Steampunk Styled Monitor Stand
This went from one of those late night ideas, to an actual project.






































































































We've had this monitor lying around that did not have a "good looking" stand. We decided it was time to make it work.  

 Here is the pile of parts that are going to be used in this little project. It's a little hard to find lead pipe these days, so we were forced to stick with copper on this project.


This was the original stand for this monitor.... a few zip ties and a couple pieces of wood. But it worked great... and looked like crap.


With the overall dimensions pulled from the wooden stand, we start cutting and fitting the pipe together for a general view before we solder the pipes together.    


We took a set of pipes and crushed them in the center to give the monitor a place to mount.


This is what the stand looks like before all of the joints were solder.


The stand still didn't look quite right, so we added a few more pipes!

The completed project.

Overall this was a rather quick project, with about $50.00 worth of copper pipe, it still beats the cost of buying an original stand.... and this one looks way better.



In the future there is going to be l.e.d.s involved.