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NFL Cereal Mascots


Baltimore Ravens
Count Chocula    Very scary defense to opponents.

Cincinnati Bengals
Tony The Tiger    Tigers, Bengals, get it?

Cleveland Browns
Lucky Lepracon    Brady Quinn is from Notre Dame.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Yummy Mummy    They eat up the other teams.


Houston Texans
Quisp The Spaceman    Space Center is in Houston.

Indianapolis Colts
Big Yella    Great name for a horse.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Tony The Tiger Jr.    Tigers, Jaguars, get it?

Tennessee Titans
Snackin Brothers    Their defense wolfs down the enemy.


Buffalo Bills
Corn Flakes Cornelius    Terrell Owens is a little flaky.

Miami Dolphins
Sonny & Gramps    Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells.

New England Patriots
Waldo The Wizard    Bill Belichick.  

New York Jets
Jean Le Feet    Mark Sanchez will need to be quick in the pocket.


Denver Broncos
Honey Comb Kid    Josh McDaniels is the new kid.

Kansas City Chiefs
Trix The Silly Rabbit    Hard to take them serious.

Oakland Raiders
Quake The Miner & Kangaroo    You know they happen in California.

San Diego Chargers
Sugar Pops Pete    Philip Rivers has a gun for an arm.

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Chicago Bears
Wally Bear    Who else but a bear for the Bears.

Detroit Lions
Linus The Lionhearted     Extraordinarily courageous, even if not good.

Green Bay Packers
Sea Dog    They play along side Lake Michigan.

Minnesota Vikings
Franken Berry    Adrian Peterson strikes fear in opponents.


Atlanta Falcons
Toucan Sam    Both are birds.

Carolina Panthers
Snackin Bandit     Defense has a meal at others expense.

New Orleans Saints
Sugar Bear    Play in same city as the Sugar Bowl.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cap'n Crunch    A captain is needed for every ship.


Dallas Cowboys
Quick Draw McGraw    Tony Romo has a quick release.

New York Giants
Golden Crisp Bandit    Eli Manning picks apart the other defense.

Philadelphia Eagles
Dig Em Frog    Green, just like the Eagles.

Washington Redskins
Chip The Wolf    The Wolf and the Indian lived in harmony.


Arizona Cardinals
Smaxey The Seal       Kurt Warner has a lot of (S)moxie.

San Francisco 49ers
Snap, Crackle, Pop    Mike Singletary will have his team ready to play.

Seattle Seahawks
The Bee    They both fly.

St. Louis Rams
Boo Berry    They hope to scare others this year.