Expressions and Equations

Expressions and Equations

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Practice algebraic vocabulary (Scroll to 6.EE.A.2b- click on terms, factors, and coefficients)

Topic A- Relationships of the Operations:

Lesson 1 Relationship of Addition and Subtraction

Lesson 2 Relationship of Multiplication and Division

Learnzillion Video (LZ2335)

Lesson 3: Relationship of Multiplication and Addition

Practice problems and video (scroll to 6.EE.A.3 and click on Equivalent Forms of Expressions 1)

Lesson 4 Relationship of Division and Subtraction

Topic B- Special Notations of Operations

Lesson 5: Exponents

Practice problems and video (scroll to 6.EE.A.1 and click on positive and zero exponents)

LZ1339 (evaluate expressions with exponents)

Lesson 6- Order of operations

LZ469 (evaluation algebraic expressions and order of operations)

Topic C- Replacing Letters and Numbers

Lesson 7- Substituting numbers for letters (when finding area and volume)

Lesson 8-- Math Properties

Click here to access a game to review math properties. You may use the dictionary found on the home page of this site to help you on this game. Be the first to get to $1,000,000!! (Note: no user name or password needed- just click on play this game)

Click here to read about math properties

Topic D- Expanding, Factoring, and Distributing Expressions

Lesson 9 Writing Addition and Subtraction Expressions

LZ465 (Read and write an algebraic expression containing a variable)

Lesson 10 Writing and Expanding Multiplications

Practice problems for writing expressions in all operations (scroll to 6.EE.A.2 and click on Writing Expressions and Writing Expressions 2

Matching game to practice vocabulary used in algebra

Lesson 11: Factoring Expressions

Learnzillion Video (LZ2359)

Lesson 12 Distributing Equations

Learnzillion Videos:

LZ2454 (distributive property using models)

LZ2455 (distributive property using repeated addition)

LZ2360 (Justifying that 2 expressions are equivalent)

Lesson 13 and 14

Game to review reading and writing algebraic expressions- see if you can make it to $1,000,000!!

Topic E- Expressing Operations in Algebraic Form

LZ467 (read and write algebraic expressions)

LZ465 (read and write an algebraic expression containing a variable)

Lesson 15--use videos (above)

Lesson 16 and 17-- Use videos (above)

Topic F- Writing and Evaluating Expressions and Formulas

Lesson 18-- review videos listed in Topic E

Lesson 19 Substituting to Evaluate Addition and Subraction Expressions

LZ468 (evaluate algebraic expressions by substitution)

Lesson 20 Writing and Evaluating Expressions- Multiplication and Division

LZ135 (Solve expressions)

Lesson 21 Writing and Evaluating Expressions-- Multiplication and Addition

LZ468 Evaluate one-step algebraic expressions

Lesson 22 Writing and Evaluating Expressions- Exponents

LZ1339 (Evaluate algebraic expressions with exponents)

Topic G- Solving Equations

Lesson 23 and 24 True and False Number Sentences

LZ2661 Inequalities with more than 1 solution-- using a number line

LZ3774 Distinguish between equalities and equations

Lesson 25 Finding Solutions to Make Equations True

(See the videos for Lessons 23 and 24 above

Lesson 26 One-Step Equations- Addition and Subtraction

LZ2735 Solve addition equations

LZ2882 Solve subtraction equations

Lesson 27 One-Step Equations- Multiplication and Division

LZ2814 Solve multiplication equations

LZ2815 Solve division equations

Lesson 28 Solving 2-step Problems

Lesson 29 Solving Multi-step Problems

Topic H- Applications of Equations

Practice with word problems (scroll to 6.EE.A and click on writing numerical expressions with exponents word problems)

More Practice with word problems (scroll to 6.EE.2 and click on evaluating expressions with variables word problems)

Lesson 30 One step problems in the real world

Lesson 31 Problems in Mathematical Terms

independent variable and dependent variable definition

LZ1656 Identifying independent and dependent variables

LZ3484 Identifying independent and dependent variables

LZ3565 Relating independent and dependent variables using a function table and graph

Lesson 32 Multi-Step Problems in the Real World

LZ3545 Relationship between variables using a graph

Lesson 33 From Equations to Inequalities


LZ1506 Both videos are solving inequalities using a number line

Lesson 34 Writing and Graphing Inequalities in Real-World Problems

LZ1508 Solving real world problems involving inequalities