CFUW Memorial Scholarship for 2017/2018

At our July selection meeting we awarded this scholarship to Ping Lu who is presently enrolled in an Inter-Disciplinary Ph.D programme in Comparative Cultural Studies at Dalhousie University. She is in the last stage of writing her thesis after completing her field research into aspects of Ageing and Health in Canada and the People's Republic of China where she was born. 

Submitted by MJ O. Chair





1. Name:_____________________________ Date____________________


2. Present address: _________________________________________________


3. Telephone: _________________(w) ______________________________(h)


4. Date of birth: ___________________________________________________


5. Canadian citizen __ Landed Immigrant __  Date of entry________________


6. Social Insurance #:_________________ E-mail address:_________________




Submit a Letter of Intent detailing your reasons for choosing your particular course of study and your professional and personal goals upon completion of your intended degree.


Letter of Intent included __




1. Name and date of admission to all previous academic institutions attended: _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________


2. Degrees, diplomas, and dates obtained: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


3. To which university have you been accepted for your current programme? ________________________________________________________________________


4. What is your major field of study? _________________________________________


5. What degree are you working towards? _____________________________________


6. What date did you start your studies? _______________________________________

7.  On what date do you expect to complete your degree? _________________________

8.  Will you be studying Full or Part-time? ______________________________________ 


9. Please provide an official transcript of your marks to date at your present academic institution and for any previous degrees/diplomas you have obtained. Transcript enclosed ? ___

10. Please submit a typed resume which includes a summary of 1) your previous academic studies with degrees, diplomas, scholarships and dates obtained, 2) your employment history, 3) community and volunteer work you have done with names of organizations, and 4) your interests or hobbies outside school. Resume attached ? ____


11. How do you plan to finance your university study(loans, family support, work, other)? _________________________________________________________________


12. Have you received any scholarships, awards, or bursaries for the coming year? If so, please identify each by name and amount hereunder. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


11. Please have your referees send reference letters directly to the Chair at the address below. Referees should not be related to you and at least one should be from a professor at your present academic institution. Please provide the names and addresses of your referees hereunder: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


 (Form revised July 2013)

Applications must be received by June 15, application deadline.
Successful applicants will be informed by e-mail by July 15.
Please ensure you have read the attached Terms of Reference of this scholarship and conform to the requirements.
Scholarships are given in two equal installments in September and January on confirmation of acceptance and attendance in an accredited university.


PLEASE SEND TO: Mary-Jane O’Halloran

           Chair, Scholarship Committee CFUW Halifax,

6250, Oakland Rd, Halifax, N.S, B3H 1P2

Tel: (902) 422-2730. E-mail:





1. The awards are open to female applicants who are Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants, who have been residents of Canada for at least two years at the time of applying for the award.


2. Applicants must have been out of school or university for at least five years prior to embarking on present programme of study.


3. Applicants must be presently working towards a degree at an accredited university in the Halifax Regional Municipality


4. Applicants must show potential for academic achievement based on past study, employment or community service.


5. Final selection will be based on the applicants’ ability, motivation and contribution to society.


6. Three letters of reference, including at least one from a professor, must be forwarded to the Chair.


7. The decisions of the Scholarship Committee of CFUW / Halifax will be final.