Central Jersey Vegetarian Group (CJVG)

Sharleen Leahey*
CD So Frail 
Weaving a thread connecting our personal, political and ecological challenges to the deep wisdom of Mother Earth with songs that range from passionate protest 
to deeply introspective ballads. 

CD Rumors of Peace
Songs of passion and power for a new world built on justice instead of on greed and for an appreciation of Mother Earth.

For ordering information and to listen to songs, visit
The Revolutionary Diet 
for Optimal Health 
by Dr. Barbara Ellicott*

How favorite recipes can be converted to delicious plant-based heart-healthy recipes, without sacrificing flavor. 

Dr. Ellicott is a licensed speech language-pathologist, and is a NJ Certified School Psychologist.

Vegetarian and Vegan Resources

Visit Steve's website.
New Jersey Vegan Families 

"Connecting ethical vegan
families for support,
friendship and fun
all over NJ!"

NJ Vegan Families

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