys Co.
30 Jul
  • The LG 4167B could still boot and load a Fedora 17 TDK CD-RW. Maybe it's still working... needed more tests.
  • Disposed of the grass mat bought on Jul 2009. It's not designed for use with soft chair.
27 Jul
  • The weight holder of my Logitech G500, together with a 45g weight, was lost. My conclusion was: it's stolen. I did remember the mouse became lighter many months ago... Now, other than visitors, who did that?
 26 Jul
  • Installed the D&C No.935 Wiring Musical Electronic Doorbell (DC) bought by mother. The bell was priced at HK$30, used 2xAA batteries and had no volume control. You could choose the music, some long, some short.
 25 Jul
  • Trying to plug leaking water in the General air conditioner, broke the hinge at the left side of the plstic front cover... -_-"
 18 Jul
  • Bought a bottle of Shiny Premium Ink (blue, 15ml) at HK$34 from Wonderfuland.
  • Bougth 10 pcs of Man Wah plastic dropper with bulb at HK$20 from Wonderfuland.
 17 Jul
  • Bought a bottle of Shiny Premium Ink (red, 15ml) at HK$34 from Wonderfuland.
 10 Jul
  • The old LG GSA4167B DVD burner (bought Sep 2005) reported "no medium" when there was a boottable DVD inside. Needed further tests to confirm its death....
  • The Hitachi Deskstar 40G hard disk sometimes disappeared from the BIOS screen.
  • I flipped the P4i65G PC while its DVD burner was reading a DVD, loud noise was suddenly heard. I turned off the PC immediately, and when I opened the DVD drive, the edge of the DVD media inside was scratched. So DO NOT move the PC after it's powered on.... :)
 07 Jul
  • Bought Sunshine energy-saver tube (15W, day light) at HK$15 from Japan Home City.
  • After hours of use, it seemed that the 15W Sunshine tube was cooler than the Philips 11W... However, the Philips tube could be powered on instantly. The Sunshine tube had a 0.5 second delay. :)
 04 Jul
  • Upgraded the Hitachi 500G hard disk in HP Pavilion m9088hk to Hitachi 7K1000.D 1TB hard disk (bought 29 May). OS changed from Vi$ta Ultimate to Win 7 Ultimate. The disk i/o was definitely better. But then, maybe there were some malwares in the Vi$ta OS slowing down the disk.
 26 Jun    
  •  Not sure what happened, the Wireless Security Mode settings of the DIR-600 wireless function had been disabled, allowing PCs outside my home to use it for over a week. Not sure whether virus or root-kit had been installed into my server PCs.
 25 Jun
  •  Bought a Japanese sponge Cup Cleaner with side brush (anti-bacterial, deodorizing) at HK$12 from Jusco.
 23 Jun
  •  Bought 3M Comfort Gel Rest with Precise Optical Mousing Surface (MWJ309GR, Green) at HK$85 from 8 Century. The pad could be detached from the mousing surface.
 22 Jun
  • Bought a 3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboard (WRJ320BE, Cyan) at HK$118 from Chung Lam Plaza. This one, with plastic surface, was easier to clean than the one I bought previously, which used "cloth" as surface. There should be less odor as well.
  • Bought a full-metal Zhang Xiao Quan (Since 1663) picnic scissor (size: middle) at HK$6 from Chung Lam Plaza.
 18 Jun
  •  Bought a Daiso brush with tweezers at HK$12 from Jusco.
 07 Jun
  •  The repaired Music Music Z12 cable broke again. This time, it's the USB plug.... -_-"
 06 Jun
  •  Micro$oft Hong Kong opened case 1178016577 and activated the Win 7 Upgrade in the HP m9088hk PC using manual procedure. I suspected there was a bug in the activation process when an HP OEM PC BIOS was found.
 02 Jun
  • Updated the BIOS of the HP m9088hk from 5.08 to 5.13.
  • Attempted to install Win 7 Ultimate Upgrade into HP m9088hk, got activation error, which was not expected. Needed to call Micro$oft Hong Kong.
  • The fan at the back of the Magic TV MTV3000 was producing weird noise.
 29 May
  •  Bought Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.D 1TB hard disk (HDS721010DLE630) at HK$680 from Comdex. 3-year warranty provided by ALevel Resource. The box was really thin, no shock-absorbing material.... -_-"
28 May
  • Bought Hobby Base 1/144 Black Square Mechanical Hands at HK$78 from Wonderfuland.
 25 May
  •  Bought 22 Daiso Laundry Pinches at HK$12 from Jusco.
 22 May
  • Replaced the 3.5mm plug of the USB cable used by Music Music Z-12. Blue wire was ground; white & green, audio signals. The cable could be used by the Nakamichi My Mini Plus.
  • In the process, the tip of the 3.5mm mono plug disintegrated! What if it disintegrated while plugging into the audio out of my iPod Touch .... -_-"
 21 May
  • Bought another Daiso Mobile Screen Guard for my mother's Nokia 2760 at HK$12 from Jusco.
  • Bought two Philips Energy Saver Value 2 Pack (11W, E14, Warm White, 8000 hours) bulbs at HK$48.2 from Japan Home Centre. I wanted to buy white... -_-"
  • Bought five Matsusho CR2032 batteries at HK$10.5 from Japan Home Centre.
 20 May
  •  A ULand compact fluorescent bulb and a Philips Incandescent bulb blew at about 23:30. Another ULand bulb rolled and fell onto the ground after being put on the table.
19 May
  • Bought one 3.5mm stereo plug and one 3.5mm mono plug from Wang Yip Tools at HK$3 and HK$2.5 respectively.
  • Bought A-Data 16G USB 3.0 flash drive at HK$99 (promotion offer) from A-Grade.
  • Bought FujiMax 8G Micro-SD card 3-in-1 (Class 10. SD adapter, USB adapter) at HK$49 from A-Grade.
  • The upper power LED of the HP m9088hk mysteriously died. Found nothing visibly wrong with its wires. Also, the disk-to-disk copy of its Vi$ta was limited to 20MBps only. Virus?
  • Salvaged 3 cheap microphones.
 18 May
  •  The fan motor of Hitachi CF-26PH no longer rotated.
 16 May
  • Opened a 6-socket power bar to repair its broken cover. Found that its neutral strip was very close to the top edge of the power bar. There were also red activity lamps connected in parallel to the AC using 3mm springs on the neutral strip. As some screws' holes (made of plastic) were broken, the edge had a gap making this very unsafe!!! The bar was thrown away after dismantling. Hopefully the brass parts could be sold for some money. Its springs, screws, and lamps with resistors would be collected as spare parts.
 14 May
  •  Bought Daiso mobile screen guard for my Nokia 3710 at HK$12 from Jusco.
 13 May    
  • Swept dust off the fan blades of Hitachi CF-26PH tower fan.
 07 May
  •  Bought USB SP to micro-USB + 3.5mm Retractable cable at HK$15 from eeio Limited.
05 May
  • Bought Nakamichi My Mini Plus speaker at HK$299 from HMV. It's basically the same as the Music Music Z-12, but it's lighter. Unlike the Z-12, My Mini Plus had a separate set of volume control buttons. It also didn't have USB port. My Mini Plus was a cube; Z-12, a cylinder. Z-12 was also louder than My Mini Plus.
  • The mode button on Music music Z-12 failed. It no longer played songs from a USB drive or feed from the 3.5mm Audio In.I suspected that the chip inside Z-12 was damaged by the back EMF from its speaker when I maxed out the volume button....
  • Phoned C-Sonic asking for maintenance/replacement. C-sonic said it had no warranty after 7 days(because it's a clearance item?).
28 Apr
  • Replaced the dead speaker of the X2 Plus capsule speaker with the 0.5W speaker by soldering. Would a bigger speaker sound better? :)
27 Apr
  • Bought a 0.5W 8 Ohm small speaker from WECL at HK$8.
  • Lent a longer RJ11 cable to my sister's compact telephone.
25 Apr
  • The Music Music mini-speaker was finally broken. The [increase volume/next] button no longer worked. The cable near the 3.5mm jack was mysteriously damaged.
23 Apr
  • Bought a Hoya CM2130 Cutting Mat (translucent) at HK$40 from Wonderfuland.
22 Apr
  • The SATA ports on the motherboard (Asus IPIBL-LA) were not quite hot-pluggable. I also learnt that the eSATA port of the Philips SDE5170VC external hard disk enclosure was not any faster than USB 2.0 speed.
19 Apr
  • The Logitech G500 seemed to double-click when I single-clicked... Ho ho ho..
16 Apr
  • Bought Shiny S-303 stamp pad at HK$20 from Wonderfuland SuperStore.
14 Apr
  • Replaced the CR2032 cell battery of the HP m9088hk! Its BIOS could be upgraded from 5.08 to 5.13, but it seemed that the BIOS update program could not work with 64-bit Vi$ta.
  • Monitor swap: HP m9088hk now using Benq V2400 ECO; M2N-E, Philips 220X1SW.
  • The M2N-E PC might return to me as its user, who bought a MacBook Air, no longer used it frequently. Even the data there was not important, as she hadn't switched on the M2N-E for months. :)
  • Bought 2 small files (one square, one round) at HK$5x2 from a temporary shop in Ap Liu Street.
  • Bought a hexagonal nut driver (5.5mm) at HK$17 from Tak Sing Electronic Metal Equipments Ltd. To be used to remove hex screws of the Model M and Endura Pro keyboards.
13 Apr
  • Bought Fullmark nylon typewriter ribbon for Olympia Carina 2 manual typewriter at HK$20 from Flying Eagle Stationery Co. Carina No. 1001FN; Color Noir(black)/Rogue(red); ReOrder No. N001BR2S; German GR 1.
  • The Carina 2 typewriter needed a repair. It's main rail was tilted.
  • A Ryuden/Hitachi 3/4 horsepower air-conditioner pulled about 0.4 A when using fan only; 3.5A, when cold air was blowing. However, the ammeter registered 17 A sometimes.
12 Apr
  • Bought GP CR2032 lithium cell at HK$5.5 from Japan Home Centre.
  • First hole in the plastic wrap appeared near the left ALT key.
11 Apr
  • Started using a sheet of plastic wrap as keyboard skin for the Model M keyboard. Stuck to the keyboard using cheap plastic paste.How long would it take for holes to appear? :)
  • The HP m9088hk lost CMOS data again. Needed to set the time & date manually. Time to replace the CR2032?
09 Apr
  • The repaired IBM Model M keyboard finally came back to me with the help of my sisters. It traveled from New York to Tokyo and finally Hong Kong.The keyboard looked like new (very thorough cleaning of the buttons and the body). Compared to the Endura Pro, the old Model M keyboard's buckling spring mechanism was a bit more superior, really.
28 Mar
  • Bought an interesting Nikko waist-bag from Wonderfuland at HK$89.
27 Mar
  • Bought a Fung Yip #1588 15A socket at HK$20 from Wing Sing. To use it with the Brennenstuhl PM-230.
  • Finally found a Realtek 2832u driver that solved D.Radio problem with Mygica TD-312 when hearing DAB/DAB+ radio broadcast. It came from Sandberg's Mini DVB-T Dongle! The webpage also listed source codes of a Linux driver for V4L.
20 Mar
  • Took the dead A-Data 1G DDR-400 to Adata distributor Rubik at Lai Chi Kok. Filled a form and got a new DDR-400 in less than 5 minutes. So the lifetime warranty was honored.
19 Mar
  • One of the two A-Data 1G DDR-400 was dead!! Why didn't the other piece (on the same motherboard) have the same problem?
  • Cracked open the AC-DC adaptor of the Asus WL-530G router using a hammer and a flat screw-driver. It would be tricky to re-route the live and neutral terminals of its 13A input. The plastic case should be re-usable using strong glue.
  • The 2 free movie tickets (value HK$120) for D-Link products needed a total purchase of HK$199! Well...
18 Mar
  • Too bad, the version of my D-Link DIR-600 was B5. No DD-WRT support currently. Only B1 and B2 were supported.
17 Mar
  • Broke the 2 pins connecting the 3-plonk 13A plug and the 5V,2A AC adaptor of the Asus WL-530G router. Needed to attempt repair later.
  • In a hurry, bought D-link DIR-600 Wireless-N 150 (802.11n) Lite Router from eeio Limited at HK$195. Luckily, it got IPV6 support. It also had D-Link Green, a stand, a blue RJ45 cable and 2 wall-mount screws, 3-year warranty by D-link and lifetime warranty by Alris. 2 free movie tickets?
  • The wireless signal of the DIR-600 could be interfered easily by just moving the router... ground effect of by hand?
15 Mar
  • Bought a pair of Daiso rubber gloves (color black, size M, 22cm) at HK$12 from Jusco for protection of my finger tips when handling hardware.
07 Mar
  • Added the GeForce 8500GT into Asus M5A99X EVO. Though the speed of the two PCIe x16 slots were reduced to 8x speed, 3DMark06 didn't report a slow-down (still scored around 14500). Next task was to try Hybrid Physx.
06 Mar
  • Some keys on the flexible keyboard (bought year 2006) no longer worked (1234 7890 QWER UIOP).
23 Feb
  • Unicomp repaired the Model M keyboard, converted it to USB and sent it back to my sister at New York. Total charges US$30+10, shipped by UPS Ground at US$11.
06 Feb
  • The renovation technician short-circuited a 13A power socket while repairing it. The expert electrician was invited and reported that my flat and another flat were sharing the same 60A input in the floor's fuse box. That 60A fuse was blown though the circuit breaker in my flat jumped. Were the circuit breakers in my flat not fast enough? Because of aging? Or were they just not qualified for the job?
26 Jan
  • Bought a Music Music Z-12 portable speaker at HK$68 from C-Sonic. It's a USB/micro-SD MP3 player as well as an FM radion. It also amplifies input from AUX IN.
24 Jan
  • The old IBM Model M keyboard (bought year 1995) was being taken to New York. It's to be repaired by Unicomp.
04 Jan
  • Testing the socket 775 screws (4) of the old CoolerMaster Vortex 752. Couldn't be screwed in at all!!! :)
03 Jan
  • Bought Navy Chinese Fungshui mini-compass at HK$24 from Chung Nam Book & Stationary.
01 Jan
  • CPU-Z reported that the Qimonda DDR2-800 had a latency of 6. All my A-Data Gaming series DDR2-800 had only 5.
  • Repaired the power button of the HP m1148hk chassis (Gigabyte PC) with heat-melt adhesive again.
  • Bought DeepCool IceEdge 400FS heatsink-fan at HK$188 from C-Sonic. 4 copper heat-pipes, 90mm hydro-bearing fan, fan blowing horizontally. Interestingly, it had 4 fan hooks, allowing you to mount 2 fans actually.


31 Dec
  • Bought a Daiso 3-way Hydrometer at HK$12 from Jusco.
28 Dec
  • After re-seating the Aerotek USB 3 adaptor in the HP m9088hk, it worked again. Took the chance to install a newer driver.
  • Rearranged the DDR2 memory modules in my sister's home. The HP m9088hk now had 2x2G+2x1G A-Data Gaming Series (pink heatsink). The Gigabyte MA785GPM-UD2H now had 4x2G A-Data Gaming Series (black heatsink). The Asus M2N-E now had the 4x1G memory modules from HP m9088hk.
  • In the process of installing memory modules into the Gigabyte PC, a MacBook Air (POWERED ON) fell down from the table above my head. I dunno what happened, and the MacBook Air hit directly onto the hard disk inside the Gigabyte PC chassis. It's lucky that the MacBook Air used SSD not traditional spinning hard disk. It's also lucky that the Gigabyte PC was turned off.
  • Seemed that the Asus M2N-E was no longer a frequently-used PC as its user also got a MacBook Air, with Win 7 as optional OS via BootCamp.
  • On my way to home, I slammed myself onto the glass window of Swindon bookshop in Tsim Sha Tsui, like those stupid birds and insects in cartoons. I didn't notice the glass wall at all. :)
21 Dec
  • The Aerotek USB 3 adaptor (bought 20 Sep) in the HP m9088hk PC vanished from the Device Manager of Win Vi$ta. My sister was too busy, no time for me to check further tonight.
12 Dec
  • Bought a Green-OMA wall clock POP (diameter 165mm, pink) at HK$12 from Jusco.
09 Dec
  • Took the LG GH24NS70 to Synnex for repair (ticket B028). After waiting about 5 minutes, Synnex decided to replace it with a HP 1260T DVD burner because both LG GH24NS70 and LG GH24NS90 were out of stock. No service charge leveraged.
08 Dec
  • The LG GH24NS70 (bought Jul 2011) was not responding....first time having problem with DVD burner. Well...
04 Sec
  • Accidentally spilled quite an amount of water onto the Endura Pro keyboard. It no longer worked properly.
  • After popping all keycaps and used a hair dryer to blow into the "holes" on the top of the keyboard for about 4 hours, the keyboard worked again, EXCEPT the Backspace key! The spring inside the keycap was damaged.
30 Nov
  • Temperaure of 910e hit 70 degree Celsius when playing games. Found that there was insufficient heat-transfer compound between the heatsink and the CPU.
27 Nov
  • Bought a F-connector at HK$5 from Cheong Kee.
26 Nov
  • Using the Auto-Tuning function of Asus Suite II, overclocked the AMD 910e to 3.3GHz. 3DMark06 scored 17xxx. Better DDR3 RAM and CPU heatsink-fan might go higher.
25 Nov
  • Bought GP Batteries T160 at HK$40 (for the Oregon Scientific CU-328) from Fai Wong Stationary & Toys. The T160-U1 no longer worked because I possibly fully discharged it too frequent.
  • Salvaged a LanBao 2-way 4 splitter box for VHF/UHF/FM. Using a multimeter, accidentally discovered that it shorted the core pin with the metallic shield!!! Well... not too bad for a FM antennae though. But would this kill the whole building's TV antenna system? :)
  • The M5A99X EVO consumed about 60W when soft off; 240W max when running 3DMark06.
15 Nov
  • Replaced Asus M3N78-PRO with Asus M5A99X EVO. 4x4G DDR3-1333 passed memtest86 3 passes. Asus AI Suite 2.0 automatically overclocked AMD 910e from stock frequency of 2.6GHz to about 3.2GHz. The Asus driver CD booted to FreeDOS. Gparted LiveCD couldn't quite generate the correct partition table for the RAID 0 of SB950 chipset.
  • It seemed that Asus M3N78-PRO's USB 2.0 ports were not powered by sufficient current. I could connect the Canon LiDE70 scanner to M5A99X EVO without any connection problem, unlike M3N78-PRO! No more disconnection problem with iPod Touch 3 as well!
13 Nov
Bought following items from Centralfield:
  • Asus M5A99X EVO at HK$1390... (Dunno whether it's a display item as it seemed that not many players were buying AMD motherboards in this price range...)
  • 4 pcs of A-Data Premier DDR3-1333 at HK$155 each.
  • Window$ 7 Home Premium 64-bit English OEM at HK$939.
02 Nov
  • Win 7 BSOD nearly daily for the past week. Opened the chassis of M2N78-PRO, and re-plugged in all RAM modules and PCI/PCIe adapters.
03 Oct
  • Collected a new Logitech G500 mouse from Good-Century (Logitech distributor). The company said Logitech would not repair individual component of their mouse products, and the warranty would not be re-started from the date of replacement. Let's see whether I would be there again after 6-9 months of playing games with the G500...
  • Successfully re-installed the WinXP Home in Sony VAIO PCG-TR2 using an OEM WinXP Home CD. Its Motion-Eye camera no longer worked (driver problem?). It took me a lot of time to find its hokey utilities, until I found it in a mainland website Driver Sky, but it seemed that that utility affected the wireless 802.11b LAN.....
24 Sep
  • Suddenly, the M2N-E system lost its speaker input. Only the front panel worked. After a bit of trying and thinking, I re-installed the SoundMax audio driver, and it fixed the problem.But why did the driver fail?
  • The Quickcam Communicate Deluxe webcam on the HP m9088hk PC reported some memory problem. I re-installed its driver and hopefully it would work better.
  • Salvaged an Oregon Scientific OS11820L-HK wireless phone from my sister's daughters. The handset was supposed to use 3xAAA rechargeable batteries, but they inserted regular dry batteries. The handset no longer worked, and the phone's manual was lost.
22 Sep
  • Bought Hisago HA-201 1.5m 3.5mm male to RCA audio male OFC cable at hK$48 from Wing Shun Electronics.
20 Sep
  • Installed the Aerotek USB 3 adaptor into the HP Pavilion m9088k. Data transfer peaked at 18M Bbps only, because the PCI-e 1x slot of G33 was version PCI-e 1.0 only!!!! Well....
09 Sep
  • Jumbo replaced the PCIe USB 3.0 card in AE-6120 with another one. All 4 ports tested OK. But the card looked like an old one... :)
06 Sep
  • Testing the Aerotek AE-6120 and found that one USB port consistently detected an USB 3.0 device as an USB 2.0 one. Took the package back to Jumbo for a replacement. Unfortunately, it's out of stock. Needed to wait till tomorrow.
05 Sep
  • Bought Seagate Freeagent Goflex 2.5 inch USB 3.0 external hard disk at HK$699 from Comdex.
  • Bought Aerotek AE-6120 PCIe USB 3.0 2-port card with 2-port USB 3.0 front panel at HK$230 from Jumbo Computer.
01 Sep
  • Took the Logitech G500 mouse to its distributor for a repair. She said there was no more new G500 to replace it, and the distributor would not import more. Gave me 3 options: to replace it with an older+cheaper MX518, to add some money to get G700 or to send it back for repair. I decided to repair it. Needed to wait at least 2 weeks.
31 Aug
    Salvaged some un-used electronic stuffs from my sister:
  • X2 Plus capsule speaker
  • Nokia hand-free headphone microphone
  • Zometa/Femara gift wireless mouse with charger station
  • ChangJiang A968 mobile phone that could watch TV and hear FM with Bluetooth (got a logo like VAIO)
  • 3 pcs of old, dirty earbugs
29 Aug
  • Asus replaced the Xonar STX with what looked like a new one, with a different serial number.
22 Aug
  • Sent the Asus Xonar STX audio card to Asus for repair. Needed to wait about a week first.
  • Bought Unitek 4-port USB 2.0 bracket at HK$30 from Suntek Computer.
  • The 7 items I bought from Amazon was delivered with the help of my sister.
29 Jul
  • Bought Scene-Fit SDXC/SDHC/SD card reader HK$35 from eeio Limited.
27 Jul
  • One of the Nikon P100 battery had inflatted slightly, making it impossible to ject it by springs. Should have ejected the battery out of the camera body when the P100 was not in use.
26 Jul
  • Bought Canon PG-40 & CL-41 ink cartridges at HK$130 and HK$160 respectively from WellLand.
25 Jul
  • Bought Print-Rite ECO-Pro C3906A toner cartridge (for HP Laserjet 5L) at HK$210 from 8 Century. The Laserjet 5L no longer smeared.
24 Jul
  • Bought Daiso Clip-On Reading Glass (3.5x) at HK$10 from Jusco.
23 Jul
  • Measured power consumption of hard disks using the Century hard disk dock. Seagate 3.5" 7200.10 250G: 7W, 19W; Fujitsu 2.5" 120G: 1W, 7W; Hitachi 3.5" 7K1000.B 640G: 11W, 14W.
21 Jul
  • The Asrock E350M1 + 2x2G DDR3-1333 + Seagate 250G hard disk + 2 USB DMB-TH Tuners was pulling about 55W when fully loaded, 13W when soft-off. Not as low as I was expecting... maybe it's the 3.5" hard disk.
20 Jul
  • Ordered the following items from Amazon:
    • 58mm Filter Adaptor for Canon Powershot at US$10.45
    • Carson Optical Clip & Flip 2x Power Magnifying Lense at US$6.79
    • SilverStone 120mm Fan Filter with Grill at US$2.99
    • AmazonBasics 3-feet USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female cable at US$3.85
    • Belkin F8B024 8-inch Velcro Cable Ties at US$2.99
    • RiteAV - BNC Male to F-Type Female Adaptor at US$2.55
    • RiteAV - BNC Female to F-Type Coax Male Adaptor at US$0.49x2pcs
18 Jul
  • Bought following from Jumbo Computer:
    • LG GH24NS70 24x DVD Writer at HK$140
    • Asrock E350M1 at HK$832
    • 2 pcs of A-DATA Premier DDR3-1333 2G RAM at HK$110 each.
13 Jul
  • DDR3 RAM were really cheap now. 2G DDR3-1333 was about HK$110; 4G DDR3-1600, HK$350; 8G DDR3-1333, HK$1300. BTW, 4G DDR2-800 was about HK$650.
11 Jul
  • The replacement Logitech G500 mouse's left button started to double-click when I just clicked once. Time to replace it? But would its distrbutor replace it AGAIN? And expect it to failed again towards the end of 2011?
06 Jul
  • Bought Cable Pro USB cables for iPhone/Nokia/HTC/Backberry at HK$18 from Cheong Kee Electronics Co. Ltd.
03 Jul
  • Bought a mat for my computer chair at HK$26.9 from Japan Home Centre.
24 Jun
  • After weeks of observation, it seemed that the 6850 had to wait till the Philips monitor to display "No Video Output" before it could be powered on by hitting the PC's power button.
21 Jun
  • Bought Sanyo (It's printed on the invoice!) SA-WSP001 Portable Speaker at HK$15 from Battery Collection Ltd. It could be powered from USB or 3xAAA batteries. The 3.5mm audio and the USB to DC in cables were of poor quality, though they worked.
11 Jun
  • The plug of a LAN cable was loosen at one wired LAN port of the Asus WL-530G router . What confused me was that the wireless connections of the router was affected as well, making it impossible to access some but NOT ALL websites. This was really weird.....
  • It turned out it's HKBN's DNS servers that were caused the errors. Appended Google's public DNS service to the router's DNS list.
06 Jun
  • Trying to open the Polar USB hub and broke the mini-USB connector. Repaired it by heating the surface-mounted connections with the soldering iron. Couldn't believe that the connector was so loosely soldered.
  • Taking the chance, shorted the D+ & D- of one USB port after isolation from the hub's chip, and used it to charge the iPod. So far it worked, INCLUDING hot-plugging. In this solution, the Polar Hub was powered only from its own AC adaptor, not via a AC to USB adaptor as in the Samsung USB hub.
05 Jun
  • Bought Izumi XC-154 Shock Guard Pouch (180mm x 160mm) at HK$20 from Wonderfuland for the Uni-T multimeter.
02 Jun
  • Wrong arrangement of the resistors in the 3-resistor potential divider iPod charger. Should be: 50k 5V_D-,10K D-_D+, 40K D+_GND. It's lucky that the iPod was not fried!
31 May
  • Bought 2 pcs of 500mA slow blow fuse from WECL.
  • Bought 2x12Kohm and 2x27kohm resistors from WECL at HK$0.1 each.
  • Bought UNI-T UT33A digital multimeter at HK$120 from WECL. Auto-ranging except current measurement. 3-year warranty by WECL.
30 May
  • Soldered a 3-resistor potential divider onto another USB port of the Samsung Crystal Hub (10kOhm GND_D+, 40kOhm D+_D-, 50kOhm D-_5V). Seemed to work better than previous 2 solutions.
29 May
  • Attemped the iPod charer circuit at (basically, connecting one 150kOhm resistor over 5V--data+ and 5V-data-). It worked, but the iPod was not reporting the charging progress "accurately". And sometimes, the iPod would hang.
28 May
  • Bought following 1/4 film resistors ($0.5 each) and carbon resistors ($0.1 each) from WECL:
    • 150kOhm x 4 (carbon)
    • 10kOhm x 2 (film)
    • 40kOhm x 2 (film)
    • 50kOhm x 2 (film)
21 May
  • Bought a BS1362 13A fuse at HK$2 from Lei Wah Engineering.
20 May
  • Bought 2 pcs of grey RJ45 Post-assembly Strain Relief Boot at HK$3.0 from Intellitech.
  • Bought brandless DT830D digitial multimeter at HK$25 from Wing Win Electronics Metal Tools Ltd. Too bad it uses a 9V battery. And... it's blew up when I incorrectly set the meter to "A" (thinking that it's AC) when it should have been "V". It also blew the BS1362 13A fuse of the power bar, and the safety switch to my room jumped as well. Loud sound of explosion heard (the internal 500mA fuse of the digital multimeter). And the tip of the black lead were blown opened. And I should not have played with the new toy with the PC powered!!!!
  • Repaired the broken black lead of the old Konstar MT1015B analog multimeter. Also scanned its broken manuals into images.
19 May
  • The right handle of the thick $10 plastic glasses cracked near the hinge tonight. Repaired by glues.
17 May
  • By shorting the Data+ & Data- pins at the output end, converted one USB port of the sead Samsung USB hub into a iPod charger. Note that hot-plugging is NOT supported. Needed to first remove the power supply to the hub first, connected the iPod to the modified port, then powered it on via the AC adaptor.
12 May
  • Bought following HP02 inkjet cartridges from Tokyo Accessories for my sister's HP Photosmart printer: 1xYellow@HK$70, 1xMagenta@HK$70, 2xBlack@HK$130x2.
10 May
  • Worn only for a few days, the HK$10 pair of glass with thick plastic handle cracked at the left hinge. The _hard_ plastic might be too fragile... or was it... old glass re-furnished to be sold as new??? :)
08 May
  • Bought Daiso Precision Files (3pcs) at HK$10 from Jusco.
27 Apr
  • Panasonic NR-BT222 (made in Thailand) delivered and replaced the 10+ years old National NR-B17T1H (consuming about 96W, and made in Japan).
26 Apr
  • Mother placed an order for a Panasonic NR-BT222 (Silver) at HK$2550 from Best Buy Company. 5-year warranty by Shun Hing. Deposited HK$100, to be delivered tomorrow. The other choice was Hitachi RZ-190A7HV.
15 Apr
  • Yesterday by accident, discovered that the bundled USB cable of the Canon LiDE70 scanner could no longer supply enough current. Switching to the USB cable from the Century SATA hard disk stand. Today when I tried the trick again, it did NOT work anymore.
13 Apr
  • Installed the Asus Radeon 4850 into the Asus M2N-E. Too bad the Benq V2400ECO did not have a DVI port. It only accepted D-Sub and HDMI, and HDMI cable was still expensive!
  • Changed the monitor cable connecting the Philiips 220X1WS to HP m9088hk from D-Sub to DVI.
  • Collected a dead Samsung Pleomax Crystal USB Hub from the HP m9088hk. The Hub should have an AC adaptor (plug specification: 2.4mm outer, 0.7mm inner). Needed to search the drawers of its original owner ...
11 Apr
  • Bought Sapphire Radeon 6850 1G GDDR5 at HK$1380 from Centralfield.
    • 3dmark06 scored 14207 (SM2:5000,HDR:7000)
    • 3dMark Vantage scored P10100 (GPU:10599, CPU:8851)
09 Apr
  • Salvaged 2 iPod Touch covers from my sister's daughters.
07 Apr
  • Bought Polar PUH-003 powered 4-port USB hub at HK$56 from Tokyo Computer Accessories Co. Got 1 year warranty from Premiere Technology Co.
26 Mar
  • With the help of my father, tailored a piece of copper to be inserted into a AC-to-USB power adaptor as the Earth plonk. Unfortunately, it's too short and didn't quite work with sockets with safety cover.
24 Mar
  • Bought Man Wah polishing tools (even-smooth-buff) at HK$30 from Wonderfuland.
22 Mar
  • Bought Kib Silicone Cup Cover (88mm) at HK$11.9 from Jusco.
  • Bought following items from PriceRite:
    • SOHO Mesh System KCT-2579 ledge at HK$23.90.
    • Happy Office tac patafix (80x) at HK$9.9
    • 3M Command Damage-Free Hanging (8 clips, 12 mini-strips) at HK$33.5.
21 Mar
  • After repairing the light bulb socket (cap size E27) on the ceiling, I stepped on the edge of the toilet seat to get down. The toilet cover instantly shattered into 4 pcs. It's lucky that I did not step on the center of the toilet cover.
20 Mar
  • Added 2 3mm green LEDs to a 1/100 GN-002 Gundam Dynames plastic model.
  • Modified a USB cable to power the 2 LEDs (using 2 100 Ohm resistors) via a cheap AC to USB power adaptor. Oh no... the USB cable was interfering the AM radio. The ground pin of the AC to USB power adaptor was PLASTIC, not metal.
19 Mar
  • Blown the 2 green LED by passing 500mA to them.
  • Boguht 4 pcs of 3mm bright green LED (Japanese) at HK$1x4 from Tak Sing.
14 Mar
  • Bought a Japanese safety cutting knife (color pink,with 5 replacement blades) at H$12 from Jusco.
  • Bought following items from Cheong Kee Electronics:
    • 1 meter of 1.5mm heat-sink tubes (blue) at HK$2
    • 1 meter of 2.0mm heat-sink tubes (red) at HK$2.5
    • 1 meter of 2.0mm heat-sink tubes (black) at HK$2.5
    • 1 meter of 2.5mm heat-sink tubes (yellow) at HK$3
    • 2 x 3mm bright LED (green) at HK$2x1
    • 2 x 2-pin motherboard connector with 40cm wires at HK$1.5x2
  • Bought 2 x 51ohm 1/2W resister at HK$0.2x2 from WECL.
13 Mar
  • Salvaged 3 pcs of 100 Ohm resistors (1/4W?) from a dead power supply.
08 Mar
  • Bought replacement battery for the CU328 radio-phone from Oregon Scientific at HK$45. It's actually a GP T160-U1 Cordless Phone nickel metal hydride battery with 2-pin universal plug (3.6V, 600mAh). The original one had 1200mAh.
  • Bought two Hitachi 7K1000.C HDS721010CLA332 1TB SATA2 hard disks at HK$2x385 from Centralfield.
  • Bought 40x2-pin 2.54mm header pin (11.8mm) from WECL at HK$3.
06 Mar
  • Bought another Duolexi bag at HK$30 from Wonderfuland.
01 Mar
  • Took the Mygica TD-312 back to Everbest (distributor). It was replaced by antoher one (different serial number).
27 Feb
  • Bought two 5x pairs of glasses at HK$10 each from Jusco.
26 Feb
  • The Mygica TD-312 caused "USB over current status" when the PC started up.
  • Broke the nickel frame of a pair of 5x glasses at its right hinge.
25 Feb
  • Bought two pcs of SOHO Mega Mesh KCT-3178 Ledges (34cmx9cm) at HK$17.9 from PriceRite.
17 Feb
  • Bought following from PriceRite:
    • SOHO KCT-2862 Mesh System Shelf (600x350x40mm) at HK$95.9
    • SOHO KCT-2879 Mesh System Stopper (3x4.5cm) at HK$17.9
14 Feb
  • Bought Kingston 8G Micro-SD card (Class 4) from Fine-up at HK$82.
13 Feb
  • Bought Tamiya putty (Basic Type) 32g from Wonderfuland at HK$25.
  • Bought Selleys Knead It epoxy putty (Reshape, Rebuild, Repair) 50g at HK$25 from Japan Home Centre.
11 Feb
  • Donated the P3 800MHz, Asus CUBX, and their relevant components to Caritas Computer Recycling program. I could request a receipt, but I didn't.
25 Jan
  • Bought Philips SHE9621 in-ear earphone at HK$220 from Fortress. It came with an interesting carrying pouch, which was of the right size to hold both the earphone and the Philips SA2945 MP3 player.
  • Bought a small water bottle with fine tip at HK$2.5.
15 Jan
  • Tested the old fan (Foxconn PV902512L) of the HP m9088hk in an old PC. It could rotate at 22xx RPM fine. Seemed that the motherboard of the HP m9088hk had other problems...
  • Found a BIOS update for the motherboard of HP m9088hk (Asus IPIBL-LA). Should it be installed? :)
14 Jan
  • Replaced the 90mm system fan (back-panel) in the HP m9088hk. The new fan was capable of 2000 RPM, but the motherboard was limiting it to about 800 RPM...
  • Replaced the PC-to-router LAN cable with a repaired and longer one.
13 Jan
  • Bought Daiso Stainless Mini Diagonal Plier (115mm, for soft wire under 0.8 mm) at HK$10 from Jusco 10-dollar Store. Should be sharp enough for plastic models.
11 Jan
  • The vibrating alert in the 3710 suddenly worked. What happened while I was sleeping last night?
10 Jan
  • Bought Nokia 3710 Fold at HK$1338 from Broadway (gifts: Hello Kitty carrying bag, one battery). Vibrating alert not working. Shop recommended by my mother. :)
09 Jan
  • Gift from sister's husband: Magic TV MTV3000 HDTV set-top box. It pulled a max of 30W. Unfortunately, its USB ports were dead. No invoice as well.
  • Perfect Pihel HDMI cable (version 1.3, 1.8M).
  • Following items bought from Amazon USA and delivered by sister from USA:
    • Tamrac TR406 ZipShot compact, ultra-light Tripod at US$43.95
    • Kidz-Med 5-in-1 Non-contact thermometer at US$39.99
    • LRI FMWC Photon Freedom white LED Keychain Micro-light (with Cover) at US$10.80.
    • CE01-IPO 2xAA Emergency Charger at US$6.
  • Un-used Canon Powershot S5 IX with following accessories from sister:
    • Canon LH-DC40 58mm lens hood.
    • Canon LA-DCS8E Conversion Lens Adapter.
    • Canon WC-DC58A 0.75x Wide Converter Lens.
    • Canon TC-DC58B 1.5x Tele-Converter Lens.
    • Canon SpeedLite 430EX flash light. Usable by Canon SX30IS.
08 Jan
  • Bought PC Cooler 92mm LED fan at HK$29 from Hang Chong in New Golden. This was the shop that issued the cash memo without company name!
  • Bought 3 pcs of white RJ45 Post-assembly Strain Relief Boot at HK$4.5 and 20 pcs of AMP RJ-45 module plugs at HK$35 from Intellitech.
  • Well ... the 92mm PC Cooler fan was too slow. Needed to be about 750 RPM for the HP m9088hk BIOS to stop reporting "System Fan Failure"!
  • The CMOS data of the m9088hk was cleared again when Win Vi$ta was shutdown.....
  • Bought a AVC 92mm fan (no LED) at HK$10 from SunTek Computer. Hope this one would rotate faster...
06 Jan
  • Bought Revoltec 80mm 3-pin LED fan (with 4 screws) at HK$10 from ... where wast the shop name in the cash memo?
  • Oops! The back panel fan of HP m9088hk was a 90mm fan.
04 Jan
  • Bought 3 fine paint-brushes at HK$15 from WonderLand.
01 Jan
  • Replaced the dead 80mm fan in the 775i65G Ubuntu server.


23 Dec
  • Turned out that AMD 910e was not stable enough at FSB of 255MHz. Falling back to 250MHz.
21 Dec
  • Setting memory on M3N78-PRO to Unganged mode, overclocking the AMD 910e to a FSB of 255MHz. 3DMark06 scored 13183 (SM2:5012, HDR:5790, CPU:4650). Someone claimed that the FSB of 910e could go 300MHz with the proper CPU cooler.
17 Dec
  • Updated firmware of GSA-GH24NS50 to XP02. The disk activity LED now flashed more frequently...
04 Dec
  • Took the Mygica TD-312 HDTV Tuner back to Comdex for a check. The technician found that the bundled USB cable was at fault. Nevertheless, DVBViewer Pro still failed to find any channel. Both TotalMedia & MultiViewer worked, BUT not the subtitles!!!
03 Dec
  • Sold the AMD X2 3800+ at HK$140.
  • Bought Mygica TD-312 5-in-1 tuner (DVB-T, DMB-TH, DAB, DAB+, FM) at HK$269 from Comdex. It used Realtek chipset. Unfortunately, it didn't work at all! Both DAB radio and DMB-TH HDTV channel scan found nothing.
01 Dec
  • The Logitech G500 mouse sometimes double-clicked when I hit the left button just once. Took it to distributor for a repair. Filled in ticket 39 and got a new G500 as replacement. The bottom of the new one was a bit different from the old one.
07 Nov
  • Upgraded the CPU of GA-785GPM-UD2H from AMD Athlon X2 3800+ to AMD Athlon II X2 245. Also flashed its BIOS to the latest version.
06 Nov
  • Replaced the battery in M2N-E with a relatively new GP CR2032.
04 Nov
  • Sold the Soundblaster Audigy 4 at HK$140.
03 Nov
  • Discovered that the big, black eSATA cable of the Century harddisk stand was the cause of connection problem. My guess was the notches on the metallic clip, which got flattened after prolong use. But it's not. Maybe the plugs were damaged internally. The plugs were used for about 50 times only.
  • Data seemed to move faster in the new shorter, thiiner, red eSATA cable compared to the original black one.
02 Nov
  • Installed AMD X4 910e into Asus M3N78-PRO. 3DMark06 scored 12247 (SM2.0:4750, HDR/SM3.0:5616, CPU Score: 3738).
  • Overclocking the 910e from 2.6GHz to 3GHz, 3DMark06 scored 12807 (SM2.0:4898, HDR/SM3.0:5731, CPU Score: 4254). 3DMark Vantage scored P8768 (GPU: 8266, CPU:10720).
  • The HP Pavilion m9088hk lost its CMOS settings again. Time to play with BIOS password....
31 Oct
  • Bought AMD Phenom II X4 910e at HK$1340 from Comdex.
28 Oct
  • HP m9088hk reported system fan failure!
27 Oct
  • Went back to Hey Hey Trading and got HK$10 refunded!
26 Oct
  • Went back to Hey Hey Trading and replaced the HK10 card reader (orange) with another one (blue). It still didn't work!
24 Oct
  • Bought a eye-glasses strap at HK$10 from Jusco.
  • Bought a short eSATA cable at HK$20 from Tan Tat Computer. Gotta find out why the Century eSATA dock was no longer reliable ...
  • Bought two 2-pin UK-to-US travel power adaptor at HK$2x8 from Wah Leun Trading.
  • Bought Siyoteam SY-380 SD/MicroSD card reader at HK$15 from A Grade Technology. It came with a short strap, and it just works! The circular plastic packaging could possibly be used to restore a broken magnifying glass!! :)
23 Oct
  • Bought a HK$10 SDHC card reader from Hey Hey Trading. Didn't work at all.
  • Bought 3 pcs of british-to-US travel adaptors at HK$3x9 from Wang Yip Tools.
22 Oct
  • The Siyoteam SD card-reader was fried when being plugged in together with the Aten powered USB hub.
19 Oct
  • Bought Hitachi 500G 2.5-inch hard disk (7200rpm, SATA) at HK$478 from Jumbo. Also purchased Win 7 Home Premium Upgrade at HK$920 for the Fujitsu A6030.
16 Oct
  • Mother bought me a Asko SK-129 Travel Kettle at HK$169 from Panasonic showroom.
13 Oct
  • Bought Class 10 Toshiba 4G SDHC card from Hunder Computer at HK$108.
11 Oct
  • Bought Canon Powershot SX30 IS at HK$3380 from Wing Shing Photo Supplies. The price included a Class 4 Transcend 8G SHDC card, a Sido NB-7L 850mA battery and a camera bag.
09 Oct
  • Mapping the Left Button while inside a MAMEppk game, I set it to "Hat Switch L Button 16". Then I exited the game, and started it again. That Left Button became "Hat Switch L & Button 15". I needed to remap it to "Hat Switch L Button 16" again.
  • Took the stick back to Videocom and got another one. Same problem! Seemed that it's the bug of MAME.
07 Oct
  • Bought Blaza/TGB PS3 Fighting Stick at HK$169 from Videocom. Both 64-bit & 32-bit drivers were available from website !
  • The joystick was reported as a POV hat by the driver. I could use it to replace the dead hat switch on the old Thrustmaster FCS. BTW, Thrustmaster released a new stick called Hotas Warthong (A-10C).
19 Sep
  • Bought Daiso LED light with holder (white) at HK$10 froM Jusco.
31 Aug
  • Bought a Mingle freezer thermometer at HK$15.9 from Man Fung Household.
29 Aug
  • Bought Antec EarthWatts EA-430D Green 430W power supply at HK$478 from Cnetralfield.
  • Bought SATA-to-eSATA bracket at HK$30 from Tan Tat Computer.
28 Aug
  • BIOS settings of m9088hk was lost again. Moved the Antec EA-380 power supply of Asus M2N-E to m9088hk. Now Asus M2N-E was using the old Antec TruePower II 550EPS12V.
  • One interesting thing: the dogs barked at the Antec TruePower II 550EPS12V when I took it out. When I put it down on the floor, the dogs sniffed it!!! Guess why? Ghost? :)
27 Aug
  • Bought 2pcs of Maxell CR2032 from a road-side stall of Ap Liu Street at HK$3. Replaced the battery of the HP Pavilion m9088hk again.
  • Received a iPod Touch 64G (3rd Generation) from my sister as gift. She bought a Apple MacBook and got it as free gift.
18 Aug
  • Bought Toshiba Micro-SD Card 1G at HK$35 from Hunder.
04 Aug
  • Bought a 3-pin fan cable extension at HK$5 from Cache Computer.
01 Aug
  • Bought Camelion Solar Flashlight keychain at HK$15 from Wonderfuland.
19 Jul
  • Hitachi RA10KF delivered and installed within an hour by a 3-men team.
18 Jul
  • Bought CoolerMaster Sickle Flow 12cm fan (90 CBM, 19 dB, green LED, 12V, 0.37A, A12025-20RB-3BN-F1) at HK$55 from Capital.
16 Jul
  • The integrated IBM Trackpoint mouse of the Endura Pro keyboard was not functioning properly, moving the mouse cursor downward continusouly. Was it damaged by me playing too much 1st-person-shooter games? Tapping [F] & [G} seemed to fix it...
15 Jul
  • Placed HK$500 deposit (total HK$2800 including installation fee) for a Hitachi RA10KF air-conditioner from Best Buy Co.
09 Jul
  • General AK910FNR installed by 2-men team. Not as cold as I expected, but it did reduce the room temperature by a few degree Celsius. It's quiet, but there was some noise when the vertical louvres rub aginast the case. After a few hours of operation, quite an amount of water flowed out of the machine.
06 Jul
  • General AK910FNR was deliverd, however, side up. The box had a sign "DO NOT LAY DOWN". I hope they didn't drop it when unloading. BTW, mother said keep the box untouched in case something inside broke... :)
02 Jul
  • Bought General AK910FNR air-conditioner (including installation & removal of the old Hitachi RA-10BFD) at HK$3590 from Jusco. Took the free bus to go back home.
  • Bought Meyer Circulon small frying pan at HK$279 from Jusco.
30 Jun
  • The Mix USB HDTV tuner seemed to be dead.... further testing needed.
  • Unable to find the Magic-Pro ProHDTV 3. Where was it?
27 Jun
  • Bought a Daiso Japan camera blower-brush at HK$10 from Jusco.
25 Jun
  • Saw Thrustmaster T. Flight Hotas X at about HK$550 in Radar Software. But the website was only offering a 64-bit Vi$ta driver....
  • After setting the mode switch of the Rockfire gameport-to-USB adaptor to 3 (4-axis 4-button joystick), both the old Thrustmaster FCS & WCS Mark II now worked. But the buttons on the WCS could no longer work as its keyboard controller was no longer compatible with modern USB keyboards. The hat switch on the FCS was also unable to work. If there was a way to add the hat switch axis to the Rockfire...
  • Even with the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick, it's still very hard to fly planes & helicopters in Battlefield 2... :)
20 Jun
  • Updated the firmware of Nikon P80 to 1.1 after fully charging the battery!
19 Jun
  • Installed the Hitachi 500G harddisk into my sister's HP Pavilion m9088hk PC. It now runs 64-bit Vi$ta Ultimate (rather than the 32-bit Vi$ta Home Premium OEM), using all 4G DDR2 RAM!
  • Borrowed Nikon P80 from my sister.
  • Borrowed a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick from my sister's husband.
16 Jun
  • Bought Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C HDS721050*CLA*362 3.5-inch 500G harddisk from Centralfield at HK$303.
13 Jun
  • Bought a 17cm white Cornell dish from Jusco at HK$40.
  • The DEF-299S webcam was broken after falling a few times into the floor. When trying to repair it, broke the red-white-green-black USB wire connections to the webcam.
12 Jun
  • The SmartPower SP400 could not reliably power the old P3-1.4GHz system. Time to replace it and throw it away!
  • HKBN spent about an hour and installed the 100M broadband connection!
09 Jun
  • Placed order for HKBN 100M broadband services. Installation fee HK$380, monthly fee HK$99 and a 12-month contract. Expected installation date 12 Jun time 1630-1830. HKBN would test my VISA account with a HK$50 transaction, which would be refunded to me within 22 days. Prepaidment of HK$220 needed.
  • Gifts from the plan: 2-year license NOD32, free trial (note: free trial only) IDD 0030.
07 Jun
  • Bought 2 casters from a newsgroup user at HK$20. It's not an exact match to the original casters on my 602C office chair. Their main axles was about 3mm shorter.
04 Jun
  • The replacement caster bought from Tai Yip had broken. And Tai Yip was no longer in business.
01 Jun
  • The Antec SmartPower II 400W power supply was unable to power the P4i65G+Pentium 4+4 USB devices. When more than 3 USB devices were plugged, the USB mouse or the LAN chip might both lost power and got disconnected; sometimes the whole system got powered off instantly. Replaced it with the TruePower 550W.
30 May
  • Bought a Aten UH275-A pocket-size 4-port USB hub with power adapter at HK$98 from G&O. The DC plug of the power adapter exactly matched the DC-in socket in the Hitachi X Mobile 250G USB hard disk.
26 May
  • Hitachi GST replied that the X Mobile external harddisk could use a 5V 1A external power adapter ((Tip size: 3.4mm OD x1.3mm ID).
22 May
  • It seemed that the X-Mobile external hard disk needed a lot of power. Both the M2N-E & the HP m9088hk could not power it up. Only click-click sound could be heard. Unlike the Neso, DO NOT move it when it's doing read-write!
  • Installed the Antec EA-380D into the Gigabyte MA785GPM-UD2SH. Power consumption reduced from about 120W to about 80W.
21 May
  • Bought activated charcoal (from bamboo) at HK$12.9 from Japan Home Centre. Going to use it to remove the strange smell in a wooden cabinet.
  • Bought Hitachi X Mobile 250G hard disk at HK$390 from Comdex. 2.5-inch hard disk inside and required 2 USB connections for power. Oh no.. the disk was dated as old as 2005... :)
  • Bought Hitachi Neso 320G hard disk at HK$475 from Comdex. 2.5-inch hard disk and required only 1 USB connection. Came with a ALevel hard disk coat. The disk was sealed in plastic, without any air inlet for cooling. Maybe the disk really wasn't hot....
  • Both the X-Mobile & the Neso peaked at a write speed of about 25MB/second as reported by Win 7 for a typical drag-and-drop copying.
  • The Neso coat was elastic, but it's very stretched after putting in the drive and the USB cable! Would it las long? :)
17 May
  • Bought a Santus sharp tip forcep (HK$4), a Tombo Adhesive Stick (HK$3) and a Cox CL30 Correction Pen (HK$7) from Tak Li in Kwun Tong!
16 May
  • Bought StarkTex Soldering Iron Stand at HK$17 from WECL.
  • Saw Print-Rite C3906A toner for HP LaserJet 5L at HK$185.
  • 1G DDR2-800 now priced at about HK$200!! As expensive as DDR3!
15 May
  • Bought Antec EA-380D 380W power supply at HK$406 from Jumbo.
  • A small pcs of plastic fell out of a USB port in the 4-port USB bracket! Why did the manufacturer use fragile plastic not molex? :)
12 May
  • The cheap EnerPlus 380W could no longer power the HDTV server. Replaced it with the Antec SP400 power supply. The fans' noise sounded differently after doing it. So this explained what happened on 06 May & 19 Apr!
  • Now all my DIY PCs were using Antec power supplies!
11 May
  • Bought a female-to-female USB 2.0 plug from Cache Computer at HK$10.
07 May
  • Bought a DIY F-connector at HK$6 from Yau Shing.
  • Bought another DIY F-connector at HK$5 from WECL.
  • Bought a Super 1023 1-in-3-out F-cable splitter at HK$21 from Tak Shing Electronic Metal Equipments Ltd. It's definitely better than using two 1-in-2-out cable TV splitter snapped together! Less noise!
  • On the way home, bought a Scrabble card decks at HK$20 from a street-wise stall. It's 50% cheaper than the one I saw in big toy shops!
06 May
  • The Radeon X1300 was back to normal. What's going on?
  • Overclocking the P3 1.4GHz to 1.7GHz@1.6V. Total power consumption increased from 145W to 175W!! The system had: the CPU, 1 pcs of 512M SDRAM, Radeon X1300, 1 Intel Pro 100 network card, 1 USB 2.0 adaptor, 1 IBM Deskstar 120G hard disk, 2 DMB-TH HDTV USB tuner, 1 SoundBlaster Live sound card.
  • Found that a household 10-inch fan was using about 40W.
05 May
  • Bought XigmaTek XLF XF-1253 120mm case fan (12V, 0.20A) at HK$64 from Jumbo. It got 4 white LED, with a speed of 1500rpm & an air flow of 61 CFM.
04 May
  • The Radeon 9000 was back to normal, after being powered on for about 30 minutes and had its DVI port connected to the 220WS monitor. Weird....
01 May
  • Bought 1 pcs GP CR2032 lithium battery at HK$6 and 10 pcs Matsusho LR41 batteries at HK$10 from Japan Home Centre.
  • Installed the new CR2032 into M3N78-PRO.
27 Apr
  • That USB port was not properly installed. It's a little too deep, so I needed to use a bit of force to push a device to make contact...
  • Replaced the battery of the M3N78-PRO motherboard with another used one as the motherboard was forgetting BIOS setup. :)
26 Apr
  • Bought GTR G400 computer chassis at HK$315 from Comdex. The case put the power supply at the bottom, and two 120mm fans. It got more 3.5-inch bays than my old one. The front panel was fully meshed. Came with 2 USB and 1 eSATA port. The design was very much the same as CoolerMaster Centurion II. The inside of the chassis was also baked with a layer of shinny black paint.
  • Oops... the power LED was broken. Needed to go back to Comdex's technical support center to replace it. BTW, the eSATA port was slightly damaged!
  • Well, the right USB port didn't work. Further testing tomorrow!
25 Apr
  • Bought Bandai MG 1/100 Gundam Exia Ignition Mode plastic model kit at HK$275 from WhamPao Wonderfuland. Its GN Drive was built from a 3mm LED & two LR-41 batteries.
  • A 1-cm long column of defective pixesl appeared at the upper right corner of the Philips 220WS8 monitor. Did I miss it when I bought the monitor?
22 Apr
  • The old Radeon 9000 displayed blue squares when powered on, rendering it un-usable.
21 Apr
  • Bought a JiaTong 10-feet male-to-male 3.5mm audio cable at HK$18, and a male-to-female 3.5mm right angle audio plug at HK$10. Replaced the damaged one from the HP m9088hk.
19 Apr
  • The Grandmars X1300 died! It possibly killed the DVI port on the HP w1907 monitor as well!
  • With the help of my father, re-sized the backpanel area of the old Patiot computer chasis.
18 Apr
  • Bought a Titan (japanese) Magic Hook for shower head at HK$37 from Jusco.
16 Apr
  • The HP m9088hk no longer reported correct time, causing certificate error when surfing GMail. Repalced the battery with a 100% new CR2032.
10 Apr
  • Bought 10pcs TDK CD-RW at HK$39 from G&O.
09 Apr
  • Taken the black A-Data C702 8G USB flash drive to A-Data's service center for a replacement. The technician said the warranty did not cover using NTFS in the drive. Anyway, he replaced my drive.
29 Mar
  • Bought Philips GoGear Spark SA2945/97 MP3 player (4G memory) at HK$388 from Ask Super Outlet. The coupon said HK$368. Puzzling....
  • The SA2945 would suddenly reconnected itself during bulk copying. Needed to tell Win 7 to retry. This was likely the result of SA2945 trying to re-generate the files at the root folder of its storage! Also, the USB port of the Unitek internal card reader of my Asus M3N78-PRO was possibly faulty (too loose...).
27 Mar
  • Bought a 10x (loupe, 25mm) and a 3x+6x (racket style, 50mm) magnifying glass from Jusco at HK$10 each.
25 Mar
  • The Celeron 430 Ubuntu server crashed. Reducd overclocking FSB speed from 255 to 240.
  • Bought Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse at HK$549 from Manic.
13 Mar
  • US Robotics replied that the 5610C had only 2 years of warrnty. So there would be no free replacement. US Robotics also refused to repair it even if I paid service charges.
07 Mar
  • Spent an hour hiking from Hung Hom to Sham Shui Po, and bought LG GH24-NS50 DVD burner (bulk) at HK$170 from Comdex. Could go 24x when reading. Bundled software was LG Power Tools (licensed from Cyberlink I believe) rather than Nero 9!
  • Replaced the erratic LG H62L (which seemed to stall when reading some discs).
23 Feb
  • Changed the dial-up modem at the Linux server from USR5610C PCI modem to USR5637 USB modem. 5637 appeared as /dev/ttyACM0. Unbelievable! The random disconnection problem with Win 7 no longer happeneded! So the 5610C might have problem....
21 Feb
  • Bought a set of hexagonal screw driver (3mm-5mm, 5 pcs) at HK$10 from Jusco $10 market.
  • Bought 4 pcs of 2.1cm anti-slip furniture leg covers at HK$10 from Jusco $10 market. Oops.. it's about 1mm too big.
  • The HP m1148hk plus the 15-inch Topcon LCD monitor were given to my mother's hometown in Hoi Ping of Canton. They were carried by a newly wed couple from the village.
20 Feb
  • After upgrading the BIOS of 775i65G to 3.30, unable to run Celeron 430 at 260MHz. Reduced FSB to 255MHz. Also discovered that 775i65G could not underclock the RAM at 133Mhz.
  • Sister reported that the HP m9088hk reported "System Fan Failure". Opened the case, cleaned all dust, all fans spinning properly. Also upgraded the driver for 8600GT to 196.21.
17 Feb
  • Overclocking the Celeron 430 of the Ununtu server at FSB 260Mhz from 200MHz (RAM FSB at 207Mhz).
12 Feb
  • Bought a BoomCity internal card reader at HK$40 from Comdex. Paired it wih the re-assembled HP m1148hk PC.
  • Bought 2 cable TV male plugs at Hk$6x2 from Wing Sing.
08 Feb
  • Bought Nippon cable TV 1-male-2-female splitter at HK$12 from
05 Feb
  • Bought Mygica D689 mini DMB-TH USB tuner at HK$249 from Comdex. The Altobeam chip in D689 seemed to be better than ProHDTV 3 & Mix in terms of reception power....
03 Feb
  • At about 13:30, the Antec TruePower New 650W "exploded" with smoke coming out of the power supply, with some light yellow fluid coming out and bad smell.
  • Installed the old SmartPower 400W into the PC as interim solution.
  • At 16:00, arrived at Altech (distributor for Antec). Waited about 10 minutes and the technician came back. He examined the unit and smelled it, then promptly gave me a new one (hopefully not RMA).
  • I opened the new TPN-650 when I arrived hone via rail. Wait! Where was the "Warranty voided if seal opened" sticker which was present in the exploded one? Was this one tempered with by someone in Altec or ANtec?
  • BTW, someone said at exactly 5:03pm, 2 persons (one woman & one baby) jumped off a tall building in Tusen Wan and died. Altech's office was in room 2503!!! Believe it or not!!!
01 Feb
  • After re-attaching and re-aranging the cables to the H62L, and switched to another SATA port, everything was back to normal!
31 Jan
  • The LG H62L SATA DVD-burner was not working properly. Interestingly, the LG 4167B IDE DVD-burner was still working fine. Is there something to do with the quality of LG's new products?
  • At the same time, the Vi$ta startup was not as smooth as before. Might need a re-installation.
29 Jan
  • Run 3DMark Vantage on AMD X2 245 + 4850. Scored P6201 (GPU:7152, CPU:4434).
21 Jan
  • Bought 3 audio cables (male-female) and a USB extension cable at HK$26+12.
20 Jan
  • Collected the Philips 170B5 from my sister's home as she bought a new Philips 220X1 and two Benq V2400 Eco monitors. Attached the 170B5 to the Ubuntu server.
  • Also collected a HP w1907 19-inch monitor. It consumed about 31W when activate; 7W when sleeping.
07 Jan
  • Bought 8 screw-rings of size M2 at HK$2 from Kin Cheong.
  • Bought M2.5 bolt tightener at HK$8 from Yau Shing.
06 Jan
  • Bought 8 screw-rings of size M2.6 at HK$2 from Kin Cheong. Too bad it's still too large for the DuOrb heatsink fan!
  • Saw Sapphire Radeon 5770 at aroud HK$1300; Philips 244E1 24-inch LCD monitor, HK$1690.


27 Dec
  • Bought another Zenxin water cup at HK$5 from !
  • Bought a Mingle freezer thermometer at HK$15.9 from Man Fung Household! Got a suction cup.
14 Dec
  • Bought mini-vise from Jusco 10-dollar store at HK$10. Should be strong enough for making plastic models! Amazon was selling it as well: !! Ouch... bad customer reviews!!!
06 Dec
  • Bought a 200ml Zenxin water cup at HK$5 from ! It called itself "space glass" and claimed to support both hot and cold water.
30 Nov
  • Bought Asus Xonar Essence STX at Hk$1200 from Comdex. It really did make a difference, compared to the old Audigy 4.... Is it time to consider upgrading the old Atec-Lansing speakers? Also, how could I borrow the cheaper version of Xonar for a comparison? :)
29 Nov
  • Bought Green LED button light at HK$10 from Jusco.
  • Bought a phosphrus light ball at HK$10 from Jusco.
21 Nov
  • Bought Epoxy Fix Super Fast glue at HK$17.5 from Japan Home Centre..
17 Nov
  • Bought some plastic rings and wire ears at HK$3+4 from Kin Cheong.
15 Nov
  • Needed to use modem command "&14" to lock the dial-in ppp's maximum speed at 28800 baud!!! But Win7 still couldn't play nice, disconnecting randomly!
  • Bought Toshiba 2G SD card at HK$69 from Hunder.
13 Nov
  • Bought Philips SPC530NC Webcam at HK$238 from Fine-up. Not bad at close distance (could read text) and supported 3x digital zoom. Came with 32-bit as well as 64-bit driver!
02 Nov
  • Bought DEF-299S webcam (built-in speaker and microphone) at HK$99 from G&O Limited. Claimed to support Linux. Used built-in driver under Vi$ta. Under Linux,it reported itself as "eMPIA Technology, Inc. EeePC 701 integrated Webcam". Ubuntu auto-loaded uvcvideo.ko for it.
30 Oct
  • Upgraded from 32-bit Ubuntu-9.04 to 64-bit Ubuntu-9.10 after changing the server hardware from P3-700+Asus CUBX to Celeron 430+Asrock 775i65G! The whole process took about 4 hours.
  • Price of Radeon 4850 has fallen to about HK$9xx! Radeon 5850 was priced at about HK$2200!
26 Oct
  • Bought 3pcs of 8mmx100mm heat-melt glue stick from Kin Cheung at HK$1!!!
21 Oct
  • The Unitek internal card reader failed to read a 32G memory stick. I guess the reader was really dead..... T.T
14 Oct
  • Took the 2pcs of Kingston DDR2-667 RAM to Synnex in Kwai Fong by railway (HK$7.3). Waited 10 minutes and Synnex replaced them with 2 pcs of new Kingston DDR2-800 RAM. The new modules were half the height of the old DDR2-667.
  • To praise the good, I bought a full verion Window$ Vi$ta Ultimate Retail Box (with blue label for upgrading to Win 7) at HK$2550 from Radar Software. Registered at Micro$oft HK shortly for Win 7.
  • It seemed that Gigabyte had incorrectly colored the microphone output socket as orange rather than pink in MA785GPM-UD2H..
12 Oct
  • Emptied the inside of the HP Pavilion hp1148hk PC and installed the MA785GPM-UD2H system into it. The clear plastic spring for its power button had been shattered. Unfortunately, the line-in at the front panel could not work as there was no such header in MA785GPM-UD2H.
  • Further testing found that one of the 2 pcs of Kingston DDR-667 was damaged.for unknown reason. Let's see whether the life-time warranty was true.... :)
10 Oct
  • Bought Gigabyte GA-MA785GPM-UD2H at HK$718 from Jumbo.
  • Bought a Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.B 32SLA360 320G SATA hard disk at HK$331 from Jumbo. Hey... why the disk was lighter than the ones I owned.... Interesting...
  • Aseembled a new PC out of MA785GPM-UD2H, the new 320G hard disk, AMD X2 3800+ & spare DDR2 RAMs. 3dMark06 scored 1395 (SM2.0 464, HDR 541, CPU 1487). The whole PC was pulling about 115W when running 3DMark06; 75W, when not.
  • Discovered that the Kingston DDR2-667 RAM could not work with the new 785G mothebroard!!! The motherboard long-beepded 3 times!
08 Oct
  • Collected the TruePower New 650W from Jumbo, paying the outstanding (the salesperson made a mistake in EPS transaction and refunded me HK$100 of cash). The TP-650 is 80plus Bronze certified and came with cable management. It used a big 8-inch fan rather than 2 smaller fans as in TruePower 2.0. The product also had a 5-year warranty!!!
  • After replacing the TruePower 2.0 550W in the M3N78-PRO PC, total power consuymption reduced by about 50W and inside the case temperature is about 4 degree Celsius cooler!!! Unbelievable... The stock permanent cables are sufficient for my PC (need an extra 4-pin molex to SATA power).
07 Oct
  • Placed an order for Antec TruePower New TPN-650 from Jumbo with deposit HK$100 (price was HK$790).
06 Oct
  • Bought 2 pairs of 3x metal-frame glasses from Optical Inn at HK$15x2.
  • BOught a pair of 3x total plastic glasses from Wai Hing Telecom & Gifts at HK$48. The glasses have soft, flexible arms.
04 Oct
  • Bought a set of handheld drills for plastic models from WonderLand Superstore at HK$50 (and a set of go chess at HK#32).
30 Sep
  • Needed to disable "USB Legacy Support" in the BIOS of HP4088hk in order to enter WinXP with USB printer HP C4345 plugged in and powered on. Otherwise, the PC would freeze at the WinXP loader screen. The good thing is: the user could no longer accidentally boot into the recovery mode and format her own hard disk.
  • Changed the 300W Bestec power supply in HP4088hk PC with the Antec SP400.
29 Sep
  • Bought 5pc-a-set Matsusho CR2016 batteries from Japan Home Centre at HK$10.
28 Sep
  • Bought Energizer X-Focus X113 flashlight that uses 1xAAA battery at HK$30 from Hung Wan Trading. Oops... it's not a LED bulb.
21 Sep
  • Bought another Pal TV plugs at HK3.5 from a stall in Ap Liu Street.
18 Sep
  • Bought two AMP RJ45 8-pin plug at HK$4 from WECL.
  • Bought a female-to-PAL converter at HK$12 from WECL.
  • Bought a dP post-assembly RJ45 Snap-on boot (grey) at HK$1.5 from IntelliTech System.
  • Bought two Pal TV plugs at HK3.5x2 from a stall in Ap Liu Street.
10 Sep
  • Bought dP post-assembly RJ45 boot snap-on (2xgreen, 2xyellow) SR-V42GN/SR-V42/YL at HK$1.5x4 from IntelliTech System.
  • Bought 15-feet TV cable male-to-male at HK$24x2 from Wah Luen Trading Co.
04 Sep
  • Received a 4-layer SOHO 600mmx350mm Mega Mesh shelf as gift from my nieces' home. Also collected a 4-drawer plastic box.
03 Sep
  • Collected the spare Asus WL-530G wireless router from my nieces' home after they sort of upgraded their Netvigator account, which included Netvigator Everywhere.
  • Bought a male TV plug from WECL at HK$5. Saw a cheaper one at HK$3.5... :)
28 Aug
  • Someone stepped on the shorter TV cable plug AGAIN....
  • Bought another Matsuho 2.7M (9 feet) TV cable from Japan City at HK$12.5!
  • Discovered that MIX HDTV tuner is better than ProHDTV 3 when tuning to the 3 HD stations of ATV ... at least for the antennae network in my building.
25 Aug
  • Celeron 430 + Asrock 775i65G + 512M DDR400 + WD 120G hard disk were pulling about 70W. I was hoping it could pull 30% less power than the P3-700+CUBX.... Anyway, Celeron 430 is a faster CPU.
24 Aug
  • Bought Intel Celeron 430 from Comdex at HK$270.
10 Aug
  • Bought 3M Scotch Heavy Duty Mounting Tapes at HK$20 from Wonderland Superstore.
  • Bought 20 feet TV cable from Fei Wong Stationaries & Toys at HK$30.
  • Upgraded the CPU of the Asus M2N-E PC from Athlon X2 3800+ to Athlon X2 7750 Black Edition. The PC now pulled about 136W (up from 101W).
09 Aug
  • Bought Concord digital watch from Jusco at HK$10. No lamp. :)
  • Bought another Daiso LED keyholder light at HK$10. It uses 2 CR2016 battery.
08 Aug
  • Upgraded the CPU of M3N78-PRO from 7750BE to 245. Overclocking the CPU to 14.5*210 at Vcoer=1.525V (DDR2 RAM at 420MHz). Too bad M3N78-PRO had a max Vcore of 1.55V only!
  • Reducing DDR2 starting clock to 667MHz, successfully overclocked 245 to 3.6GHz at Vcore=1.45V (DDR at 416MHz). Needed a better heatsink to reach 4GHz... later... :)
07 Aug
  • Bought GELID GC-Extreme thermal compound at HK$80 from SunTek Computer.
  • Bought AMD Athlon II X2 245 at HK$510 from Comdex.
  • Changed the thermal compound in Radeon 4850 to GC-Extreme. It's indeed cooler by about 5 degree C.
05 Aug
    Bouht following from Jusco $10 store
  • Daiso LED keyholder light at HK$10. It uses 2 CR2016 battery.
  • Daiso 5x high-degreed spectacle for reading discomfort at HK$10.
03 Aug
  • Bought Siyoteam SY-330 HI-Speed SD/SDHC/MMC card reader at HK$19 from A Grade Technology.
02 Aug
  • Bought Toshiba 2G MicroSD card at HK$44 from A Grade Technology Ltd. Ha ha ha.... it does not work at all. Nothing was detected by the card reader. The card also seemed to be an old one (package opened and sealed by a sticky tape). Time to go back ....
01 Aug
  • Successfully run the 7750BE @ 2.0GHz (multiplier 10x) at a Vcore of 1.05V. Idle temperature was about 10 degree C cooler (room temperature 34 degree C).
22 Jul
  • The Sony VAIO battery charger was pulling about 30W.
20 Jul
  • Removing the 4850 display card from the case, temperature of CPU dropped about 5 degree Celsius at full load (about 10C idle). Power consumption reduced by about 120W. But GeForce 8200 is too slow to play SF4 at 1680x1050. -_-"
19 Jul
  • Bought Nikko waist bag at HK$45.
17 Jul
  • Bought 3M Scotch Upholstery Cleaner from ParknShop at HK$50.3!
15 Jul
    My elder sister gave away the following items to me:
  • Nokia 6300 mobile phone. The phone can use a Flash SWF file as wallpaper!
  • Oregon Scientific CU328 MP3 SD card player + FM radio + wireless indoor phone. Both the charger base and the transformer plug were hot!!!
13 Jul
  • Bought a grass mat for my compuetr chair at HK$14.9.
08 Jul
  • Sony 27-inch CRT TV consuming 13W idle, 130W full-load; Topcon 15-inch LCD monitor, 0/26W; P3-800MHz on Asus CUBX, 8W/80W; P3-1.4GHz on Asus TUSL2-C, 0W/100W; P4-3.0GHz on Asrock P4i65G, 0W/170W; eSATA hard disk (Hitachi 640G) started at 27W, then settled on 11W.
25 Jun
  • Moved the 2G DDR-400 RAM from the P4i65G to HP 1148hk. Now the HP 1148HK had 3G RAM. The remaining 512x2 DDR-400 (one single-sided, one double-sided) went to P4i65G and operated as single channel.
  • Price of AMD X2 7750BE fell to around HK$450!
12 Jun
  • Bought a Sun-Star 4060-512 65mm magnifying glass with loupe stand at HK$66.5 from Popular Books.
  • Bougut a Crecer TH873B desktop thermometer+humidity meter at Hk$30 from Popular Books.
07 Jun
  • Bought A-Data C702 8G USB Flash Drive (Black) at HK$130 from Comdex.
  • Bought 3M Precise Mousing Surface at HK$120 from Videocom.
25 May
  • Took the Mix DM-TH USB stick to Shooting for repair. Luckily, only the "bridge" connector for the antenna port needed to be replaced, at only HK$20.
22 May
  • Bought Magic-pro ProHDTV 3 USB DMB-TH adaptor at HK$340 from Comdex.
21 May
  • Someone stepped on the Mix DMB-TH receiver and broke the antennae port!
18 May
  • Bought a cheap water-resistant LED flashlight at HK$38 from Fai Wong Electronics & Toys (Hung Hom Commercial Square). Uses 1 AA battery.
15 May
  • The price of Radeon 4850 (512M) had fallen to about HK$1000. The newer version was shorter and used a better heatsink fan. Radeon 4890 (1G GDDR5) was being sold at HK$2150. There was also low-powered 9800GT being sold at HK$900.
03 May
  • Upgraded from Xubuntu-8.04.2 to Ubuntu-9.04 using clean install on the MaxTor 60G hard disk. Found that the Lite-on DVD combo drive could no longer work. The Deskstar 40G would become the backup disk.
17 Apr
  • Bought a replacement wheel for the old computer chair at HK$20 from Tai Yip Furnitures. Needed to pull the pin off the chair first..... -_-"
  • Incorrectly placed order for 2 copies of Office 2000 Professional at US$400 from RetroSoftware when I only wanted one.... Luckily the company agred to fix it for me after I emailed her.
09 Apr
  • Used two plastic spoon bags to lock the broken wheel of the old computer chair.... That should prolong the use of the chair.
07 Apr
  • 1/5 wheels of my old computer chair cracked.... still got 4 wheels.
02 Apr
  • Swapped the P4 PC (P4i65G) of my sister's younger daughter with the Asus M2N-E + AMD X2 3800+.
29 Mar
  • Bought a foldable scissor (30-year-old design) from Wonderland at HK$4. Also a compact Transformer the new anime toy at Hk$34.5 (Optimus Prime).
27 Mar
  • Bought HP card reader (AC-108) at HK$30 from Comdex.
  • Taken my 20-year-old Leung So Kee umbrella to Leung So Kee retail outlet in SSP to repair. While waiting, bought a Giordano shirt at Hk$100 using HK$50 coupon.
16 Mar
  • Modded the Patriot case by adding a push-to-make switch at the spot of old AT power button (using a small fragment of an unused CDROM disk, 4 screws and 2 wires). Needed my father to help me drill 3 holes on the CDROM fragment...
13 Mar
  • Bought Hitachi HDT721064SLA360 640G hard disk from Centralfield at HK$464.
  • Bought Antec EA-380 power supply from Hornington at HK$360.
  • Bought SiyoTeam SY-680 43-in-1 card reader at HK$30 from Yat Tung Sing Computer Accessories.
12 Mar
  • Inserted Radeon 4850 into M3N78-PRO. 3dMark06 scored 10333.
11 Mar
  • On hearing the modem connection carefully, discovered that the Conexant modem's relay was not holding the connection . Lot of noise heard (not line noise, but noise created by the modem itself). Needed to go back twice to get a good replacement. Anyway, it seemed that the modem could not work reliably at V.92 mode even when there was little line noise. So I was locking the speed with AT command "+MS=V34".
10 Mar
  • Not to waste any more money on buying another PCI modem, setup the TUSL2-C PC as a router via Micro$oft XP's ICS. The Agere modem worked fine on that old PC. The XP was remote-controlled by Remote Desktop from my Vi$ta workstation.
09 Mar
  • Bought another PCI software modem at Hk$65 from Hunter Computer in Hung Hom Square. This one worked out of the box (64-bit Vi$ta had its driver) and unlike the Agere chipset, this Conexant chipset DID NOT choke the system when going on/off hook!!! BUT, it disconnected every 2 minutes.... why? -_-"
  • Flashed the BIOS of M3N78-PRO to 0701 (from 0203). The M3N78-PRO's is huge, compared to M2N-E.
08 Mar
  • Swapped out the M2N-E from the case and set up M3N78-PRO. Surprisingly, the RAID from M2N-E was regconized by the RAID BIOS of M3N78-PRO. Anyway, still needed to re-install Vi$ta. Win7 beta stock installation could also work. Using the 8300 VGA, 3dMark06 scored only 1309 (SM2.0 464, HDR/SM3.0 461).
07 Mar
  • Hiked from Hung Hom to Mong Kok to collect the Asus M3N78-PRO from Jumbo.
05 Mar
  • Attached the 4 smaller+thinner heatsinks to the chip and heated their adhesive up by detaching the power to DuOrb's fans (reaching 94C). Hope the adhesive worked.... :)
03 Mar
  • Changed the stock heatsink of Radeon 4850 to DuOrb. Idle temperature 43C; full-load, 55C. I only used 8 of the 13 RAM heasinks and I am a bit worried whether the heatsinks could stick to the RAM permanently (claimed to be heat-activated adhesives).
  • BTW, I wonder about the temperature would be if I just removed the plastic cover from the stock heatsink. Someone did try to hack the stock heatsink and be able to lower the temperature by 10C...
02 Mar
  • Bought Thermaltake CL-G0102 Duorb VGA cooler at Hk$450 from G2 Systems/Esonex Systems. Missing 2 plastic rings, needed to go back for a change. Also tested the fans on-site.
  • Bought a 2.5"-to-3.5" IDE converter at HK$10 from Yat Tung Sing Computer Accessories.
27 Feb
  • Placed an order for Asus M3N78-PRO from Jumbo (price HK$785, deposit HK$100). Needed to wait 2 weeks for the result....
24 Feb
  • Changed the power LED in the other old Patriot case to another super-bright blue LED. Also fixed the same screw problem on the backplane.
17 Feb
  • Changed the power LED in one of the old Patriot case to a super-bright blue LED. Also fixed a screw problem on the backplane.
14 Feb
  • Bought Qesco Model A066 cord/cordless hair clipper at HK$118 from 7-Eleven.
  • Bought two super-bright blue 3mm LED from WECL at HK$8. I could not find 3mm color-changing super-bright LED (5mm version being sold at HK$18/pc).
  • Bought a Brennenstuhl MP-230 wattage and current meter at HK$228 from WECL. Too bad, it requires two LR44 button batteries.
  • My M2N-E PC plus Philips 220WS8 and Altec Langsing 2100 were consuming about 310W (AMD X2 7750 default setting) when powered on. The 3Com 5-port switch was sucking about 3W; Philips 220WS plus Altec Lansing 2100, about 10W when switched off. The 27-inch CRT TV needed 100W. The 220WS8 needed 30W alone.
13 Feb
  • Bought a Matsusho 2.7M (9 feet) TV cable from Japan City at HK$12.5 and replaced the one that has a poorly connected plug. Now I could see J2 back.
10 Feb
  • Discovered a combination of booting up the PC with 2x2G+2x1G pink version DDR2-800, by not following the colors of the RAM slots. Wasted money buying the 4x2G black version DDR2-800. -_-"
08 Feb
  • Bought a Goai TF10-15 stainless steel stamp tweezer from Wonderful Superstore at HK$8, and Macross Frontier 1/72 VF-25F full transmable plastic model at HK$248. The design of VF-25F was first seen when I was still in Form 1.
07 Feb
  • Hiked from Hung Hom to Sham Shui Po, and bought another 2 pcs of 2G A-Data DDR2-800 Gaming Edition from Top Force at HK$370. I then walked back to home and ended the journey with a can of Coca-cola and 2 pcs of cakes.
  • Asus M2N-E could boot with all 4 black DDR2-800 RAM, but 64-bit Vi$ta blue-screened (BAD_POOL_CALLER, PFN_LIST_CORRUPT)!!! -_-"
  • After a bit of trial-and-error, settled with 2x1G pink version plus 2x2G black version.
06 Feb
  • Bought 2 pcs of 2G A-Data DDR2-800 Gaming Edition from Top Force at HK$360. Unable to to make this black version to work with the pink version on Asus M2N-E.
05 Feb
  • Bought AMD X2 7750 Black Edition from Jumbo at HK$610. Same Radeon 4850, 3DMark06 scored 9981 (CPU Score 1984, SM3.0 Score 5000). With a multiplier of 10x, it scored 8471, still higher than that of 3800+.
  • Bought a golden 1-to-2 TV splitter from Lee Wah Engineers at HK$12.
20 Jan
  • Discovered that linux kernel 2.6.28 renamed /dev/rtc to /dev/rtc0, and not setting it to world-readable by default.
17 Jan
  • Bought a Philips 5W energy-saving white bulb (cap size E14) at HK$40. Expected life 3 years.
16 Jan
  • While rubbing the walls of the glass container of the coffee maker using a piece of cloth, the glass cracked!!! Luckily, no glass pieces fell out... and my wrist was NOT cut.... dam, it's dangerous! And too bad, the assasination attempt failed. :)
01 Jan
  • The P3-700@933MHz was still not stable enough. Falling back to 868MHz.


30 Dec
  • Raised Vcore of P3-700 to 1.8V as the overclocked system was not stable enough.
28 Dec
  • Replaced the SPI 300W power supply in the CUBX linux server with the Antec EA-380. The -5V became -6.17V, but firefox no longer froze during execution. Also the CD drivee no longer lost power and that the PC could be powered on 100% of the time.
27 Dec
  • Collected the Antec EA-380 from Centralfield.
24 Dec
  • Collected the Syba SIL3512 eSATA+SATA card from Jumbo. Worked after plugging it into the PCI slot carefully. I saw sparks when inserting the eSATA cable into the eSATA port.... -_-"
23 Dec
  • Ordered an Antec EA-380 (100% deposit) power supply at HK$338 from Centralfield.
19 Dec
  • Ordered (with full deposit) for a Syba eSATA PCI adapator at HK$130.
18 Dec
  • Bought a Brima CM060 coffee (powder) and tea cooker at HK$88 from 7-Eleven. They gave me one with a broken glass jug the first time. Needed go back to get a replacment.
13 Dec
  • Reduced Vcore of 3800+ to 1.425V, still running it at 2.4GHz. Not stable enough! Reverted back to 1.45V.
12 Dec
  • Reduced the Vcore to 1.4375V needed to run 3800+ at 2.4GHz. PCIe frequency set to Auto.
10 Dec
  • Successfully overclocked the 3800+ to 2.45GHz (CPU Vcore 1.5V, RAM at DDR2-667, PCIe at 100MHz, FSB set to 245MHz). 3dMark2006 reached 9124.
08 Dec
  • Successfully overclocked my AMD X2 3800+ to 2.4GHz (CPU VCore 1.45V, RAM at DDR2-667, PCIe at 100MHz, FSB set to 240MHz). 3dMark2006 reached 8874.
05 Dec
  • Bought a D-Sub to RCA(F) +S-Video cable at HK$20 from Cache Computer. Didn't quite work..... Also, only black-and-white.....
23 Nov
  • Bought a DDR2700 512M notebook RAM at HK$110 from Comdex. It's not micro-DIMM! Wrong purchase.....
20 Nov
  • Bought a 1:3 telephone splitter jack at HK$10 from Golden 32.
  • Bought 10 pcs of TDK CDRW at HK$39 from MBA Computer.
  • Bought a Mix Mini DMB_TH Gold Edition HDTV USB stick at HK$330 from Comdex. OH no... the 64-bit driver FAILED!!!!
12 Nov
  • Bought a short 8-inch SATA cable (L-connector) at HK5 from Suntek Computer.
11 Nov
  • Bought a short 8-inch SATA cable (L-connector) at HK5 from Suntek Computer.
  • Bought one 3-feet eSATA cable from Tan Tat Computer (inside Golden) at HK$50.
  • Bought one 4pin dingle at HK$4 from WECL Electronics at HK$4.
  • Bought one 4-pin UK telephone plug at HK$1 from WECL.
  • Bought three RJ12 modular plugs at HK$3 from WECL.
09 Nov
  • Bought Brima FS138 7-inch steam cooker at HK$99 from 7-Eleven.
08 Nov
  • Bought Philips SDE5170VC external hard disk (blue) enclosure at HK$200 from Comdex. It supports both USB 2.0 and eSATA. But for an unknown reason, the box does NOT list eSATA as an usable interface (it did mention Linux :). Also, there is NO eSATA cable inside the package. Passive cooling via blue aluminium case (no fan). Attactive front panel blue light that flashes when the data line is busy.
  • Bought a TDK DVD+R Dual Layer DVD from MBA Computers at HK$15.
  • Inserted the WD Caviar 500G hard disk into that SDE5170VC.
  • The A-Data C702 8G USB flash drive now needed only HK$140.
26 Oct
  • Extracted the 500G Western Digital Caviar SE16 (WD5000AAKS, S/N: WCAPW2696337) harddisk out of the HP Pavilion Elite m9088hk PC.
24 Oct
  • Return the "broken" USB modem to Sunny via SpeedPost at HK$127.
21 Oct
  • Bought a Pz 4-port USB 2.0 bracket from xxxx at HK$28.
  • Bought a Pro'sKit Telecom Crimp Tool (8PK-CT012) at HK$250 from Intellitech Systems.
  • Bought 5 pcs of RJ11 modular plugs from WellLand at HK$10.
12 Oct
  • Bought a 4-line 6-pin to 4-pin telephone cable at HK$13 from Lei Wah.
  • Bought a 6-pin to 4-pin telephone jack at HK$10 from Lei Wah.
11 Oct
  • The US Robotics 5637 USB 56k Modem arrived from US. Bought with the help of Sunny at US$ 50 (excluding shipping from US to HK). Unable to connect it to HK's phone network... HELP!
04 Oct
  • Bought 10 pcs of Philips DVD-RW 4x at HK$50 from MBA Computer.
  • Bought 2 pcs of long SATA cable (with L-connector) at HK$20. Mistake again!
  • Bought a small cutter at HK$1 from Cache Computer.
28 Sep
  • Dr. Foo gave me his old Sony VAIO PCG-TR2 sub-notebook. I phoned Sony for the price of an additional battery (Sony PCGA-BP2T 11.1V 4300mAh) for the computer. It's nearly HK$2000!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ...... Found a "equivalent" battery at AMazon US: US$110 only. Another one with 6600mAh at US$91 plus shipping.
12 Sep
  • Bought Matsusho alkaline battery (LR54 AG10) for the old Casio fx-510 calculator at HK$10 from Japan City (10 pcs). Its power switch is loose now.
09 Sep
  • Bought Epson C41 color ink cartridge (T039) from TZ at HK$109.
27 Aug
  • Donated the following to the government's Computer Recycling Program:
    • MAG 786FD 17-inch CRT monitor
    • P3-700MHz CPU
    • 2 pieces of PC-133 RAM (256M and 64M respectively)
    • a 300W power supply
    • a dead(?) Celeron 1.1GHz
    • eMage webcam
21 Aug
  • Bought A-Data C702 USB Flash Drive 8G at HK$195 from Comdex. Blue LED, no cover design.
18 Jul
  • Insatlled the WinTV HVR-1200 into my M2N-E PC. Unable to make MCE to work with it. Anyway, WinTV has its own TV watching tool, so ....
16 Jul
  • Installed 8600GT into the HP m9088HK Pavilion PC (CPU Intel Q6600, 4G RAM, running 32-bit Vi$ta Home Premium). 3DMArks2006 scored 5012 (SM 2.0 score 1965, HDR/SM 3.0 1764, CPU score 3490). The PC kept reporting "Corrupt File/Memory (81159)" error when playing Battleifeidl 2. RAM problem? No... it's the NO-CD EXE. :)
  • Extracted a WinTV HVR-1200 PCIe TV card from m9088hk and replaced it with the eSATA adapator I bought.
15 Jul
  • Discovered that the Radeon 4850 could not run NFS:Most Wanted inside 64-bit Vi$ta without stuttering. No such problem when using 8600GT.....hope ATI released a good driver, and hopefully addressing this issue. Wait... after removing VMWare Player, there seems to have no more stuttering.... Really?
09 Jul
  • With 6G RAM and 64-bit Vi$ta, started playing with NO pagefile. So far ok, including games like NFS:MW, Half Life 2 64-bit mode, .....
08 Jul
  • Cut my finger by the sharp fins of a fan.... blood... blood....
29 Jun
  • Bought Asus EAH4850-512M at HK$1630 from Comdex. Completed all tests of 3DMark2006. 3DMark2006 scored 7237 (default setting), SM2.0 score 3474, HDR/SM3.0 4337. Could run 3DMark06 for the whole night. 3DMark2003 scored 32174. Card is really hot and reaching 80 degrees Celsius when working, 65 idle.... Notice that the fan is not at 100% speed by default.
  • Bought a PCIe 1x eSATA adaptor at HK$90 from Fine-up. Chipset Silicon Image 3531. Read that eSATA cable could reach 2 meters....
  • Mistakenly bought a long SATA cable at HK$10 from Fine-up.
27 Jun
  • Bought Century CROSEU2 SATA HDD stand for 3.5" and 2.5" SATA hard disks at HK$380 from Welland. Support both USB 2.0 and eSATA connection.
26 Jun
  • XFS errors reported after upgrading Xubuntu server to kernel Nothing from xfs_check, badblocks and xfs_repair. Possibly a RAM error....
11 Jun
  • Successfully added 128M more RAM into CUBX. But the CPU FSB had to be reduced from 133MHz to 124MHz, Otherwise, the system would not be stable.
09 Jun
  • That $44 PATA-to-SATA adaptor doesn not work... well....
07 Jun
  • Turned out that the broken pin of the IBM Deskstar 120G is pin 2, which is the ground. So the drive could basically work.... I did need to completely remove the connecting pin between pin 2 and the circuit board under the hard disk.
01 Jun
  • Accidentally broke a pin on the data connector of the IBM DeskStar 120G. Wonder if the circuit broad could be replaced ....
28 May
  • Further investigation found that it's possibly not RAM quality issue, but that the CUBX could not work reliably with more than 2 RAM slots filled.
26 May
  • Re-installed linux server from scratch Xubuntu-8.04, owning to a failed cdromupgrade (possibly caused bythe additional RAM).
25 May
  • Ruri's 128M RAM (from ruri) could not reliably work at 133MHz. Lower the FSB of CUBX to 124Mhz/31Mhz.
  • CUBX resetted itself after the BIOS boot-up screen if I used all 4 RAM slots...
  • One piece of 128M from VC finally worked. Finished memtest86 at 133MHz.
23 May
  • Got 2 pcs of PC100 128M SDRAM from another internet friend named ruri. Both of them passed memtest86 at 133Mhz. One of them was added into the CUBX Linux server.
21 May
  • Got 2 pcs of SDRAM from an internet friend named VC. Both of them failed testing at 100MHz.
19 May
  • Bought 25pcs of Kodah 16x DVD-R at HK$75 from DC1NE.
17 May
  • Discovered that the Genius PCI modem could not work with port speed higher than 57600.On further testing, seems that it's just PCI slot problem, and that I was not connecting the phone line to the LINE slot in the modem.
16 May
  • The USR 5610 modem no longer responded to modem commmands. The modem works ok in another PC. Turned out that kernel made some changes to the serial port handling.... also, a bad phone splitter caused problem.
09 May
  • Flashed M2N-E BIOS to 1401.
24 Apr
  • Bought VoiceAO VR-100M micrrophone from Welland at HK$25.
27 Mar
  • Upgraded linux server to Xubuntu-7.10 using cdromupgrade script in the alternate CD image.
13 Mar
  • Bought a Genius GM56PCI-LA 56K internal PCI soft modem (chipset Agere 1468C-TV5) at HK$130 from WellLand. Horrible performance! Everytime the modem went on or off hook, 64-bit Vi$ta coughed. There is no such problem under 32-bit XP. Driver issue?
  • Installed the USR 5610C 56k modem into the Linux server. Successfully installed mgetty and ppp.
  • Bought NIPPON DFPV02 privacy phone adaptor at HK$25.
12 Mar
  • Moved the Linux server to old home.
11 Mar
  • Replaced the power supply of the P4i65G PC with the Antec SP400. The Enerplus power supply would be used in the TUSL2-C.
08 Mar
  • Netvigator engineer came and installed the broadband connection. Download rate reached could reach 800Kbps.
04 Mar
  • Tried to order a 4M DRAM upgrade for the HP Laserjet 5L from MicroLab (HP distributor). NO stock.
03 Mar
  • Requested a 8M Netvigator broadband connection at HK$228 for 24 months, including NowTV (2 free channels: Discovery, National Geography). The line would be installed at my old home.
02 Mar
  • Re-located the Asus TUSL2-C desktop PC plus the 15-inch Topcon LCD monitor to my old home. It's for testing the broadband connection.
29 Feb
  • Swapped the 15-inch Topcon LCD monitor of my sister's daughter with the Philips 170B5CS 17-inch monitor.
21 Feb
  • Bought a Data-Pro cross-over ethernet plug at HK$30 from Intellitech System.
  • Bought a Belkin MasterCube Surge Protector at HK$99 from Intellitech System. Got a protection plugs for one telephone line.
18 Feb
  • The Memorex 8x DVD+RW could no longer be written data correctly!
31 Jan
  • Accepted Nokia 2760 from my mother. My 2610 would be in the shelf for a while. Sell it? Give it away?
30 Jan
  • Bought Alpha Bluetooth dongle from San Chau Computer Accessories at HK$105. Vi$ta has built-in driver for it.
  • Bought a Australia power cord at HK$19 from a shop in Ap Liu Street.
25 Jan
  • Received confirmation letter from I-Cable concerning my termination of service request. Letter also contained instructions for returning the cable modem.
23 Jan
  • I-Cable confirmed that the service termination form has been received. It's mailed to them on 18 Jan 2007.
20 Jan
  • Bought two pieces of A-Data DDR2-800 2G RAM modules at HK$620 from Centralfield.
19 Jan
  • Donate the Sony CPD-110GS 15-inch CRT monitor and Artec AS6E scanner to 2008 Hong Kong WEEE Recycling Daysr.
18 Jan
  • Following items ordered from USA with the help of Sunny arrived:
    • Inova X1 AA Powered LED Flashlight at US$19.99.
    • US Robotics Performance Pro 5610C PCI modem at US$79.99.
17 Jan
  • Bought a 15-feet Choice green USB 2.0 printer cable from Fine Up at HK$35. It works with the HP Photosmart printer at my sister's home.
  • Bought a 10-feet MaxLink blue USB 2.0 extension cable from MBA Computer at HK$20.
  • 2G DDR2-800 reached about HK$315. A lot cheaper than the ones I bought....
  • Unbelievable... the Polar PC2288 has a 64-bit Vi$ta driver from Micro$oft, and reported as a Lenovo Q350 USB PC Camera.
12 Jan
  • Phone I-Cable to terminate the broadband service as I would be moving to an area that's not covered by its broadband network.
  • Bought a Unitek Y-910 3.5" Internal Card Reader from Suntek Computer at HK$85. It has a eSATA-to-SATA port, a USB 2.0 port, and supports SD/MMC/SDHC/...
08 Jan
  • The 7600GT came back from Hornington, but with a different serial number. No charge was leveraged. 3DMark 2003 scored 12155. 3DMark 2006 scored 3090 (SM 2.0: 1247, HDR/SM 3.0: 1156).
04 Jan
  • Taken the 7600GT to Hornington for repairing. Might take 3-4 days if a full replacement was required.
  • Bought Asus EN86GT2 8600GT 256M DDR3 RAM from Jumbo Computers at HK$770. Completed all tests of 3DMark2006 (default settings), and scored 4326 (SM 2.0 Score 1891, HDR/SM3.0 Score 1748). 3DMark2003 scored 13963.
03 Jan
  • The Asus 7600GT was damaged while I was playing BF2 Special Forces. Vertical stripes were displayed when in graphics mode. Also no signal produced from DVI.


30 Dec
  • Successfully connected the HP LaserJet 5L to the Asus TUSL2-C PC via a parallel-port-to-USB connector. The connector reported itself as a "Virtual USB Port".
24 Dec
  • Bought Sony ICF-C492 Dream Machine (AM/FM alarm clock radio) from Hong Kong Best Denki Co. in Plaza Hollywood at HK$248.
20 Nov
  • Installed the Grandmars X1300 VGA into the Asrock P4I65G. Failed to run reliably at AGP 8x mode. The screen would become a mess after a while. Set the AGP mode at 4x.
14 Nov
  • Upgraded sister PC's NIC from Realtek 8029AS 10Mbps to Intel 82557 100Mbps.
13 Nov
  • Collected the 3Com 3C1670500B-UK from Jumbo. Installed without problem.
  • Replaced the coaxial cable 10Base2 network at home with Cat 6 1000BaseT network.
12 Nov
  • Bought a Memorex 8x DVD+RW from MBA Computer at HK$12.
09 Nov
  • Bought PCI 10M Cat. 6 cable at HK$70 from IntelliTech Systems in SSP.
08 Nov
  • Obtained the I/O shield for the P5GD1-VM motherboard from Hornington free of charge.
  • Placed order for a 3Com 3C1670500B-UK OfficeConnect 5-port Gigabit Switch at HK$650 (HK$200 deposit) from Jumbo.
  • Bought 2 CTI Cat. 6 UTP cables from WECL: 2M at HK$25, 5M at HK$35. Looking for a 10M one...
  • There is a problem to install Vi$ta x64 into a motherboard with more than 3G RAM. Need to install Vi$ta x64 using less than 3G RAM, applies hotfix KB929777, then added back the extra RAM modules.
07 Nov
  • Bought Asus P5GD1-VM at HK$350 from Hornington (Crazy Sales). Both this board and the Asrock 775I65G would be locked in a plastic box for future use.
05 Nov
  • Took M2N-E to Hornington for repairing. The engineer said the BIOS was damaged. He re-programmed the chip and returned the board fixed. No charge leveraged.
  • Micro$oft Hong Kong allowed the Thincentre A50's WinXP Home OEM be re-activated manually and be used in the Asrock P4I65G.
04 Nov
  • Bought AMD Sempron E1100 at HK$275 from Centralfield at about 11:00. Inserted into the M2N-E, same problem. It's not the CPU... possibly a dead BIOS. I also tried another power supply, same problem.
03 Nov
  • While trying to overclock the 3800+ on the M2N-E, the board no longer started normally. The CPU fan would be on for 2 seconds, and then the whole board was turned off. Powering up the board without a CPU, RAM and VGA card, the fan would be on for more time. Dead CPU?
01 Nov
  • Upgraded the firmware of the Asus WL530G to latest beta firmware as of today.
  • Unable to install Vi$ta Ultimate x64 into the P4I65G. Even the booting into the installation program of the x64 Vi$ta CD failed.
28 Oct
  • Bought a Polar mouse pad with gel rest at HK$22 from MBA Computers.
  • Bought Micro$oft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition at HK$1000 from Radar Software.
25 Oct
  • Set up a 2-PC LAN using Asus WL530G wireless router and the 2 Cat 6 cables. The WAN port of the router dials to and login Netvigator automagically. If the line is down, the router will retry.
24 Oct
  • Assembled a new PC using residue parts of ThinkCentre A50 8090 and Asrock P4I65G. Contacted Micro$oft Hong Kong to understand the requirement for a *valid* OEM Vi$ta license.
23 Oct
  • Bought 3 CTI LAN cables: two Cat 6 patch cord (yellow 2M, green 5M) and one Cat 5e patch cord (blue 50 feet). Total HK$126 from WECL.
21 Oct
  • Dis-integrated the A50 Thinkcentre case. Collected some useful parts (small fans, small leds on wires, notebook sized DVD CD burner combo). The case and the board would be sold as scrap parts.
20 Oct
  • Bought Asrock P4I65G at HK$400 from Jumbo.
  • Bought Sky socket 478 heaksink fan at HK$70 from Jumbo.
  • Bought 099 H-526 ATX case plus EnerPlus 380W power supply at HK$200 from Comdex.
  • The IBM Thinkcentre's WinXP requested an activation on boot-up. Seems that XP detected hardware change...
18 Oct
  • Bought Asrock 775I65-G at HK$380 from Comdex.
  • Bought LG H62L SATA DVD burner at HK$280 from Comdex.
  • Bought CoolerMaster Vortex-752 CPU heatsink fan at HK$165 from Suntek. 2 heat-pipes, fan blowing downward.
  • Bought two rechargeable 1000ma AAA batteries at HK$36 from WECL.
  • Bought two rechargeable 900ma AAA batteries plus charger at HK$40 from WECL.
17 Oct
  • Got the SA2312 back from Philips service centre.
  • The IBM A50 had lost its warranty. They decided to build a ShamShuiPo PC from its leftover parts.
07 Oct
  • The IBM ThinkCentre A50-8090 went down.
02 Oct
  • The GoGear MP3 player no longer worked after firmware update. Taken to Philips Customer Service Center (at Shek Lei) to repair. Would take about a week.
19 Sep
  • Installed the Hitachi 160G harddisk to HP Pavilion A1148HK. Used Linux to duplicate the recovery partition to the new harddisk. Of course, all data was backed up first. iTunes... a bit troublesome...
14 Sep
  • Bought Hitachi 16PLA380 160G SATA II harddisk at HK$375 from Comdex.
12 Sep
  • Bought two pieces of A-Data 1Gbytes DDR400 (PC3200) from Comdex at HK$680. Added to Dr. Foo's ThinkCentre PC. Now both PCs in my sister's home have 2G RAM and should be Vi$ta-ready. Serial no. R780639T and
11 Sep
  • Moved the newly bought 512M from CUBX to my sister's TUSL-2. Now the CUBX server has the following: 256M double-sided, 256M single-sided (Ace), 128M double-sided (Siemens). BUT... CUBX reported 512M only. :)
09 Sep
  • Bought 512M Hynix PC-133 SDRAM at HK$430 from Sunny Computer. To be added to the CUBX Linux server. Ha ha... each slot supports a max of 256M only... -_-"
03 Sep
  • Turned out that the Nvidia 162.18 driver has bug for 7600GT to display 1680x1050x32.. I upgraded to beta driver 163.44. Falling back to 94.24 also worked.
  • Purchased Philips GoGear SA2325 (2G memory) MP3 Player/FM Radio/Voice Recorder at HK$480 from MBA Computer Co. Battery 1 x AAA.
  • Re-try 3DMark 2006: 1680x1050x32, GF7600GT, AMD X2 3800+, 4G DDR2-800 RAM. Scored 27xx.
02 Sep
  • Bought Philips 220WS8FB from Centralfield at HK$2590, 39 months warranty. Allow checking for defective pixels before payment. Got problem displaying 1680x1050 under WinXP. No problem under Vi$ta. Suspect driver problem... Settled for 1440x900 for time being. The quality looks OK.
31 Aug
  • Bought 1-year maintenance for the Philips 170B5CS monitor at HK$390.
14 Jul
  • Moved the Audigy 4 from my PC to my sister's Asus TUSL2-C. Enabled the SoundMax audio on my Asus M2N-E, setting all audio to HD. Now I have a spare but old SBLive card.
07 Jul
  • Bought PQI Cool Drive U330 4G (170X) at HK$415 from WellLand. Come with a strape, to be used with my Nokia phone.
23 Jun
    Bought these for my cousin in USA:
  • 1 x Hitach 7200rpm 2.5 inch 80G harddisk at HK$710
  • 2 x Green ink cartriges for Brother MFC-440 printer at HK$380.
  • 2 x USB 2.0 hub (one of them powered) at HK$75.
  • 2 x 1-meter USB extension cables at HK$36.
  • 2 x 2.5" to 3.5" IDE converter at HK$18+10.
  • 8 x Energizer AA rechargeable batteries at HK$140.
  • 1 x GP 9V rechargeable battery at HK$55.
  • 1 x Satrue BS-5000 electronic counting scale 1-5KG at HK$340.
17 Jun
  • Bought Canon LIDE 70 scanner at HK$460 from Centralfield.
03 Jun
  • Replace the power LED of an old case with the 2mm bright blue LED.
24 May
  • Upgrade Linux server from Ubuntu-6.10 to Xubuntu-7.04. Found that the old Elsa GForce 2 MX400 VGA card could freeze the whole system. Replaced it with a cheap SiS AGP VGA card. Weaker card means less electricity requirement and cooler case.
  • At HK$60 and with the help of my father, bought a transparent acrylic sheet (Rainbow) to be used as new top cover for an old ATX case.
16 May
  • My father found me a white piece of plastic to replace the steel plate.
14 may
  • My father made me a piece of smooth stainless plate (20cm x 16cm) for supporting the 3M mouse pad on the right of the computer table.
  • Inserted the spare Radeon 9000 Pro into my work PC. Gonna try dual monitor tomorrow.
12 May
  • Bought a 1mm and 2mm bright LED (color=blue) at HK$3 and HK$4 respectively. Changed the power LED of the case to this one. Bought a bigger one at HK$4.
05 May
  • Bought two pieces of A-Data DDR2-800 1G at HK$ 880. Passed memtest86 3 times.
28 Apr
  • Keyboard cable arrived and collected. Cable priced at US$7.25 with shipping cost at US$ 9.5.
  • EnduraPro 104 arrived, with a spare point stick cap.
19 Apr
  • With the help of my cousin, ordered a EnduraPro 104 from and a keyboard cover. Keyboard plus cover priced at US$114.78, shipping via USPS Air Parcel at US$41.30.
12 Apr
  • Placed order for a keyboard cable from
11 Apr
  • My IBM model M keyboard is behaving strangely. The N, B, Spacebar and "/" keys sometimes does not respond. I just found that by pressing the spacebar really hard and hammering the steel plate right under the spacebar, the 4 keys would respond again. Pressing ALT+[/] could help, too. Anyway, the 3 LEDs no longer work. Maybe time to buy another from (who took over the IBM/Lexmark keyboard business).
19 Mar
  • Window$ Vi$ta Ultimate Upgrade arrived from SiS.
17 Mar
  • Upgraded my sister's HP Pavilion PC to use my H10L DVD burner. It's original Lite-On SOHC-4836K would be sent to my current company as a gift.
  • Bought LG GSA-H44L DVD burner at HK$ 310 from Comdex.
16 Mar
  • Placed order for 2 copies of Micro$oft Vi$ta Ultimate upgrade at distributor price via my company iTech Consulting Services Limited.
24 Feb
  • My sister gave me a digital camera: Casio Exilim EX-Z4 (4.0 mega-pixels). Also a 256M DigiFilm SD memory card.
  • Bought Hynix 512M PC3200 DDR400 RAM at HK$270 from Jumbo. Added to the IBM Thinkcentre A50 8090-I3H (the PC of my sister's husband).
17 Feb
  • Bought a Logitech V150 compact laser mouse at HK$198. Installed at the HP Pavilion PC of my sister's daughters.
10 Feb
  • The IBM 120G was returned, missing 2 jumpers. Um....
  • Upgraded the HP Pavilion PC (Model A1148 using Asus PTGD1-LA) of my sister's daughters with 2 pieces of Kingston 512M DDR400 PC3200 RAM (KVR400X64C3A/512) at HK$ 590 (Comdex). Not too sure whether that PC's board, using i915G chipset, could support dual channel or not.
  • Removed the Samsung M368L3223ETM-CCC 256M PC3200 DDR RAM from that HP PC. Sell it? Give it away?
03 Feb
  • Bought a PATA-to-SATA connector at HK$44.
07 Jan
  • Bought a USB-to-Parallel port birectional at HK$85.
  • Bought 50pcs of Mitsubishi CDR at HK$72.
06 Jan
  • Fixed the radio alarm clock by opening it up and loosening the contacts in the front-panel. But the CD player function was broken, which is fortunately not important.... But closing the case reproduced the problem again... T%^%$*^*(^(*


24 Dec
  • My new AMD ADO3800 system scored 3892 in 3DMark2006 (No AA, 1024x768)
  • The fan-only power connector from the Antec 550W seemed to have its voltage/current regulated. The fan was spinning slowly. Connecting the fan to the regular power connector. The case is a bit cooler now. Even the surface of the power supply feeled cooler.
  • Bought a pier for cutting plastic models at HK$44.
14 Dec
  • Overclocking the DDR2-667 at 415MHz, 1.85V. Seems to be OK.
9 Dec
  • Lent the Hitachi 120G harddisk to save a colleague's linux server in a data center of New World Telecom.
3 Dec
  • Printer testing: Epson C41UX (Samba+CUPS), OK; HP LaserJet 5L, OK.
2 Dec
  • Discovered that my ST3250620AS was running at 1.5Gbps only. Removed jumpers from both drives. They are configured as RAID-0 array in M2N-E.
  • The SATA connectors are really too loose, compared to old-style connectors.... Have to be careful when moving the wires inside the case.
26 Nov
  • The new AM2 system could run memtest and 3DMark2003 for 8 hours without problem. It could also execute 3DMark2003 demo for hours.
  • The old Micron PC-133 256M RAM could no longer work reliably at 133MHz. Replaced it with a PC-133 64M RAM (Total 320M). Overclocking the CUBX+P3-700 at 133Mhz now. The whole memory setup could pass memtest 4 times.
  • Added the USB 2.0 card to CUBX.
25 Nov
  • Bought Antec TruePower II 550EPS12V 550W at HK$810.
  • Bought USB 2.0 card (NEC chip) at HK$65 from Sunny again.
  • Bought Micro$oft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 at HK$279. It has a 4-way scroll wheel.
  • Bought a 2-USB-1-Gameport bracket for the M2N-E at HK$30 from Hornington. Doesn't seem to work (USB78)... wait.. Need to follow the sequence. Connected to USB56!
  • Bought 10 screws+rings for installing fans at HK$5 from 5-metal shop. :)
24 Nov
  • Change the WinXP Home to WinXP Pro at extra cost of HK$520.
23 Nov

Bought these from Jumbo Computer in Mongkok Computer Center:

  • Asus M2N-E (nForce 570 Ultra) HK$750
  • AMD AM2 ADO3800 X2 CPU HK$1208
  • Kingston DDR2-667 1G RAM x 2 (KVR667D2N5) HK$1656
  • Asus 7600GT 256M DDR3 PCIe x16 VGA card HK$990
  • Seagate ST3250820AS 250G harddisk HK$680
  • Windows XP Home Edition OEM (English) HK$680

3DMark 2003 score 12376 (1024x768, 2x AA).

19 Nov
  • The Tekram S3Pro-Au+ board died. Clearing CMOS didn't help. Shifted CUBX to become the Linux server (Ubuntu booted wihtout problem). Shifted my TUSL2-C to my sister. Planning to buy a new AM2 PC next weekend.
30 Oct
  • Cleaned the case of TUSL2-C and Linux server. The heat-sinks was covered with dust.
  • Re-installed Linux server using Ubuntu-6.10 Edgy. The new UpStart process is faster than traditional init.
28 Oct
  • Bought two Seagate Barracuda 250G SATA II harddisks (ST3250620AS, 7200.10, 16M cache, ATAII, NCQ) at HK$626x2. They are really hot. I guess they would cook themselves soon.... hopefully after warranty. :)
  • Set up RAID 0 using 8006-2LP plus the 2 Seagates.
25 Oct
  • Bought 3Ware 8006-2LP at HK$1120. Hope it could work on TUSL2-C...
  • Logitech's mouse driver needs IE 6 to be installed. What the ... Same with Radeon driver, which requires DirectX first...
21 Oct
  • Replaced the toner cartridge of HP Laserjet 5L. The old cartridge would be sent to recycling firms.
14 Oct
  • Bought Nokia 2610 from Fortress (Whampoa) at HK$888.
09 Sep
  • Inserted the GF2MX400 into the Linux server. Linux kernel upgraded to
20 Aug
  • Bought a Belkin SurgeStrip at HK$68. 4 sockets, 3m power cable, 6500A maximum surge current, 238 J. Lifetime warranty.
  • Bought a 13Amp USB power plug HK$15.
12 Aug
  • Printed contract of the I-Cable broadband service arrived.
11 Aug
Pythagorean: sqrt(162+92) = 18.36
Ratio of w:h:diag is thus: 16:9:18.36

So if the diagonal is 19":
width = (16/18.36)x19 = 16.6"
height = (9/18.36)x19 = 9.3"
area = 16.6*9.3 = 154 in2

A 4:3 19" monitor has 173 in2 of screen area, so you are losing about 13% 
desktop real estate. Better step up to a 21" or 24" if you want widescreen. 
7 Aug
  • Renewed I-cable broadband service plan at HK$140*14, with 4 months (1,5,10,14) free. Used another credit card to pay for the plan. The new 18-month contract will expire on 11 Mar 2008. 6-week notice to renew this plan.
1 Jul
  • Bought LG GSA-H10L DVD burner with LightScribe at HK$330. Spent an extra HK$20 to buy 3 DVD+R that could be light-scribed. The old GSA4167B would be shifted to my sister's PC.
24 Jun
  • Bought 3M Gel Wrist Rest WR310 at HK$99. It's one inch too wide for my computer table.
23 Jun
  • Bought a DVI-D male to DVI-D male cable at HK$49. The cable could connects the Radeon 9000pro with the Philips 170B5CS. I couldn't quite see the difference between DVI and VGA cable.
01 Jun
  • Upgraded Ubuntu 5.10 to Ubuntu 6.06. Crashed in the middle, but 'apt-get -f dist-upgrade' could resume. IN the process, I found that I didn't compiled in the VIA IDE module. After compiling the VIA IDE module, /dev/hda could use DMA.
31 May
  • Bought Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 4 at HK$499. 24-bit. Replaced the 6-year-old SBLive! DE in TUSL2-C.
28 May
  • Bought a Rockfire RM-203 gameport-to-USB converter for the ThrustMaster FCS at US$50 with the help of Sunny. The converter couldn't work for the WCS, though. Also, the hat on the FCS couldn't work as well.
22 May
  • Added 128M PC-100 RAM to the linux server (total=348M). Kernel now reached version
  • A 6-feet DVI dual-link cable needed HK$95.
19 May
  • Bought a USB 2.0 4+1 port card (NEC Chipset) at HK$65. Inserted into CUBX.
17 May
  • Got a piece of IBM PC-133 64M RAM as a reward for fixing a broken Window$ 98. Added to my sister's CUBX (now 448M).
  • Seems that the RAM modules in CUBX is getting a bit old. NO longer able to work reliably at 133MHz. Settled at 124MHz.
10 May
  • Abit BP6 returned from the repair shop. The shop claimed that the broad couldn't be repaired. No charge leveraged!
03 May
  • Replace the GeForce MX400 card in the CUBX machine with the Radeon 9000 Pro adaptor. WinXP got a default driver for it. Considering to test the DVI to the 170B5CS ...
26 Apr
  • Taken the Abit BP6 to SSP for repair at about HK$200. It could just be a capacitor problem.
24 Apr
  • Bought Grandmars Radeon X1300 AGP 4x/8x 256M DDRRAM VGA adaptor at HK$730 from Top Force. 3DMark 2003 scored 3797 (2x anti-alias, 1024x768). All tests finished. Not too bad for an old P3-1.4GHz and 512M PC133 SDRAM.
22 Apr
  • Found another 4-pin plug that could make another IBM Model M keyboard cable.
19 Apr
  • Spent HK$120 to build a new IBM keyboard cable, but I carelessly broke one pin. Guess I need to find parts again. The cable diagram:
                   6pin MINIDIN
               (5) (6)        1 DATA
                  |           2 
             (3)     (4)      3 GND
                              4 +5V
               (1) (2)        5 CLOCK
    1 -- yellow -------+
    3 -- white ------+ |      
    5 -- red ------+ | |
    4 -- black --+ | | | 
                 | | | |
                4-pin small connector
  • Got a free AT to PS/2 keyboard converter.
17 Apr
  • Bought a 2-female-1-male 3.5mm stereo connector at HK$8. Combined two 2-female-1-male with a male-male wire, I created a 2-male-1-female connection. Now the radio and the PC could share the Altec Lansing 2100, without the need to turn on the PC.
  • Found a part (costed me HK$5) that could help me build a new IBM Model M keyboard cable. Need one more copy of that part.... Haha... I found another one in my shelves for old/un-used parts.
16 Apr
  • Bought a flexible full-size keyboard (black,usb,ps2) at HK$60
  • Bought a male-to-male 3.5mm stereo cable from at HK$10
  • Bought a Epson C41UX black ink cartridge (T038) at HK$40. The C41UX really needs to change both color and black cartridges at the same. Bad design...
12 Mar
  • Bought another 7010 Mobile Harddisk Rack at HK$70 from Comdex in SSP.
  • Bought a CD/DVD bag at HK$5.
  • Bought a bag of CD/DVD paper wrap at HK$5.
  • Bought a Polar PC2288 Web Camera (0.35 megapixels) at HK$135 from Welland.
10 Mar
  • Bought a internal harddisk Model 7010 3-fan Rack (Data Bridge) at HK$70
06 Mar
  • Bought Mendi mini-DVD at HK$68
05 Mar
  • Bought a Casio KP-C10 PC Tag Writer at HK$99 from Fortress.
2 Mar
  • Disposed of old hardware to for re-use.
  • Game-port to USB cable at HK$50
  • Bought Hitachi DeskStar 7K250 ATA-133 160G hard disk (HT722516DLTA80) at $HK560.
  • Mendi mini (3-inch?) DVD-R at HK$68
  • Saw Unique's IP Camera product. Made in Hong Kong. hmm... considering it...
27 Feb
  • Bought Logitech MX518 Laser Mouse at HK$398.
04 Jan
  • Bought Altec Lansing 2100 2.1 Speaker System at HK$599 from Welland, Hung Hom. Frequency response: 40Hz to 20kHz. S-N Ratio 65dB. Stronger bass, more sharp voices, hope it's worth it.


25 Dec
  • Bought Maxell 8x DVD-R (50 pcs) + 1.2x DVD-RW (2pcs) at HK$140
  • 3Com 3C16790 5-port dual-speed switch being sold at only HK$286.
  • Philips 190X6 being sold at HK$2990 (free Philips shaver).
  • Linksys WRT54GS+WMP54GS being sold at HK$970.
  • 5x DVD-RAM was being sold at HK$38 a piece....
03 Dec
  • Bought Micro$oft Laser Mouse 6000 at HK$319. 5 buttons with scroll wheel, 800/400 dpi switcheable via driver. The driver added a Mangnify function for this mouse.
16 Oct
  • Bought Windows XP SP2 retail box version at HK$2189.
15 Oct
  • Upgrade the linux server from Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary) to 5.10 (Breezy).
  • A 17" CRT Monitor is now less than HK$1000.
12 Oct
  • The SPI ATX-250GT was blown up. Possibly overloaded...Before its death, it's powering the Asus CUBX.
10 Sep
  • Bought a HP 5L toner (C3906F) at HK$380.
07 Sep
  • AMD 3000+, Foxconn NF4UK8AA, sumsung 512 x 2, sapphire x700 = HK$3500
03 Sep
  • Bought LG 4167B DVD Recorder (16x DVDR,RW,DL,RAM) at HK$425 from Centralfield.
  • Bought TDK 16x DVD-R disc (25 pcs) at HK$98.
  • Carelessly short-circuited the Abit SE6 motherboard with the underlying metal plate... blame the loose plastic fixation at the RAM corner of the board.
28 Aug
  • Replaced the Abit BP6 Celeron 300A server (Intel 440BX chipset) linux server with the Tekram S3Pro-Au+ P3-700Mhz (VIA 694X). Linux upfraded to Ubuntu 5.04, running 2.6.x kernel. It seemed that I fried the BP6 because I used some conductive heat-transfer compound... dam...
  • The Abit SE6 could still boot though its capacitors are bulging.
27 Aug
  • The CUBX could no longer work reliably at 133MHz. Now set to run at 124MHz FSB.
05 Aug
  • The 20G Deskstar was reporting DriveSeek failure CRC error. Reconnecting the IDE cables seemed to fix the problem. But I think it would die soon.
  • LG 4167B DVD recorder being sold at HK$ 460.
  • Benq 1640 DVD recorder being sold at HK$ 400 only.
25 Jul
  • The Terayon cable modem suddenly connected back to the main network. i-Cable's tech support called in the afternoon claiming a fix on a hub problem (affecting 5/F to 11/F) in the afternoon. So there would be no technician visit tomorrow.
21 Jul
  • The blue Terayon cable modem's first LED flashed red while the 3rd and 4th LED flashed green. Customer services of i-Cable arranged technician to check my modem next Tuesday.
17 Jul
  • Bought 400W Antec SP400 ATX 2.0 power supply at HK$412. 24-pin power connectorwith 4 pin detactheable. The latest version is 2.01.
  • Abit AN8 at HK$1050
  • ATHLON 64 3000+ (939) at HK$1230
  • Gigabyte GV-NX66T128VP PCIe at HK$1485
  • Hitachi 160G SATA at HK$710
  • Kingston PC3200 512M at HK$370
  • Creative Audigy 2 ZS bulk/OEM at HK$480
1 Jul
  • Bought a FOP32 heatsink fan at HK$134 from Wai Fong.
  • Bought a grey heat transfer compound ST360-W15 at Hk$8.
10 Jun
  • Renewed i-cable broadband at HK$198 per month for a 15-month contract, with 3 months' fee waived, averaged to about HK$160 per month. Should have strived for a better deal. End of contact: 11 Sep 2006
02 Jun
  • Bought a IRDA USB adaptor at HK$40.
  • Bought a USB 1.1 4-port hub at HK$12.
23 Mar
  • The Deskstar 75GXP 15G harddisk fainlly died. It produced "kee kee" sound when tryign to access drive C:. Luckily, the data partition could still be accssed. The drive was replacd with the DeskStar 60GXP 40G harddisk (warranty expired by now).
  • Prices of DDR400 512M RAM was below HK$500 now.


Sep 10
  • Bought a retractable USB cable (male-female) at HK$20. Seat belt technology...
Sep 07
  • Bought a USB hub at HK$40. It refused to work with the CUBX but the TUSL2... strange..... Further testing seemed to suggest that the hub needed to be unplugged and replugged in to make it detectable by the USB chipset....dam.. this stupid hub couldn't be detected after a power down... rubbish...
Sep 05
  • Bought Legend 128M USB Pen Drive at HK$199 from Ocean World Technology of Mongkok Computer Center. When inserted into the USB port of TUSL-2, the USB mouse freezed. Needed to re-inserted the mouse.
  • Bought a Philips 170B5CS 17" LCD from CentralField at HK$2950. It had a free keyboard and mouse as gift but I relinguished them.
Aug 24
  • The fan on the pink heatsink of Radeon has been fried. But it seems that the video card can still function properly.
  • Installed Novell SuSE 9.1 in Win2k PC. Compiled kernel successfully using /proc/config.tgz of SuSe. Using FVWM2. Checkinstall-1.6.1 needed to be patched to work. Sendmail and Samba compiled successfully (the next big work would be promail+clamav+spamassassin) Should the COL 3.1 system die, this one would be the replacment.
01 Aug
  • The IBM Deskstar 75GXP 15G harddisk reported SMART failure. It may die suddenly soon.
16 Jul
  • Bought a 2nd-hand P3-700E at HK$200. Oops.. the VIA694X board couldn't work reliably at 133MHz... shame on VIA...
25 Jun
  • Spent an hour to clean the IBM keyboard after so many years. It's desgined for easy cleaning..Need my father's custom-made screw-driver to unscrew it. :).
19 Jun
  • Bought LiteOn DVD Combo drive at HK$330 (DVD-ROM + CDRW)
  • Bought a conductivity pen at HK$138. The pen has dried up...
  • While trying to short 2 pins on the Celeron 533A, I accidentally broke one pin on the CPU. Too bad...
22 May
  • VideoCom replaced the broken harddisk with a new one after a simple check. Distributor on the warrancy card changed from DigiLand to CMS.
21 May
  • Bought Hitachi (IBM) 120G 8M Cache harddisk at HK$715. First time in my life, the hard disk looked like a dead one. BIOS couldn't even see it. Serial: C4GRA32M
  • prices of 256M PC133 SDRAM rose to HK$500
  • prices of 512M DDR400 RAM are about HK$600
8 May
  • Bought a 2nd-hand Tekram S3Pro-Au+ motherboard at HK$200. It could support 133Mhz FSB and uses VIA694X chipset.
  • the Maxtor D740X 60G harddisk is becoming very noisy.
2 May
  • CUBX's PS/2 ports got errors. Bought a cheap TEGA USB keyboard at HK$48. Worked in both BIOS screen and WinXP
6 Apr
  • Prices of 512M DDR RAM rose to HK$860 per piece.
6 Feb
  • Bought SPI 300W Power Supply at HK$280
  • Bought Pentium III 1.4GHz at HK$1595. 3dmark2001 on P3-1400 scored 6542.
Jan Prices of 256M PC133 SDRAM now at HK$350.


Oct Renew i-Cable broadband service at HK$133 per month.
11 Jan Acquired 3D-Storm Hightech Excalibur Radeon 9000pro at HK$660. 64M RAM. 3dMark2001 on P3-933 scored 5260.


27 Dec Bought Micron 256M PC-133 RAM at HK$ 253
23 Dec
  • Bought Micro$oft Intellipoint Optical Mouse at HK$159. 5 buttons with scroll wheel. Should last longer than the previous version.
  • The M$ Blue Optical is being sold at HK$259.
  • Bad luck! The CUBX got a bad printer port. I had to use an old 8-bit serial+parallel card to replace it. WindowsXP couldn't detect it. I had to manually enter the port number (378-37A). Thankfully, it worked!
15 Dec
  • Bought Asus TUSL2-C from Comdex at HK$600.
  • Touch wood! The Celeron 1.1GA couldn't work at 133Mhz at default voltage. I think I needed to remove the metal slug on the die, or get a better heat sink...
26 OCt Bought Nokia 3315 mobile phone from Fortress (Whampao) at HK$850.
11 Oct
  • Subscribed to the promotional plan from I-Cable. just HK$68 a month. one-year contract.
01 Sep
  • Bought Celeron 1.1GA at HK$415.
01 Jul
  • Bought a Logitech 800dpi Optiocal Mouse at HK$230.
28 Jun
  • TEC replaced my dead 15G 75GXP with another 75GXP. 3-year warranty restarted. Pray.....
19 Jun
  • The Deskstar 75GXP 15G harddisk died after formatting and copying. Sent to TransEurope Repair Centre who claimed to return it to me or offer a trade-in after 2 weeks.
01 Jun
  • Bought Lite-On 241012B 24w CDRW drive at HK$435 from CentralField. Came with Nero (OEM), 1 blank 12rw CDRW, 1 blank CDR, and a warranty card from CDS. It supports Zone-CLV only, not P-CAV during writing.
  • 256M PC-133 SD-RAM is about HK$250 now.
28 May
  • Bought GlobalWin WBK-68 heatsink at HK$120 from Fine-up Computing. A really big heat-sink, barelly fitted into the CUBX socket. luckily more capacitors around the CPU are small. The Abit SE6 1.0 got enough room to install it though.
21 May
  • Bought SPI 250W power supply at HK$190, with warranty card from Crown Joy.
  • The Enermax power supply not started up again... Finally, it died.
09 May
  • Applied the pre-emptive patch to 2.4.18 linux kernel
06 Apr Bought Micro$oft Flight Simulator 2002 Professional at HK$350.
23 Mar
  • Squid 2.4-STABLE6 installed.
  • e2fsprogs-1.27 installed.
16 Mar
  • Bought a Victory 602C computer chair at HK$520 from Tai Yip Furnitures. The shopkeepers were really horrifying...
10 Mar
  • Squid 2.4-STABLE4 added to server.
02 Mar
  • Maxtor D740X 60G hardidsk at HK$880
28 Feb
  • kernel 2.4.18 installed
  • 256M DDR RAM at about HK$500
15 Jan
  • 256M PC-133 SDRAM has risen back to HK$500 level.
01 Jan
  • Installed linux kernel 2.4.17.


20 Dec
  • Bought Micron PC-133 SD-RAM 256M (double-sided) at HK$253. It couldn't work at CL 222... dam.
  • Bought the Patriot case again, at HK$170 only with power supply.
17 Nov
  • Finally got Linux kernel 2.4.14 working..
  • Also upgraded the Caldera e-Desktop 2.4 to Workstation 3.1
10 Nov
  • Bought QuickCam Home at HK$280. Waste of money...
  • Bought Micro PC-133 SD-RAM 256M (double-sided) at HK$195. It could work at CL 222.
  • Bought Genius 10M LAN card at HK$75
03 Nov
  • Bought Coppermine Celeron 800 at HK$384 from Centralfield
  • Bought Asus CUBX from Hornington at HK$600 (should it be $450?)
29 Oct
  • Received a free Powerleap adaptor for old socket370 boards. Not working reliably with SE6 and BX3.
30 Sep
  • Bought Asus 8X DVD Drive at HK$380.
01 Sep
  • ordered Caldera OpenLinux Workstation 3.1
02 Sep
  • Bought ELSA Gladiac 511 at HK$ 645. It used a GeForce2 MX400 chip, with 32M SDRAM. It's not as smooth as Voodoo3 in Diablo2, though gave a better score in 3dMark2001. And I forgot to install the chipset driver for i815e on Abit SE6, causing a 40% loss in performance.
19 Aug
  • Bought IBM Deskstar 60GXP 40Gbytes harddisk at HK$849.
21 Jul
  • Bought Windows 2000 Professional retail box version at HK$2093 via HT HyperNet Limited (special offer from ACCA).
09 Jul
  • Bought Buffalo 10/100M network card to replace the damage Intel 82556 card. HK$85. requires tulip driver for use with Linux.
24 Jun
  • Bought Sound Blaster Live Value 2 at HK$335. It has no CD-SPDIF
  • Bought ACE 256M PC-133 SDRAM (single side) at HK$250. Works well with SE6.
  • Abit BH6 is really being sold at HK$250. What a joke! PC2100 are also cheap.
  • Expect nForce chipset from Nvidia for AMD CPU.
02 Jun
  • Bought Lite-On 12w10rw32r CDRW at HK$875. That Jumbo shop took away the free CD burning software.
11 May
  • Bought old Intel 82557 LAN card at HK$195.
05 May
  • Acquired Microsoft Wheeled Mouse (optical) again at HK$250 from Mongkok Computer City for personal use.
28 Apr
  • Hyundai PC-133 128M RAM acquired from VideoComm at HK$270.
22 Apr
  • Bought a Sunon MagLev motor fan at HK$60 from Key Point Technology Company.
14 Apr Bought a socket 370 slocket at HK$120.
04 Mar
  • Bought a 4-big-2-small tower case with 300W power supply at HK$220.
  • Prices of 128M PC133 RAM has dropped to HK$300.
  • PC-2100 128M RAM is at about HK$1300 (DDR RAM).
25 Feb Acquired Microsoft Wheeled Mouse (optical) at HK$250 from Wanchai Computer City.
10 Feb
  • Pentium III 700MHz CPU (stepping cc0) purcahsed at HK$1100 from VideoComm. Can work stably at 145MHz at 1.65V (could be higher) using FOP32.
  • I could hardly feel the difference between 145MHz and 100MHz bus sspeed, though graphics and diska are moving at a bit fater pace.
  • Prices of 128M RAM drops through the HK$300 barrier.
  • Hyundai PC133 256M RAM is just HK$598! Seriously considering it...
01 Feb
  • Switched to HK$238 IMS plan. Needed to wait till end of Feb to be effective. Greedy merchants...


27 Dec
  • Genius GF100TXR 10/100 Mbps LAN card acquired at HK$90. Price of Hyundai PC-133 128M RAM dropped to HK$400. T.T Panasonic 7586 CDRW is less than HK$900. Also, 3dfx was eaten by Nvidia.
  • Subscribed to the low-usage plan of IMS SuperNetvigator. HK$198 monthly fee, with 20 hours free. Extra hourly charge is HK$2. No contract needed. Installation fee at HK$530.
    • My monthly usage on careful calculation:
    • Sat and Sun: 10 * 2 * 4 = 80 hours
    • Week day: 2 * 5 * 4 = 40 hours
    total 120 hours. Gotta limit my usage to keep the monthly bill at HK$300.
27 Oct
  • Hyundai PC-133 128M RAM acquired at HK$560 from Centralfield. Seems to be 7.5ns. Booted up ok
20 Oct
  • Panasonic SR-8585B DVD drive is just $545 in Transasia.
21 Oct
  • After 2 months of waiting, the broken 6.4G harddisk was replaced by a 5400rpm, UDMA66 Deskstar 75GXP 20G IBM harddisk with the help of Videocom, at the cost of HK$200.
  • Bought a unbranded mouse at HK$50.
22 Sep
  • Hitachi PC-100 128M RAM is now HK$820. Quantum LM+ 20G is just HK$1095 now.
09 Sep
  • Bought a Maxtor DiamondMax 10G 7200rpm harddisk for Stanley at HK$720.
03 Sep
  • Bought PQI PC-133 64M RAM at HK$495 for the server machine.
20 Aug
  • Salved a MicroLab 4:1 speakers from GlobalNet. Not bad. But too bass!
13 Aug
  • Bought a Patriat ATX/AT Desktop/Mini-tower case at HK$170, added HK$80 to to get a 250W SPI power supply.
06 Aug The Enermax power supplied failed again after frequent on and off!
05 Aug
  • Celeron 533A at HK$960 with Intel Fan. Overclockable to 800MHz at 1.65V. yeah!
  • Abit SE6 at HK$1045 (with broken cdrom, dam)
  • Yamaha 724 sound card at HK$100. Replaced with a new one by VideoCom a few days later. THis board should be water goods. :(
01 Aug
  • IBM DTLA 15G Hard disk at HK$ 845. Manufacturered June 2000.
  • Dr Foo's Deskstar 6G just died! It was used for only 2 years, manufactured Aug 1998!
30 Jun
  • Bought a Globalwin FOP32 heatsink+fan (HK$140) and Star 360 grey thermal grease (HK$8). The heat is wellmade, with a 4200rpm fan.
  • 64M PC-100 RAM is now HK$550; PC-133 needs about HK$600!
  • 128M PC-100 RAM now needs nearly HK$1100!
17 Jun Bought Panasonic 40x cdrom drive at HK$250. Dam! No digital out! Also, it's not much quieter than the old Asus 36x.
12 Jun SOB! PC-133 RAM now HK$550 per 64M.
07 Jun Bought STB 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 (with TV out) at HK$755.
06 Jun Bought a Genius USB wheeled mouse at HK$70. Very nice. Checked BP6 and MVP3C2's USB ports -> No problem. Note that PS/2 and USB mouses could be active at the same time. How about USB+PS/2 keyboard -> two-player games? USB devices are hot-pluggable.
03 Jun SmartLink 10M PCI LAN card bought at HK$70 (Realtek 8029AS)
26 May Bought a Logitech PS/2 wheeled mouse at HK$45. Not working very well, and resolution is quite low. Probably a driver issue.
10 May IBM released DTLA series 75GXP. It's about 10% faster than LM. Priced at HK$1360 for 20G. It uses glass as disk platter. Dam... just 2 weeks!
26 Apr oops.. pkware's creator died today! His personal life is a mess anyway.
24 Apr Bought Quantum FireBall Plus LM 20G harddisk at HK$1275 from TransAsia today. 7200rpm, 2M cache, 10M per platter.
21 Apr Bought Unreal Tournament at HK$239
12 Apr
  • Bought 2theMax EP-MVP3C2 Socket 7 motherboard. Excellent board. Free Norton Anti-Virus and Norton Ghost. udma66 support, with AGP and USB. Also can use both AT and ATX power supplies. Just HK$650!
  • Quantum FireBall+ LM relased. 20G being sold at just HK$1296
05 Apr oops... Enermax back to life!
03 Apr
  • Enermax 280W power supply broke donw. Probably killed by moisture or discharge of capacitors. (I turned off the switch the other night).
  • Bought a HK$130 T&T 300W power supply instead. This one got a power source for monitor, but no on-off switch.
01 Apr Bought Winbond 64M PC-133 RAM at HK$ 390. No problem so far.
11 Mar
  • Asus V3800 TNT2-Vanta 16M SDRAM 3D Card bought at HK$550. No major problemm but should have bought the SGRAM model. But its drviers couldn't live with Creative Banshee's. Wrong card... M64 is better and less than HK$500!
  • Salvaged Lotus Smartsuite (Chinese) from Sunny's house. Also a voice mail module that doesn't need modems. What about the Windows NT Workstaion 3.51?
  • Also, Maxtor Diamond Plus 40 20G 7200rpm/2M buffer/10G platter was being sold at HK$1320.
01 Mar At HK$7000, you could get a new VIA694A board, PC-133 128M RAM, Nvidia TNT2 Video board, PIII-500E (overclockable to 750MHz), 20G udma66 7200-rpm IBM Hard-disk, and a 40x CD-ROM.
29 Feb Bad VGA cable could cause interference in the monitor.
19 Feb
  • MAG 786FD 17" monitor purchased at HK$ 2590 from Yokohama Computer! 1600x1200 at 75Hz Nice shuttle key, with a nice appearance. Shouldn't I have bought the Philips 107P?
  • Prices of PC-133 128M RAM has dropped below HK$800 by now.
18 Feb Creative Sound Blaster Live! Digital Entertainment bought at HK$580.
30 Jan Bought a computer table at HK$498. Metal-frame, not blocking view.


30 Dec Filand 10M PCI LAN card bought at HK$90. NE2000 compatible supporting both BNC and UTP cables.
21 Dec Bought a boxed version of AMD K6-2 400MHz at HK$420 from Fortune Computer of Mongkok Computer Centre. Fired up sucessfully in a PC-Chips M571 (TX Chipset) motherboard using 2x (6x) multiplier, 66MHz and 2.5V. Haven't tried 75MHz yet coz the hard-disk is not reliable. WIn98 was not installed smoothly. M571's BIOS was updated first before making the CPU upgrade. Anyway, the motherboard just couldnb't handle 300MHz.
27 Nov
  • Prices of 128M RAM is staying at about HK$1300 now!
  • Rumours claimed that Coppermine 500E could be overclocked to 750MHz!
18 Nov BIOS of Abit BP6 finally got updated to 1.21!
07 Nov
  • Sony CPD-110GS 15" monitor bought at HK$1690 from ANA Computer in Mongkok Computer Center. 1280x1024 at 60Hz. Aperture Grill monitor with micro-meter thick damper wires, but very sharp and bright. Can do 85MHz at 1024x768.
  • The NEC 4FG just isn't working properly. But not quite dead, ...
27 Oct Modem wasn't handshaking properly; re-trained the connection suddenly after connection. Taken to Unique. Returned to me immediately, claiming that it's a firmware issue. I didn't trust it. Needed "%E0%C1" to disable auto-retrain
27 Sep As a result of earthquake in Taiwan, price of 128M RAM soared to HK$2300 now!
25 Sep Bought Panasonic 8R4W CD-Recorder drive at HK$1205 from VideoCom. I paid only HK$1000 while Sunny Cheung paid HK$500.
13 Sep BIOS of P2B-F upgraded to 1010.
05 Sep
  • Pentium-60 USA motherboard acquired from Fiona's husband William Foo. It could use the 16M DIPP RAM from my old 486. Excellent!
  • Prices of 128M RAM now soared to HK$1600 !!!
03 Sep Cirrus Logic Internal 33.6k modem acquired at HK$90. It works flawlessly. More reliable than Unique's MOT56k.
31 Aug 2nd Celeron 300A purcahsed from P5. HK$ 500 (fan-sink with CPU). Turned out that it could be overclocked to FSB 110 MHz!
28 Aug Asus P2B-F shifted to my younger sister home. Her original P133 shifted to my elder sister's husband. Now under testing for stability.
27 Aug Abit BP6 Dual-Celeron CPU with HPT UDMA66 built-in. Bought at HK$1250 in Transasia. It's manual is the best I have ever read.
26 Aug
  • New mini-tower Vertex (wai-dat) ATX case (HK$185) with smaller footprint, easier to dismantle, lots of room above CPU, back panel opened for two 3" fans, holes at left and right side, and weights less. Made in China!!
  • Too bad the top is curved, not flat. Alos, the switch is NOT designed to avoid accidental touch, unlike the T5A case. And I forgot to ask the shopkeeper to remove the price of the power supply! lost probably HK$100!
  • EnerMax 280W power supply acquired, HK$300. It got a on-off switch to turn it off, with dual fans. Still doesn't have a power source for the monitor.
7 Aug Bought Half-life at HK$247
28 Jul Banshee repaired and returned from Creative. NO charge!
19 Jul P2B-F's parallel and USB ports were damaged. Taken to Hornington again for repairing. BIOS flashed to 1009B.
12 Jul Banshee damaged by accident. Taken to Creative for repair.
05 Jul
  • Bought Caldera OpenLinux 2.2 CD from CDROM Distribution at HK$250.
27 Jun
  • Bought Siemens PC-100 128M RAM at HK$560 only!
  • Celeron 300A (Socket 370) purchased at HK$430 from P5 Computer, with Magic-Pro Slocket at HK$120, and 0.12A cooling fan (4500 rpm) with heat sink at HK$30.
21 Jun
  • Bought Visual Foxpro 6.0 Professional Upgrade from Kenfil at HK$2150.
  • Caldera Openlinux 2.2 purchased.
Mar P2B-F couldn't wake on modem-ring. Taken to Hornington for repairing.
21 Feb Panasonic CW-7582 IDE CD-Recorder acquired from Super-8 at 1450! 8x Read, 4x Write. Not bad. Works flawlessly, except that I forgot to clean the first CD-R's surface.
22 Jan Windows 95 Dial-up Upgrade 1.3 installed. Dial-up Server (using NETBEUI) worked well.
20 Jan SuperBBS' file protocols weren't working properly at 450MHz! IN fact, many improperly written DOS software aren't working.
16 Jan
  • Unique MOT56sp modem acquired by trading in the Unqiue 28.8k! A tiny little black box, smallest and lightest of all Unique external modems. Costed HK 398!
14 Jan P2B-F motherboard's BIOS flashed to v1007.
10 Jan Creative Banshee's BIOS flashed 1.01.02!
12 Jan Attempted to overclock Celeron to 4.5x112 MHz, but not working reliably! Now working at 4.5*103 MHz.
  • RedHat Linux 5.2 Deluxe acquired. Included 4 books in Acrobat format!
  • Price of Celeron CPU dropped nearly 30%! SO were RAM and hard-disks in just one month! haa...


Dec Caldera OpenLinux 1.3 acquired. Stuck by lack of X server for Voodoo Banshee...
06 Dec CPU overclocked to 4.5x100 MHz successfully. Celeron was locked at a multiplier of 4.5. Temperature 28 degree Celsius. Winbench97 reported clock rate as 440 MHz.
05 Dec
  • Upgraded to Pentium II (HK$ 6600):
    • Asus P2B-F motherboard (ISAx2, PCIx4, AGPx1) (about HK$1300)
    • Pentium II Celeron 300A (about HK$1200)
    • 64 M Hitachi PC-100 SDRAM -6 (about HK$1100)
    • Quantum EX6400A UDMA33 Hard Disk (6.4G) (about HK$1200)
    • Creative 3D Blaster Banshee VGA (about HK$1200)
    • Elan-Vital ATX Power supply (240W)
    • Asus 36X UDMA-33 IDE CD-ROM (with analog/digital audio channel)
    • Elan-Vital T5-AB ATX Tower case (about HK$500)
  • Dam! I forgot to take back all the screws and keylocks that came with the case!
09 Nov
  • Sound Blaster 16 Installed.
  • Found that Unique's 34F wasn't working reliably!
Oct Netscape Navigator 4.5 installed.
15 Sep
    Someone bought this set of computer at HK$5280.
  • Asus P5A motherboard
  • AMD K6-2 300MHz CPU boxed
  • HIT PC100 -6 64M RAM
  • IBM 6.4G harddisk
  • Panasonic 32x CDROM drive
  • Winfast 3500 ZX display card
  • Genius 56K external Modem
30 Sep My sister bought a 6.4G IBM harddisk at HK$1300.
Sep CD-R for the 540M disk produced! Thank Edmund Kam.
Jul Netscape Navigator 3.0 for internet surfing. Am I late?
Jun Windows 95 installed for using VFP 3.0. After so many years of ... well...
28 May Iomega's Zip diskette damaged. Taken to Gennette for repair. No charges leveraged.
9 Apr Panasonic Floppy Drive at HK$135


13 Feb I thought the Unique 34F modem was damaged but it ended up as a loose connection (TD kept flashing...)


??? Monitor replaced with a NEC 4FG. Thanks to mama.
25 Jun Iomega Zip Drive (100MB) acquired at HK$1680!
18 Feb My sister bought a HP Laserjet 5L at HK$
14 Feb
    My younger sister bought this at HK$18400 from DataCity Computer:
  • Asus TP4XE motherboard
  • Intel Pentium P5-133MHz CPU
  • 16M EDO RAM cache
  • 1.2G harddisk
  • 1.44M floppy diskette drive
  • 6410 SVGA card with 1MB RAM
  • Panasonic CR-581-J 4x CDROM drive
  • SoundBlaster 16-bit sound card
  • Mini tower case
  • Sony CPD1425 14" Trinitron SVGA Monitor
  • US Robotics 28800 modem
  • Acer keyboard


Dec BBS name changed to "V2 Hypotype".
01 Sep
  • Bought a book "ZAP: How Your Computer Hurt You" at US$8.95 from IEEE Computer Society.
09 Aug Bought a 100M Zip diskette at HK$180
31 Jul PS/2 Power Supply at HK$250
Jul BlueWave Mail Door
  • Crosslink V.fc modem at HK$1150
  • Unique AT-2400S is re-sold to a BBS user
  • Acquire a cheap 386-20 motherboard for BBSing.
12 Mar AT Power Supply at HK$250
11 Mar
  • Bought Windows for Workgroup at HK$850 from Nice Electronic Co.
Feb 15
  • Unique Communique 34F (28800 baud) at HK$1850!
  • Tseng Lab ET-4000 W32p VL-bus VGA card at HK$900!
  • Bought IBM Model M 101-key keyboard (Part# 52G9658, Plt No: F2, Made in USA) at HK$850 from Yokohama Computer!
  • ORIGINAL Wing Commander III at 270 only!!!
  • ZyXEL U1496E+ sold to one of my best partners!
  • Unique AT-2400S comes back!
  • Great Simplification:
    • Call-back Verifier Removed
    • Menu number reduced
    • One file area
    • more meaningful message areas
  • BBS name change: The Avatar BBS


28 Dec
  • Bought CA-Clipper 5.2 from The Mac Zone at HK$3876. Warranty by Laser Computer.
  • OS/2 Warp 3.0 with Bonus Pack at HK$ 975, ordered via Toppan-Moore.
  • ThrustMaster Weapon Control System - Mark II at US$149.95
  • ThrustMaster ACM card for 2 joysticks at US$39.95.
  • Order 4 games from USA (Doom II, Armored Fist, Tie Fighters, MechWarrior II) at US$181.00!
  • CD-ROM Drive upgraded to NEC 3Xi at HK$2500 with Future Domain TMC-950 SCSI controller at HK$350.
  • Panasonic 562B CD-ROM drive and the Sound Blaster Pro
  • given to my first classmate finishing PhD!
  • ThrustMaster FCS Pro at US$149.95
  • ThrustMaster Rudder Control System HK$149.95
  • Board change owning to OS/2 incompatibility problem.
  • System upgrade: Costed me nearly HK$7700!
    • Leo AM486GVT-2 VL-bus motherboard
    • NEC 16M RAM 72-pin DIPP RAM
    • AMD DX2-66 CPU
  • Original Asus 486 board returned to Wk Chan because it couldn't run OS/2!
22 Aug
  • Bought Harvard Graphics for Windows 3.0 from SIS International at HK$1000.
11 Jul Subscribed to CompuServe at HK$299 per year.
  • Lightcom 144F donated to Caritas Education
  • Bought RS232 cable at HK$30
  • New 16C552-based serial card from Wing Lee at HK$195
  • Fidonet node application rejected
  • There are fake i486DX2-66 floating around
15 Jul
Following programs purchased from Kenfil Distribution (cash on delivery):
  • Lotus SmartSuite Chinese Upgrade at HK$2599
  • WordPerfect for DOS 5.2 Traditional Chinese at HK$999
  • Norton Utilities 8.0 at HK$429
  • Chinese Windows at HK$820
  • Corel Draw 3.0 with CD-ROM at HK$799
  • Borland C++ 4.0 for Windows and DOS at HK$1999
  • Artshow 3 Book (free)
05 Jul
Bought following from Honest (OA) Co. in Software City of Star House:
  • Microsoft Foxpro for Windows 2.6 Upgrade at HK$160.
  • Novell DOS 7 at HK$730.
  • Hard disk upgrade. Conner CPS540A 540M at HK$2580.
  • Modem upgrade to ZyXEL U1496E+ V.32bis with ZFAX at 1400
11 Jun
  • Bought Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 from Nice Electronic at HK$980.
15 May
  • Panasonic 562B 2x CD-ROM drive acquired at HK$ 1250
  • 220W AT Power supply at HK$250
  • Hard disk cable at HK$10.
  • 2nd IDE Drive removed.
21 Apr
  • A/C power switch at HK$25
24 Feb
  • PC Upgrade to 80486:
  • Asus motherboard with VL bus
  • i486dx2-66


21 Dec
  • Bought Foxpro for Windows 2.5 (White Box) from East Kirby at HK$1170.
  • Bought Harvard Graphics for Windows 2.0 from East Kirby at HK$702.
11 Nov
  • Installed uupc/2 under OS/2
  • Frontdoor upgraded to v2.11.
  • Second IDE drive installed: Microscience 7200-00
  • MS-DOS 6.2 upgrade
  • Video Card Test: Cirrus Logic 5426
31 Oct
  • Bought WordPerfect for DOS 6.0 at HK$772.20 from East Kirby.
13 Sep Installed Easy Call-Back Verifier 1.16.
12 Sep Upgraded SuperBBS to 1.17-3.
8 Sep
  • Installed GECHO 1.00.
  • Connected more echomail area.
  • BBS name change: Lancelot.
  • First batch of echomail received and sent.
7 Sep
  • Finished setting up FrontDoor 2.02.
  • Successful trial as fidonet point 6:700/37.88
31 Aug
  • Bought Canon BJ-02 ink cartridge at HK$165.
21 Aug OS/2 upgrade: OS/2 2.1ga CD-ROM
1 Aug Installed SuperBBS 1.17-2.
16 Jul
  • Bought Borland Office 1.0 (with Norton Desktop for Window free) at HK$1950 ffrom Kenfil Distribution (Far East).
Jul 2nd hand Tseng ET-4000 card from Harrison Leung
23 May
  • Sound Blaster Pro 2.0 installed at HK$1200.
  • Installed MS-DOS 6.0.
Apr Add 4M RAM to computer. Total 8M RAM now.
Jan Modem upgraded: LightCom 144F supporting V.32bis and FAX. Cost me about HK$3000.


14 Nov
  • Printer upgrade: Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-20 at HK$2480 from Raider (H.K.) Technology.
  • Parallel port printer cable at HK$20
7 Sep
    • Bought OS/2 2.0 Upgrade from DOS at HK$888 from SIS International.
    • Installed 386bsd 1.0.
6 Jun A4 Mouse at HK$80
  • Converted to SuperBBS 1.16 from RemoteAccess 1.01.
  • Maximus/2 appeared, followed by Binkleyterm/2.
  • RemoteAccess became a commercial package.
2 Apr
  • Upgrade to 80386 (bought from Wk Chan):
    • ASUS board with 64K cache
    • i386DX-33 (64K cache)
    • 4M NEC RAM
16 Mar 209 mini-AT Desktop Case at HK$330
16 Feb
  • Bought a Sony 1.44M 3.5" floppy drive at HK$370.


Dec 14
  • Took the Fujitech monitor for repairing at HK$400, with the help of Lap's Honda 2nd-hand Car. Well, I don't think the repair center did anything....
16 Nov Hard disk upgrade: Conner CP3204F (200M) IDE interface. Costed me nearly HK$ 4900!
2 Jul
  • Bought Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade (5.25" diskette) at HK$1357.20 from Gilman Business Systems. The package was collected myself.
  • Converted to RemoteAccess 1.0 from QuickBBS.
  • Installed QUICKED as on-line message editor. a commercial package.
6 May Teac 1.2M 5.25" Floppy Drive at HK$450


3 Aug
  • A4 Optical Mouse at HK$240
  • Installed QuickBBS for private use. FrontDoor 0.99 released that rivaled the functionality of Binkleyterm.
  • BBS Name: Donkeyware
9 Apr Bought a Panasonic 1.44M Floppy Drive at HK$135
12 Mar Bought a AT power supply at HK$250.
24 Feb Bought a Serial/Parallel port card at $100.
11 Jan
  • Bought Headland 286 20MHz motherboard at HK$897.


21 Dec
  • Video upgrade from Centralfield:
    • Tseng Lab ET3000 (512K) at HK$1400
    • Fujitech SVGA monitor at HK$2700
Jun Modem damaged by a shock from the phone line. repaired at HK$200 in Kwai Hing
2 Mar First modem: UNIQUE AT-2400S at HK$1200. Made in Hongkong!
Feb 15
  • Bought a 101-key keyboard KB-6251 at HK$300


  • Old XT sold to my F.7 classmate (Mr. Choi) at HK$2000! Needed to help take the PC to his home in Chai Wan.
Nov 13 Bought a Topcon monochrome HGA moitor from Man Bo Computer at HK$730. The monitor ended up broken.... The warranty card was a photocopy.
07 Nov
  • Upgrade to PC/AT compatible (HK$ 12000) with the help of my classmate ML Chan.
    • Headland 80286 CPU
    • ST-62B motherboard
    • Dual monochrome Monitor
    • Hercules monochrome graphics card
    • Seagate ST-251 (40M)
    • 1.2M floppy drive
    • 2M RAM


  • Epson LX-800 from Broadmind Computer. Free gift!
  • My first computer: IBM PC/XT compatible (HK$3800)
    • 8088 CPU
    • Taxan CGA monochrome monitor
    • 360K Floppy Drive
    • 640K RAM