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Restaurant Trip Etiquette

Central Jersey Vegetarian Group (CJVG)
Restaurant Trip Etiquette

Thanks for attending our dinner.  We've learned that it helps to explain how we determine your cost.  The total cost is split evenly among attendees.  The guideline is that a dinner includes an entree and one extra item (e.g., an appetizer or a dessert or a special beverage).  To be fair to all attendees, when there are differences, we adjust the individual costs.  If you want to order additional items, please be prepared to pay for your extra items.  Or, if you are ordering a smaller meal and would like your cost adjusted accordingly, we will accomodate your request.  If your cost requires adjustment in any way, please tell us when you order.  In fairness to the restaurant, we do not pay by credit card so plan to pay in cash.  Also, if this is a non-vegetarian restaurant, we ask that you order only vegetarian dishes in respect for all attendees.  Thanks for your understanding and enjoy your meal.

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