Jet Engine Stand

Simple Problems with simple solutions...


























Design Requirements...

This was a project that was inspired by the jet engine project created by Ruyck. Check out his site for more great projects.

A jet engine was engineered and constructed by Ruyck at And after the construction, there was a need for a way to mount and measure its thrust and temperatures…. This was our solution.



This is the 3D inventor Drawing of what the final outcome should look like.


This is the first assembly of the stand and engine during testing.


This is the outcome of the stand with the oil reservoir, pump and motor that is used to cool and lubricate the bearings in the motor.


This is where the engine and the stand came together.


Lab View 8.0 was utilized with a variety of sensors to measure the thrust output and temperature of the engine.


This is a front panel view of the program taking a few reading of the motor at startup.


This is another view of the program, this is a view of the "wiring" of the sensors to the DAQ assistant.

To view the engine in its glory check it out at