Bossier Parish High school students visits Department of kinesiology. 
  •  On 1/20/17 Kelly Wheeler(Sports Medicine teacher in Bossier Parish) brought the HS students to department of Kinesiology at Louisiana Tech. Students have shown interest in attending Louisiana Tech as well as majoring in Kinesiology. Department chair, Dr. David Szymanski has shared his experiences, told them about different dimensions and job opportunities in Kinesiology. Students have also visited different Labs present in the department. They have been told about different type equipment present in lab and their role in enhancing the performance of an athlete.They also had the opportunity to get hands on experience of some of the Equipment

Mr. Joshua Gills presents his Directed Research poster at Louisiana Tech University.
  •  Mr. Joshua Gills presented his Directed Research poster title Citrulline -Malate Enhances Aerobic Exercise Capacity Without Attenuating Subsequent Anaerobic Cycling Performance. The purpose of his study  was to examine the acute effects of exogenous Citrulline-Malate supplementation on aerobic cycling capacity and subsequent anaerobic cycling performance in young males and females. For more info please click here

Mr. Hocheng Lu presents his Directed Research poster at Louisiana Tech University.
  • Mr. Hocheng Lu presented his Directed Research poster title Fatigue Alters Coordination Variability During the Time-to-Exhaustion and Wingate Trials . The purpose of  his study was to examine the effect of fatigue on coordination variability during the execution of a cycling Time to Exhaustion and Wingate trial in a young, male population. For more info please click here

Dr. David Szymanski gives Presentation on SLAP Tears at 2015 NSCA State of Louisiana Clinic

  • Dr. Szymanski presented research and information at the 2015 NSCA State of Louisiana Clinic, held at Scotty Robertson Memorial Gymnasium at Louisiana Tech University on Saturday, December 5, 2015. The presentation, titled "SLAP Tears: Non-operative Training Considerations for the Overhead Athlete" provided information to practitioners about alternative modalities for addressing shoulder rehabilitation and strengthening for individuals with SLAP tears. More information and the presentation can be viewed here

Dr. David Szymanski Has Vision Training Training Article Published in NSCA Coach

Dr. Szymanski's article, Consideration of Sports Vision Training for Baseball Hitters, was recently published in NSCA Coach. The article can be viewed below, beginning on page 4.

NSCA Coach 2.3.pdf